#MADEFW STORIES: Tracy Bailey Jr.

In anticipation of Fall/Winter 2015 NYFW shows, we look back at past Made Fashion Week stories as told by some of our favorite bloggers. Today’s story comes courtesy of Tracy Bailey Jr.—check out his photography blog.

“I took this photo backstage at the Chromat SS15 show. It was incredibly crowded. Then I seen Nyamuoch Girwath and it was the perfect opportunity to get a full body shot with my medium format film camera. The best thing about the show, next to the designs, were the diverse range of models they had.”- TB

(Photo by Tracy Bailey Jr.) 

REAL QUESTION: We want to make a cookie dough flavor unlike any cookie dough ice cream you’ve had before. So how about instead of just adding little chunks of cookie doughs to vanilla ‘scream, what about a pint where THE WHOLE THING tastes like cookie dough. Every bite. Cookie dough flavored ice cream with chocolate chips. Should we do it?


Does anyone remember Zenon - Girl of the 21 Century? Well, that was my inspiration for this look for theblondsny runway show this season. I also wanted to play with some pinks and purples with my makeup so I went all artPoP on myself. Fashion week is all about having fun with your outfit, so why not go all out!?


Silver top by: Linie

Black Leather Pant: H&M

Black Bag: BLACK’D

Shoes: bought at wasteland (in LA)

Hair Color: Roxie at hairstory 


Matte Lip Color: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid in L.U.V


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Happy National Candy Corn day! We crafted this pint just last year to honor the holiday. From Oct 2013, flavor #96, Candy Corn: candy corn ice cream

We did it. We’re doing it. In the name of Halloween indulgence, we’re ditching our au naturale vibe and going straight for candy. Candy corn, that is. This is straight up candy corn ice cream made with real candy corn. A childhood dream come true.