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SVA’s MPS Fashion Photography 2014 Graduate Exhibition opens this Friday atMilk Gallery through January 30th, 2015. The exhibition, curated by Art + Commerce’s founding partner and managing director Jimmy Moffat, as well as W Magazine’s Edward Enninful, features the work of culturally diverse photographers who thrive on expanding the dimensions of visual expression in fashion photography. We talked to Moffat about the state of fashion photography, how he and Enninful chose the images, and why he thinks the SVA MFA program is truly one of a kind.

Read the full interview and see more images from the show here.

The making of Flavor of the Month # 142, Leftovers
cranberry ice cream with candied cashews, bourbon-sweet potato pie, and a marshmallow swirl

Step 1: Those real, good for you, cranberries. We called up our friends at Cape Cod Select and asked them to send us a box of their freshest crans. The next day, these bbs showed up. 

Step 2: We cook the cranberries down until they POP. Of course, we add a little sugar until it’s this shockingly sweet cranberry puree.

Step 3: We turn that cranberry puree into cranberry ice cream base by adding our milk, cream, eggs, sugar and running it through our pasteurizer. It’s so pink! And then, once cooled, throw it into our ‘scream machine to churn it up into ice cream. 

Step 4: Meanwhile, we make our mix-ins. House-made marshmallow (sans gelatin), bourbon-sweet potato pies, and sweet candied cashews.

Step 5: Add the mix-ins to the freshly churned ‘scream and pack those pints

The making of Flavor of the Month # 141, Cobbler Hill
cinnamon sugar ice cream with pumpkin cobbler

Step 1: First we make a cinnamon sugar spiced base. With plenty of sugar and spice. 

Step 2: Then we prep the pumpkin cobbler. Fresh sugar pumpkins that we scooped out one by one and baked. Plus that  oaty crumbly cobbler topping.

Step 3: Churn the ‘scream and add the cobbler right on top.

Step 4: Pack those pints (and milkmade minis!). We pack each pint by hand, ensuring each has the right proportion of cobbler : scream.