We released the Boogaloo at #ChateauShaman on Friday. And now @TheCurrentSeaLA wants you to release your #MilkElectricBoogaloo too!
Watch the video. Enjoy the video. Make your own Boogaloo! Download the song here, free for a limited time.

The Milk Electric Boogaloo is brought to you by The Current Sea, a New Media Company based in Los Angeles. Comprised of Sarah Zucker, Brian Griffith, and Casey Wojtalewicz, it is the mission of The Current Sea to keep the internet human as we charge on toward the Digital Dawn.

If it has a screen, then it’s our territory. For price quotes and other inquiries about our services, feel free to contact us.

Ladies & Gents, @TheCurrentSeaLA | @kasewoj @briangriffith @thesarahshow | is proud to present #TheMilkElectricBoogaloo

#March1st 3.1.13


We did a rain #boogaloo and brought hail down on #losangeles. What can your boogaloo do? Download the song and show us!


(by thecurrentseala)

Quip it. Quip it good // decor from The Current Sea's psychedelic premiere of The Milk Electric Boogaloo at Chateau Shaman.

With kind regards to Mae West, who thought of this before me, even if I did come to the same conclusion unprompted.

(By Sarah Zucker at Chateau Shaman)


@michellevisage and James St .James take their place at the #LAWebAwards while the #milkelectricboogaloo plays! (at Bardot)