My go to breakfast as of late: Vegan cheese toasties with olive oil, ketchup and oregano with decaff coffee and almond milk 😍🙌 hits the spot everytime!
PS - How cute is my new little plant? 🍃🍃🍃 Have a beautiful sunday Maniacs xx (at Jerusalem, Israel)

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xxwolfcatxx  asked:

Hey how are you? So..I'm looking to get a snake but never have had one. Was wanting some tips on first time. And all that. I really like your blog. Thank you!

Doing well! :) So for first time owners, I always recommend doing a TON of research first. Read care sheets on the specific snake you want (beginner snakes include: Corn snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, spotted pythons, childrens pythons, rosy boas, and sand boas. Possibly a few more that I am forgetting)  And decide which one would be best for you and your situation. Read more care sheets and ask more specific questions, get the set up up and running before purchasing a snake. Do research on breeders and find a trust worthy one with good reviews (thats not a huge big name breeder, such as LLLreptile, BHB, or Prehistoric pets. They are all basically just puppy mills but for snakes) Talk to the breeder as well, see if he gives you the time of day. If he brushes you off, move on and don’t give him your business. Research is key to taking good care of them! If you have a bad memory, be sure to favorite one or print it out. Basic supplies for a new snake are:
A cage (Which can be a plastic tote, or a professional cage. I usually avoid glass tanks as its hard to keep the temps and humidity correct)
A heat source, which can be a heat pad, a heat lamp(not ideal), or a radiant heat panel
A thermostat, either a professional one or a hydrofarm
Substrate, be it aspen or paper towels or cocochips
A digital thermometer and hydrometer (pet store dials are inaccurate, stay away from those)
Two close ended hides (not the cork bark hides)
Enrichment, so depending on the species that can be stuff to climb on, tunnel under, go in, or otherwise mess with. 
Water bowl, self explanatory 
And that about covers the basics :) Now you just gotta research and see what species works for you :)