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Part 3! As always, I’m super sad that I didn’t get more photos, but it’s always hard to do so when manning the table :( I don’t get much, if any downtime. Still, it was amazing meeting such great people and even reconnecting with old friends!

Please let me know if you’re in any of these photos so I can add a link to your tumblr! <3

Anime Oasis

Well, the con isn’t over yet, but I may as well do a post-con post. I’ve been trapped at home the past two days due to the death and dying, so I missed out on over half of the con! Q_Q

No panels, no Slants, no fun for me *sigh*

Which really blows since, this year, there were a ton of things I wanted to go to >_<

But I still managed to get some good photos for the days I was there and even got a phone call from Takahata101 (Team Four Star) which totally made my day! Seriously, If I had a voice, I would have been fan girling in delight XD I had made him a Ghost Napa charm, so he called to thank me!

Also, let it be pointed out that I have some of the best friends this world has to offer. Between table sitting for me, getting things signed for me, coming to my house with soup and a motherly lecture on being healthy, and just generally keeping me company or wishing me well, I am reminded how amazing they all are ^_^

So, in closing, new summertime goal is to kick but at Fandemonium, but in a manner that allows me to stay healthy and have fun!

Also, to find a new job, because working for the Zoo is awful >_>;


Finally finished her hair and now I’m adding in glitter paint XD probably won’t show up in the prints, but the original will be suuuuper shiny!

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Fandemonium 2014

Due to a series of unfortunate, yet fortunate (?) events it looks like I won’t be doing artist alley this year …

I’ll be a dealer instead.

The change feels small right now (AA and Dealers are in the same room this year, but dealer tables cost more), but it really makes me feel like I need to step up my game. Get some real packaging. Some real business cards. LOOK AS LEGIT AS POSSIBLE.

I’m still not even sure I want to do this due to the cost, but …Nothing has ever been gained by doing the same old thing a million times.

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Thank you so much for 500 followers! I am so happy and humbled that so many of you have decided that I am worth following :) i haven’t decided if I am going to do two small giveaways for 500 and 1k, or one GIANT one at 1k. What would all ypu lovely people prefere?

As always, you guys rock and please let me know if there’s anything you would like to see in the future!

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I was tagged by LoveAppleMint (kind of XD)

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your Ipod, phone, Itunes, media player, etc., and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping!

  1. Route 101–Pokemon Red/Blue (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
  2. Pose–Justin Timberlake
  3. Madame Flurrie’s Theme–Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
  4. Wakakusa Dance–Halcali
  5. The Warmth–Incubus
  6. Cherry Blossom Color Season (Fanfare Mix)–Katamari Tribute
  7. Somewhere I Belong–Linkin Park
  8. The Ancients/Giants Under the Sun–Yes
  9. Son of Chaos (Sinra Company)–Voices of the Lifestream (FF7, OCRemix)
  10. Secret Message–Perfume
  11. A Buffer for Quiet–Eternal Sonata OST
  12. Fall Theme–Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns OST
  13. Diesel Power–The Prodigy
  14. Short Skirts (Tifa’s Theme)–Voices of the Lifestream
  15. Lullaby–A Perfect Circle
  16. Better Metal Snake–Dethklok
  17. Open the Light–Boards of Canada
  18. Apologize–Timbaland
  19. Townlong Steppes–Mists of Pandaria OST
  20. Link’s House–LoZ: Twilight Princess OST

I had to skip a couple because they were just sound effects from game OSTs, or audio book tracks -_-;; Sorry.

I was expecting more ponies …Surprisingly, no pony tunes on the list 0_o

TAG: Anyone who’d like to showcase their beats :D