Church of Good Shepard, NZ Follow for More! The Shot: My stay in Tekapo was totally accidental as a landslide had blocked my previously planned route. I therefore had to take a 12 hour detour around the South-Island. Tired and desperate we pulled a random campsite. It was only after getting the WIFI code and getting online I realised where we were. A short walk down the road i’d found the famous Church I’d seen so many picture of. The spot has the lowest light polution in New Zealand (with an observatory on the out-skerts of town) Post Production: The Church was lit by the light of village. However, I needed to balance the bright yellow light. Getting the milklyway to pop out was all about dodging the highlights, then burning the shadows to get the stars to pop out. I was careful not to lose the detail in the milky highlights. I use the curves ‘select’ tool to set the sky to black, then saturated the blues in the sky apporately to make it extra dreamy! Enjoy!