I work at an organic grocery store and this old man came up to me and informed me that a carton of milk he bought the other day had gone bad and that he wanted a new one. He didnt have a receipt (or the sour milk for that matter) but i let him take a new one anyways cause we’re very chill about things like that at my workplace and i’m not gonna piss a customer off over 1€. I thought this was over and dealt with but he kept complaining to me that, in fact, all the milk we sell goes off too quickly and that we should stock longer “best before dates” etc etc blah blah so i pointed him towards the 0.5 liter milk cartons we sell, but he said that no one in his family likes that kind of milk. In fact, they all liked different kinds so they have 4 different kinds of milk open in their fridge at all times. I didnt say anything to that but holy shit? No wonder they go bad sometimes if there’s only one person using each carton over like…a week or however long it lasts them? You’re supposed to use milk up within a few days of opening it and a longer “best before” date won’t save your wasteful, decadent ass in those regards either jfc.

Dress Code (m)

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➾ reader x CEO!jimin

➾ word count: 6.3k words

➾ warnings: incredibly filthy smut with no plot at all | cumplay | dirty talk | tit fucking | slight demeaning names/ name calling | face fucking | oral sex | unprotected sex

➾ summary: ceo!jimin takes it upon himself to discipline you when your attire doesn’t exactly adhere to HR regulations

➾ a/n: okay look this is just my excuse to write a ceo!jimin smut… i just felt like i owed him big time after what i did to him in instant gratification :”) i speed wrote this in a day and didn’t proofread whatsoever rip…

The clattering sounds of typing, clicking and pages flipping lull you into a state of lethargy as your eyes flutter half-shut in your cubicle. Having graduated as an arts major two years ago, you’d never imagine being holed up with a mundane 9-5 office job that had almost nothing to do with your major. But bills needed to be paid and rent had to come from somewhere, so you find yourself trudging to work soulessly every morning, day in day out.

“Hey, are you almost done with those files I gave you this morning?” The voice of your co-worker Mingyu in the next cubicle jolts you into awareness immediately.

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NAME: Lion Cat

AGE: Kid


SPECIES: Alley Cat

BACKSTORY: Lion Cat is actually just a normal cat who made himself a Lion suit to appear more fearsome in fights

CHARACTER BIO: Has a lot of pride and anger and vanity but you’d never know.

ATTACKS: Claw-scratch, hissing

WEAKNESSES: His lion suit actually limits his mobility quite a bit.

FUN FACT: Hates milk.

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im sorry but what's American milk culture :c

ok……so……in america its pretty widely believed that milk is necessary for healthy bones n all that but it!! is!!!! false!!!!!!!!!

it turns out u dont need 2 drink milk (1 in 4 americans cant even digest it!!)…..however…….the american govt has been pushing it for decades and heres why

back in the day (before wwii) ppl in america didnt even drink milk very often!! it was really only used to survive long winters when it was difficult to grow crops but around wwii the US government started exporting a ton of milk overseas to soldiers bc condensed milk was easy n safe to send n a lot of farmers got rid of their crops & focused exclusively on dairy bc thats where the Biz was. since as u may or may not know the war is what brought the usa out of the great depression….the economy shifted entirely towards supplying the war !

however AFTERWARDS the demand for milk dried up but instead of producing less and letting their excess go to waste the dairy industry decided to convince ppl to drink MORE

“milk/dairy education” campaigns were launched to promote the idea that milk is essential for healthy bones but ITS NOT TRU!!! IN FACT…..a swedish study posted in the british medical journal in 2014 found that not only is there no correlation between stronger bones and milk consumption…..and in fact found that in both women and men higher milk consumption correlated with higher rates of death, and in women who consumed more milk the rates of bone fracture were actually higher. that study followed another large study from 2005 which examined 70k+ nurses and showed again milk had no protective benefit against fractures

SO ANYWAY during the 1940s and 50s THERE WAS STILL too much milk so the govt started buying it up and sending it to the military, schools, and foreign countries as food aid  (it was at this time “american cheese” n shit was created as well…..all bc of the surplus of dairy)

by the 1980s the govt was spending $2bil a year on excess milk!!! during the reagan administration however the milk buying program was finally stopped and the dairy industry was Freakin Pissed

they fought back by convincing congress (thru $$$) to pass a law in which dairy farmers had to pay a Mandatory fee to fund pro-milk advertisement campaigns. the fees also paid for partnerships with large restaurant and food corps to sell dairy heavy menu items (like dominos pizza w 40% more cheese!!)

BUT REMEMBER THE USDA (united states department of agriculture)??? they not only set dietary guidelines……theyre also in charge of most nuitrition-related public campaigns!!! those same ppl tellin u what u should eat……..theyre also the ones in charge of a multimillion dollar campaign to get you to eat cheese pizza (1 slice = 2/3 of a days max recommended amt of saturated fat)

there r A LOT of other foods that provide the same amount or more of calcium, potassium, and sodium as milk…….so why doesnt the govt encourage ppl to drink water instead of milk??? (#GOTMILK etc)

whats up is…..milk lobbyists donate a LOT of money to politicians who protect their interests when nutrition guidelines come up for review (hillary clinton is the 15th top recipient of donations from the dairy industry……if u need another reason to b Suspicious of her) 

SO ANYWAY………….tl;dr milk and dairy products can be part of a healthy diet but the idea that theyre essential is just GOOD OLD AMERICAN MARKETING

RBG, basically

So first of all we get this little kid with a backstory so empty you could fit the entire population of Indonesia in it. So he breaks into this old guy’s lab bc he thinks he’s hot shit and gets yelled at by this bitch ass old man, causing him to fuck up everything. But he fixes it by protag magic and so the old man is like fine. Then he meets this grumpy kid with a rapid porcupine instead of hair, and they just…. have a lot of sexual tension. And they supposedly learn from each other but that’s not really important, what is important is that this homeless girl with gallon sized milk jugs (despite the fact that she’s ten) swindles Reddo out of like….. 600 bucks which is badass as fuck, but Reddo teaches her a lesson by trying to beat her up. Anyway there’s villains but they’re idiots and there’s Blu and she’s a pure chaotic neutral. So now they’re hunting Mew and Red is battling gyms kinda sorta? And lots of stuff happens and Greenbean commits arson at one point and gets turned into a zombie or something and cuts a snake in half but no one really talks about that for obvious reasons. So the trio saves the day by causing a skyscraper to collapse (with no apparent consequences for what may very well have been murder and was at the very least property damage). Reddo then beats a middle aged mafia man and almost dies like 4 times, then time skips straight to a fun tournament! At this point we learn it’s acceptable to send ten year old girls into panic attacks over past trauma to teach a valuable lesson that could have been done in 37 other ways, but NO because the rival boys need to relieve their sexual tension SOMEHOW.
Anyway, they fight, and it’s fantastic, and Red wins bc of course he does, and at some point he saves some little girl and teaches her the magic of friendship or some shit, but the fact that the mafia nearly took over the world and that an entire city is in ruins is like…. never mentioned again.
Also Reddo and Blu may be homeless still but hey, whatever.


“A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted.”-Billie Holiday

While there were many things Raven enjoyed about being a superhero, there were others she found…not so enjoyable.

Paperwork was definitely one of them.

After it had become apparent that Robin had a tendency to overwork himself, the Titans had taken it upon themselves to distribute the work more evenly to give Boy Wonder a bit more breathing room. He had been pretty reluctant at first, often digging in his heels like a stubborn mule, but after much persuading and bargaining, he relented.

On some things, anyway.

Robin still insisted upon orchestrating with the police and planning out different training sessions and leading patrols, and such, but he did let the others help out with some of the smaller responsibilities, like filling out paperwork and finances.

Which Raven was doing now.

The only sounds in the common room consisted of the scratches of her pen and the rustling of paper. It was the music that filled her hour as she whiled away at the incredible stack of legal documents the Titans had accrued over the course of the past year. Raven heaved a sigh as she worked, only pausing to rub her eyes.

This sucked.

There was nothing she wanted more than to curl up with a nice book and just, read the day away. But alas, the paperwork wouldn’t do itself.


She furrowed her brows, pondering for a moment. Could she enchant the pages? Perhaps, but she’d have to take the time to find a spell, time she didn’t really have. Not if these papers were to be done on time. Raven let out a huff and dropped her chin into her hands.

Stupid papers.

The swoosh of a door caught her attention, and Raven turned to see Beast Boy wandering into the room. He was humming rather loudly, his arms swaying to whatever beat was playing in his ears. A tune Raven found difficult to recognize. Was it that pop song she’s heard on the radio the other day? Or a rock song?

It was difficult to tell with Beast Boy, especially with his slightly off-key humming. She watched him practically skip to the fridge, where he rummaged for something or another. Probably soy milk.

Despite the fact that Beast Boy was only a vegetarian, he had a bizarre love for soy milk. According to him, the juice was far superior to milk, though Raven was forced to disagree. It was too sweet for her tastes. Though she did like to mix it with her grain cereal.

Not that she’d ever tell him that.

Raven attempted to return her focus onto the task at hand, sliding her gaze over a clause of dense legal jargon. Her eyes glazed over. It was some difficult stuff to read, as Raven wasn’t used to reading this type of documentation. She had to force herself to read it again. And again. And again.

It really didn’t help that Beast Boy was munching rather loudly on potato chips. While humming. She shot him a glare as he meandered to the table, his own gaze focused on his iPod. Beast Boy was, of course, oblivious to all outside of his music. And he looked pretty happy too, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he hummed.

The irritation building within her died in her chest and she sighed. He may be distracting, but Raven didn’t have the heart to pull him from his blissful spell. So she returned to staring at the legal clause, watching as the words blurred across the page.

The events that unfolded next happened in slow motion.

There was a soft oof and a hand appeared in her line of vision, swiping the stack of papers from right under her. Raven jumped in her seat, gasping as Beast Boy crashed onto the ground in a heap. Papers fluttered around them, scattering themselves about the floor.

Raven looked from the smeared stack on the table, to the scattered mess that made up Beast Boy. He blinked up at her, a dazed expression muddying his features. A crooked smile worked its way onto his lips, and he chuckled. “Sorry, Rae.”

“What even happened?” she asked, carefully swiping her askewed stack back into order. There was a rustle as Beast Boy pulled himself to his knees and helped.

“I dunno. I guess I tripped.”

She turned to throw a him a retort, only for any and all words to wither at her lips. He was mere inches from her, his warm breath tickling her nose.

Raven gulped, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. Had his eyes always looked so nice up close? She noticed a light dusting of darker green flecks across his nose; freckles? It was surprisingly endearing, not to mention cute. Raven flushed at the thought.

Cute? Beast Boy?

Her gaze flickered down to his lips. She felt dizzy all of a sudden. His lips enraptured her, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss him…

Raven wasn’t sure what scared her more; the idea of kissing him, or the realization that she really, really wanted to.

The air around them grew hot, and Raven’s heartbeat roared in her ears. Though only seconds had ticked by, it felt like eons, and she shivered as their noses brushed. Her lips met his, and she kissed him.

His lips were sweet, like sugar. It was fitting, somehow, and the sensation made her toes curl. The kiss itself was slow and gentle; exploratory. They broke apart cautiously, flushed and breathless.

Raven bit her lip, a smile spilling across her lips. Was it possible to feel this giddy? She didn’t know. Perhaps. That would certainly explain why she felt like she was floating.

“Uh, that was…unexpected,” Beast Boy murmured. A smile matching her own tickled his features, and Raven could feel the swell of his happiness drifting off of him. She shrugged, turning back to her ramshackle stack of papers.

“Indeed it was.”

She plucked her pen from the table, still feeling as though she was among the clouds. Unexpected, yes, but definitely not unwanted.

It’s short, I know, but I like the nice and compact little slice of life scenario this gives. So here. :D

-mod vixensheart

Quick fact. Ready?
Milk decreases the absorption rate of protein. If you’re looking to build muscle in particular, try to avoid consuming milk with your post protein shake. Instead, opt for mixing it with water or cold pressed juice.


Jocelyne a 77 year old Mistress of Gilles

She called him all day on the phone or on Skype and asked my Slut (Gilles) to masturbate for her … until I ejaculate … To milking me in fact!

Whose Turn is It?

Earth switches sides with lightning speed
Lightening, wresting inhabitants​ from sleep
Alighting upon a TV screen
For a news meme scream,
But screened from any disbelief.

Sun at high noon
Eyes dance too fast for a chat
On a diet, strictly non-fact
Milking viewers soon out to pasture
Due-date expired for pickles last year.
Ignoring who falters, still alive
Left behind in a graceful dive
Of disgrace and scraps
Inferred by passerbys with no maps
In drive-by shooting of looting
From an I-beam by parents beaming
While droopy-eyed kids are streaming
Leaves Senators to the plight
Only for a minute at night
Time to work with the right.
A president in a spare time,
Plays back-nine as four play
to a sequel
Of an iron-fisted Puritan.
In countries with a grey future to foresee
Citizens died too fast to fast like a refugee
Who is hurried or harried as a stated loner
Spreading thin the odd blood donor.
An economy of left-behind consumers
With the smells of fast-food or rumors.
Maybe we have the power to change the world.
It does not require a flag unfurled.

Had a dream I was a Dragon Prince. I was a loose playboy who tended to get around, went on lazy flights around the castle, and slept in the sun a lot. My parents regarded me as a kind of do-nothing, but in reality I took my future job as King quite seriously. I was just getting my fun time in before life got difficult. But in the meantime, I milked the fact that I was one of the prettiest dragons in the kingdom a LOT.

Also went to visit the kingdom next door. It was just an average country, except there were ogres at the borders. They were cool bros, told me to go visit the city. I was fascinated by sidewalks (dragon kingdoms don’t have cars, so no sidewalks). And I was befuddled by the concept of “pets”.

the signs as things my friend kassandra has said
  • aries: get your nipples out of my snapchat
  • taurus: can you buy me plastic carrots?
  • gemini: did i ever tell you my middle school blocked me on twitter because i retweeted something with "oh my god that's my ass"
  • cancer: do your boobs ever confuse you?
  • leo: *applying purple lipstick* yeah you should probably do it because right now it looks like you just gave barney a blowjob
  • virgo: *at 10pm* i have a milk fact
  • libra: "the flower crown is overrated" shove my flowers up your ass
  • scorpio: this dog has a higher sex drive than i do
  • sagittarius: i got white leather vans, i can finally be damn daniel
  • capricorn: don't you dare salt me you crumb
  • aquarius: can i be "the hottest goose" in your phone?
  • pisces: babe, can you cream cheese my bagel?

Takin’ the Wheel is a movie about hamsters that milks the fact that it’s a movie about hamsters.

The story is that two hamsters live in a cage. They have food, water, a wheel, and a loving owner- everything a hamster could want, right? But Henry the hamster is tired of his old surroundings and wants to see what else life has to offer. He drags himself and the beautiful lady hamster, Tina, out into the outside world to explore for just a little while. However, after a serious of contrived accidents, they find themselves right in the middle of the big city far from home. Along the way they meet Robbie, a street rat who knows his way around the city, and together they get into all kinds of zany situations. Will they make it back to their owner? Or will the mean, stuck-up Snowball stop them in their tracks? Buy tickets to find out- or don’t, because the movie is predictable to anyone who sees the first five minutes of it.

Bonus things: 

  • There are way too many poorly thought out jokes about “hamster balls.“
  • The fact that male and female hamsters shouldn’t be kept together is never acknowledged.
  • The social media marketers tried to make #GetHammy trending to hype up the movie’s release. It didn’t work. 
  • 28% on rottentomatoes. 

Arya/Sansa interaction LFs death scene S7E6/E7

Something I just want to suggest as an alternative to the main idea of the whole Sansa/Arya/Bran rendezvous pre LFs death. Something I believe to be much more likely now that I think about it, just because in my opinion it would provide a lot more character development in terms of the sibling relationship between the remaining stark children.

I think the conversation between Arya and Sansa during S7E6 insinuates the idea that Arya definitely knows she’s being played and says and does most of what she does to find out if her sister realises too. When she talks about becoming Sansa herself and talks about using her face to become the Lady of Winterfell, the use of intimidation seems to be Arya’s twisted way of both hinting and interrogating, given her years with faceless men, the tactics don’t seem so bad on her part. Of course to Sansa this is all new and totally strange, the sister she hasn’t met for years comes back, literally a new person, acting shady and as she has stated herself, she is a slow learner. (Although I don’t blame her because Arya even had me on edge- ‘erm plz don’t kill your sister and totally wreck your amazing character thnx’) Then Arya offers her the dagger after her string of riddles and Sansa of course mirrors the rest of the viewers like ’???’

I think its actually pretty unlikely Arya knows who the dagger belongs to but then again not a total impossibility. Bran definitely knows (hence why he hands it back to her saying she’ll need it later on, you know aside from the fact that she’ll be slicing LF like a sausage roll) but obviously the question lies in whether or not he told Arya at some point, before her conversation with Sansa.

Strictly speaking I think the whole idea behind handing Sansa the dagger right after Arya’s semi-threat was more of a gesture of faith. Arya laid out the clues, gave her sister every possible motive as to why she might want to kill her but at the end of it all, instead of taking the dagger to her throat like Arya voicing those motives suggests, she hands it to her instead. Now all Sansa needs to do is figure out whom she she should trust and the rest will take care of itself.

Effectively we see two things here. Where Arya is portrayed as an unfazed murderer, void of most emotion, (most of the time, since she’s almost always deathly calm) whenever her family is concerned, that changes and we see this with her and her siblings reunions as well as at the end of the S6 finale when she says 'A girl is Arya Stark, and I’m going home’. Trained to be faceless and gradually being brainwashed into becoming no one didn’t stop her from remembering who she was- her identity and values for if she had, she’d have no problem killing Sansa in a heart beat, her list would mean absolutely nothing and there’d be no point her getting angry and taking revenge every time she met someone on that list.

Now we have Sansa, who ultimately is probably confused af but pulls through anyway which really does show how brilliant she is as a character who learns her way through things. I think the last thing she wants to do is suspect her sister of trying to kill her and LF really milks the fact that she doesn’t know for sure whether or not Arya would murder her, using a bit of good ol’ reverse psychology, 'you know your sister best’ …or do you? But then of course this backfires because yes Arya has become this new person to her sister but the same can be said for Sansa. (Hence Arya’s mini test for her with the heated convo plus dagger.) The key fact is they will always be sisters, wolves part of the same pack and both Sansa and Arya trust in this, knowing that if there is anything they can trust in each other, it’s this very fact, blood will always be thicker than water.

What I really like about this is that, since becoming the lady of Winterfell, Sansa has really blossomed in making decisions for herself and learning to take risks. She realises here I think, almost unknowingly even, that if she’s going to trust Arya it means LFs life and that would mean a heap of development for the bond between both her and Arya. The other thing I’d point out here is that LF mentions every motive Arya did in her conversation before with Sansa, when he plays his game which should be hint enough for anyone really that LFs up to something, the biggest clue probably being that Arya had said to Sansa to be lady of Winterfell she’d need her face meaning it wouldn’t be Arya, lady of Winterfell, but still Sansa. Which is pretty big if you think about it because that means Arya has zero intention of being lady of Winterfell, which she could easily be without the use of Sansa’s face- all you need to do is read in between the lines. Which I’m assuming Sansa does because if she knows anything about her sister, even if she has changed, its probably the line, 'I’m not a lady!’

Which leaves our favourite three-eyed-raven and his involvement in the whole LFs demise plot. Interestingly I don’t think Bran does actually talk to Sansa or Arya after their conversation in S7E6 mainly because its Bran’s style to provide factual evidence in the spur of the moment. Not a theory with a very solid basis I know, but one I believe a lot more in character for him than any other. That being said it doesn’t mean I condemn the possibility of Sansa bumping into him unintentionally or vice versa and then a few hints let loose about the dagger or LF himself, considering Sansa’s convenient string of knowledge of his actions just before his death.

In terms of how the dagger actually lands back in Arya’s possession, I think it likely to be returned to her via it lying on her desk or something along similar lines once Sansa begins to make her mind up regarding who she trusts, so no physical contact there.

That leads me to the idea then that Arya doesn’t actually know whether she is about to be killed or not when she’s summoned to the hall by her sister, but it doesn’t worry her going back to the faith thing etc but also because if her sister does choose to kill her she’s ready to accept it, which to me actually makes sense considering the fact that Arya’s proven that she refuses to harm her sister in any way. Maisie does an outstanding portrayal of Arya in this scene, asking Sansa if she’s ready to kill the person she’s chosen not to trust and then fully conveying acceptance with the brisk 'get on with it then’ but the plot twist comes and the satisfaction we see in that grin towards Baelish just shows that she knew the stark bond would trump him all along.

And then of course the ball starts rolling and Sansa’s fury towards Baelish does not go unaccounted for, backed up of course by Bran’s Google genius and vwala Baelish is no more. Interesting to note that the same dagger used as the trusting gesture from Arya to Sansa was the same one that killed him, it was the bond between family that killed LF and that was exactly what he had underestimated.

All in all it was one heck of a death plot for LF and although there were qualms here and there I’m okay with how most of it panned out. Would also like to clarify that I don’t believe Sansa at any point would want to kill her sister, I think she was just more confused about who to trust in this context which lead to the killing of LF. The last scene between Arya and Sansa pretty much solidifies the trust thing for me on both sides- 'the lone wolf dies but the pack survives’ but again almost all of this was pretty much my own opinion, and I just wanted to voice some views.

Anyway hope my over-worded contribution to the season finale was somewhat enjoyable- until next time folks aka 2019.


Making Farm Cheese from extra goat milk.

This is most likely the first kind of cheese ever eaten and is a great way to extend the functionality of milk if you don’t have refrigeration or use excess. It’s made simply by leaving raw milk at room temperature until it separates out, then draining and rinsing the solids. It takes about 1-3 days.

Raw milk is special in that it sours, whereas pasteurized milk simply turns rancid. When it starts to sour you can use it like as milk as is or as a substitute for buttermilk in recipes. It has sort of a yogurty/kefir taste that gets stronger as it ages. It also thickens. It’s not harmful to consume soured milk, if fact it’s quite nutritious.

When the milk separates into solid curds and liquid whey. You can use the whey to jumpstart another batch or feed it to livestock (or yourself). It’s full of live cultures/probiotics.

April, 2017.

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if each elder was a meme, what meme would each elder be?

Elder Cunningham: incorrect star wars quotes

Elder Price: any meme involving being only fueled by Coffee

Elder McKinley: *minor inconvenience* this is homophobic

Elder Church: yellow diamond’s face of disgust

Elder Neeley: any meme about stupid conspiracies i.e “what if when we’re high we see the real world

Elder Michaels: very wrong facts "milk was illegal in Ireland until 1957”

Elder Davis: any Spongebob meme

Elder Zelder: old Shakespeare quotes “but villain, I have done thy mother”