hey so i hit 4000 followers recently (well like two weeks ago but i’m lazy) so i decided to do a promo because ok why not also i may have been slightly nagged about it.


mbf me petebentz

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don’t get upset if you don’t get picked it’s nothing personal !!! :)

this must get at least 30 notes or it didn’t happen ok

please don’t like this post

ends on the 25th of august


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Hey guys, so I have a LOT of saved urls ((why do I have this many?? Why??)) and I’m going to give most of them away! Everything pictures here is available except for brenden-urie, so if you want one, just ask! When you ask, I’ll delete the blog then you should be able to get the url!

milky intro type thing okay

yup hi hello i’m charlie ((she/her)) and i don’t have many thoughts that aren’t about josh dun but that is irrelevant here because this is a milk fic net okay??? okay i really love milk, milk is my life, i love milk in my mouth almost as much as ryan loves milk in his ass

im a talented pokémon trainer & my snapchat is theglow-cloud

making new friends scares me but im sure ur all lovely, so drop me an inbox maybe that might be nice??? idk IDK wow this post was a trainwreck im sorry bye

intro thing ?

hey i’m lucie (or luce) and i am an artist & swimmer from canada who likes cats, ed sheeran, gerard way, josh dun and writing awful stories !! pl e ase talk to me abt petekey & cats & really bad jokes and puns & halsey & ed & lewis watson (p lea se I’m begging you)
talk to me whenever, I’m the biggest loser you’ll ever meet but I’m always here to talk/scream about frank iero/exchange sick memes !!

so ayy these are the results for miklfic net. thanks to everyone who applied and we’re sorry if you didn’t get in it’s just a numbers thing.

if you got in: remember to make sure you’re following everyone else in the net, track the tag, and post an intro about yourself as soon as you can and perhaps we’ll get a kik group set up in a bit

things to tag:


self harm

sexual abuse



sea creatures


what to do now: look forward to the milky fun!!!