Milkcannon’s Tips for Being an Artist and Doing Stuff (Part I)

#1: Create what you want to create, but be responsible about it.
If creating fan art, or pumping out original ideas if your cup of tea then never, EVER, allow anyone to make you feel like you cannot create what you want to. You’re the artists, you have the skills, you have the power, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, TAG YOUR ADULT CONTENT THERE ARE CHILDREN PRESENT. 

#2: You’re not going to please everyone with your art.
It’s statistically impossible that everyone who sees your work is going to love it, or even feel “meh” about it. For whatever reason, be it content or style, you will come across people who will try to tear apart what you do. 

#3: Don’t be afraid to defend your art, but also don’t be afraid of critique.
DEFEND YOUR ART BABIES FROM THE DARK LORDS OF THE WORLD. But, if a viewer is offering a genuine, respectful critique, always be open to listen and engage in a mutual dialogue where you address your choices as the artist. Sure, the subject of your latest masterpiece may look like she has a broken spine, but that broken spine is aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

#4: Don’t be afraid to grow or improve, and learn to critically view art.
Many artists stop progressing due to a stylistic rut, or simply from becoming comfortable in their styles. Give it a little thought, and I am certain you can think of an artist who’s style and approach has not changed in eons. Critique is part of the growing process–sometimes we need a removed eye to show us how we can improve. In similar fashion, critically viewing art aids in composition, anatomy, and–really–anything and everything. REMEMBER: the point of critique is to improve your eye, not to compare yourself to other artists or beat yourself up.

#5: Become part of an artistic community–both online and in your community!
Many artists still suffer from the idea that “real” artists are lone wolves filled with pain, angst, and closets filled with vodka and hipster glasses. Honestly, If that’s the best method for you to create art by, go nuts. Still, never underestimate the power of joining an art community. Healthy communities support one another, offer ways to improve, all while creating and sharing opportunities.
Online communities (Tumblr, DeviantArt, etc) are easy to find and join in, BUT SO ARE COMMUNITIES IN YOUR OWN TOWN! If you live in a metropolitan area, spend a little time looking up your local communities–they may be hosted by government agencies, universities, or simply rally around local Conventions. Artist to artist interaction is invaluable and the more you put into the communities, the more you’ll get back!

That’s all for now! All you lovely artists, get back out there and keep making your wonderful, amazing art!

Psst. If you enjoyed this one, you can read Part II right here!

It’s Tomodachi Fest! Sun and Moon starters aren’t quite up in the store yet, but should be before the weekend is done 😉 if you’re in Boise, let’s hang at Tomo 😀
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Well, the con isn’t over yet, but I may as well do a post-con post. I’ve been trapped at home the past two days due to the death and dying, so I missed out on over half of the con! Q_Q

No panels, no Slants, no fun for me *sigh*

Which really blows since, this year, there were a ton of things I wanted to go to >_<

But I still managed to get some good photos for the days I was there and even got a phone call from Takahata101 (Team Four Star) which totally made my day! Seriously, If I had a voice, I would have been fan girling in delight XD I had made him a Ghost Napa charm, so he called to thank me!

Also, let it be pointed out that I have some of the best friends this world has to offer. Between table sitting for me, getting things signed for me, coming to my house with soup and a motherly lecture on being healthy, and just generally keeping me company or wishing me well, I am reminded how amazing they all are ^_^

So, in closing, new summertime goal is to kick but at Fandemonium, but in a manner that allows me to stay healthy and have fun!

Also, to find a new job, because working for the Zoo is awful >_>;