“A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted.”-Billie Holiday

While there were many things Raven enjoyed about being a superhero, there were others she found…not so enjoyable.

Paperwork was definitely one of them.

After it had become apparent that Robin had a tendency to overwork himself, the Titans had taken it upon themselves to distribute the work more evenly to give Boy Wonder a bit more breathing room. He had been pretty reluctant at first, often digging in his heels like a stubborn mule, but after much persuading and bargaining, he relented.

On some things, anyway.

Robin still insisted upon orchestrating with the police and planning out different training sessions and leading patrols, and such, but he did let the others help out with some of the smaller responsibilities, like filling out paperwork and finances.

Which Raven was doing now.

The only sounds in the common room consisted of the scratches of her pen and the rustling of paper. It was the music that filled her hour as she whiled away at the incredible stack of legal documents the Titans had accrued over the course of the past year. Raven heaved a sigh as she worked, only pausing to rub her eyes.

This sucked.

There was nothing she wanted more than to curl up with a nice book and just, read the day away. But alas, the paperwork wouldn’t do itself.


She furrowed her brows, pondering for a moment. Could she enchant the pages? Perhaps, but she’d have to take the time to find a spell, time she didn’t really have. Not if these papers were to be done on time. Raven let out a huff and dropped her chin into her hands.

Stupid papers.

The swoosh of a door caught her attention, and Raven turned to see Beast Boy wandering into the room. He was humming rather loudly, his arms swaying to whatever beat was playing in his ears. A tune Raven found difficult to recognize. Was it that pop song she’s heard on the radio the other day? Or a rock song?

It was difficult to tell with Beast Boy, especially with his slightly off-key humming. She watched him practically skip to the fridge, where he rummaged for something or another. Probably soy milk.

Despite the fact that Beast Boy was only a vegetarian, he had a bizarre love for soy milk. According to him, the juice was far superior to milk, though Raven was forced to disagree. It was too sweet for her tastes. Though she did like to mix it with her grain cereal.

Not that she’d ever tell him that.

Raven attempted to return her focus onto the task at hand, sliding her gaze over a clause of dense legal jargon. Her eyes glazed over. It was some difficult stuff to read, as Raven wasn’t used to reading this type of documentation. She had to force herself to read it again. And again. And again.

It really didn’t help that Beast Boy was munching rather loudly on potato chips. While humming. She shot him a glare as he meandered to the table, his own gaze focused on his iPod. Beast Boy was, of course, oblivious to all outside of his music. And he looked pretty happy too, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he hummed.

The irritation building within her died in her chest and she sighed. He may be distracting, but Raven didn’t have the heart to pull him from his blissful spell. So she returned to staring at the legal clause, watching as the words blurred across the page.

The events that unfolded next happened in slow motion.

There was a soft oof and a hand appeared in her line of vision, swiping the stack of papers from right under her. Raven jumped in her seat, gasping as Beast Boy crashed onto the ground in a heap. Papers fluttered around them, scattering themselves about the floor.

Raven looked from the smeared stack on the table, to the scattered mess that made up Beast Boy. He blinked up at her, a dazed expression muddying his features. A crooked smile worked its way onto his lips, and he chuckled. “Sorry, Rae.”

“What even happened?” she asked, carefully swiping her askewed stack back into order. There was a rustle as Beast Boy pulled himself to his knees and helped.

“I dunno. I guess I tripped.”

She turned to throw a him a retort, only for any and all words to wither at her lips. He was mere inches from her, his warm breath tickling her nose.

Raven gulped, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. Had his eyes always looked so nice up close? She noticed a light dusting of darker green flecks across his nose; freckles? It was surprisingly endearing, not to mention cute. Raven flushed at the thought.

Cute? Beast Boy?

Her gaze flickered down to his lips. She felt dizzy all of a sudden. His lips enraptured her, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss him…

Raven wasn’t sure what scared her more; the idea of kissing him, or the realization that she really, really wanted to.

The air around them grew hot, and Raven’s heartbeat roared in her ears. Though only seconds had ticked by, it felt like eons, and she shivered as their noses brushed. Her lips met his, and she kissed him.

His lips were sweet, like sugar. It was fitting, somehow, and the sensation made her toes curl. The kiss itself was slow and gentle; exploratory. They broke apart cautiously, flushed and breathless.

Raven bit her lip, a smile spilling across her lips. Was it possible to feel this giddy? She didn’t know. Perhaps. That would certainly explain why she felt like she was floating.

“Uh, that was…unexpected,” Beast Boy murmured. A smile matching her own tickled his features, and Raven could feel the swell of his happiness drifting off of him. She shrugged, turning back to her ramshackle stack of papers.

“Indeed it was.”

She plucked her pen from the table, still feeling as though she was among the clouds. Unexpected, yes, but definitely not unwanted.

It’s short, I know, but I like the nice and compact little slice of life scenario this gives. So here. :D

-mod vixensheart

Quick fact. Ready?
Milk decreases the absorption rate of protein. If you’re looking to build muscle in particular, try to avoid consuming milk with your post protein shake. Instead, opt for mixing it with water or cold pressed juice.

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im confused about the milk in isak's trailer - what do you think that is supposed to be about?

anon! the question i have been waiting for!!!

okay so not to self-promo but this is going to be grounded in the previous post i made about isak’s trailer, so it might be worth reading that just for background with some of the concepts i’m going to reference.

so the major point i’ve talked about before with the s3 trailer was its camerawork and construction of the camera as occupying/embodying a gay male gaze in how it looks at the scene. this is super fascinating in part just bc it’s so novel to see done ever within media filmed for a mainstream audience. however it’s also really interesting as a characterization tool, in that the use of that gaze also works to show us where isak is wrt his sexuality at this point in the story (end of his second year, judging by his haircut and the presence of william and p chris in the locker room).

this isn’t to say that the camera here is meant to be isak’s gaze–far from it, since we not only see him as a subject under observation by the camera, but we also see him seeing the camera/his observer in the ending shot, which indicates that the gaze of the camera is one he is confronting, not occupying. but even before that last shot, we get plenty of hints in the trailer that the subjectivity of the camera–its desire for the image of men’s bodies, its fascination with them, its eagerness to linger on them, and perhaps most importantly its surety in its own ability to do so–do not match with how isak feels as an observer of the scene, within the scene. he is watching but not comfortably, legs crossed awkwardly and his own body contorted in a way that suggests discomfort with rather than ownership of the fantasy he finds himself in the middle of. he looks but always out of the corner of his eye and never for too long before glancing away, likely bc he doesn’t want to be caught looking by the other people within the scene.

so what we have is a noticeable gap in the types of looking we see in the trailer. otoh we have the camera as an invisible and omnipotent observer, the concentrated focus of gay male desire, seeing and also fully enabled to see what it wants to see. and otoh we have isak, who is clearly aware of what he wants to see, but also just as clearly uncomfortable with actually allowing himself to see. he’s interested in the visuals around him, but unlike the camera, he isn’t an invisible observer in this scene. there is a possibility of getting caught, and as a result of having his looking (and all that implies about his desires and his sexuality) exposed, and it is that possibility that sets him on edge. it is that exposure, rather than the desire itself he is experiencing, that he fears.

and this is where i think the milk comes in: as an expression of that fear. obvs the milk, as a white fluid splashed over isak’s face, has some uh, distinctly sexual and homoerotic connotations. but for me what’s more significant about it is its contrast from the water. remember, isak isn’t the only one in this scene to get wet; the whole scene is about the boys having a water fight and splashing each other, and the gaze of the camera makes this all have a sexual undertone. but where everyone else can, once they’re done playing, towel off and go about their day unchanged, isak’s situation is different. milk sticks. it’s white, it’s more viscous; compared to water, it’s shockingly opaque. even when it dries, it leaves a residue. it leaves a mark, and that mark is exactly the thing isak wants to avoid in this moment.

there are other things i could get into here too–the fact that isak’s seated observation is what sets him up to get the full face of milk, the fact that jonas (the first boy we know of isak having feelings for) is the one to throw the milk, etc. but what i want to focus on more is the way this image, the end of the fight and isak the only one left with a lasting mark, pairs with the lyrics of the song. we’ve talked a lot in this fandom about how clever skam’s use of music is, how the soundtrack acts almost as a character in its own right, straddling the fourth wall in a way that allows it to comment tongue-in-cheek on the action of a scene just as much as it underscores it. in this scene, though, i’d say that the soundtrack is unique within skam’s own pattern of music use bc it has just one, crucial role: to embody isak’s perspective. if we look at the lyrics of the song, the first verse of nils bech’s “waiting,” they’re basically a summary of isak’s position in the moment of the trailer:

I am the last one
Everyone knows how I tried
Love, let me meet you
When everyone has to
Have someone to love
I never met one
What’s so strange about me
What’s so strange about me
Can’t I be loved, loved, ooh, ooh
Loved, loved, ooh, ooh

what we’ve seen of isak in the show to this point, up to and including the trailer, is a lot of confusion. he’s had feelings for his best friend that drove him to do things to hurt another close friend that he still can’t explain. he’s tried dating girls but still not felt the same connection or pull the rest of his classmates seem to. if being a teenager (at least as skam depicts it) is about two things–1) figuring yourself out and 2) using the experiences of your first stabs at adult relationships, be they romantic, platonic, or otherwise, to do so–then isak’s concern in this moment is that he truly is the last of his friends to get anywhere with that. he’s figuring out that there’s something different about him, but still not in a way where he’s comfortable talking about it. where that’s left him is a position of perhaps not isolation, but definitely a sense of being the outsider, the one stranded lingering on the edges.

the trailer visually renders this in a very literal sense. isak is the only one seated in a locker room full of action, and as a result, he’s the last one to be pulled into the game by getting splashed. and what he is splashed with is, again, something that leaves a mark in a way it does for no one else. there’s no more hiding, after that milk hits him, no more watching without consequence. whether he’s ready to or not, it’s time for him to finally look everything about himself he’s been tangled up in for the last two seasons straight on. it’s time for everything he’s been keeping bottled up to come out.

Whose Turn is It?

Earth switches sides with lightning speed
Lightening, wresting inhabitants​ from sleep
Alighting upon a TV screen
For a news meme scream,
But screened from any disbelief.

Sun at high noon
Eyes dance too fast for a chat
On a diet, strictly non-fact
Milking viewers soon out to pasture
Due-date expired for pickles last year.
Ignoring who falters, still alive
Left behind in a graceful dive
Of disgrace and scraps
Inferred by passerbys with no maps
In drive-by shooting of looting
From an I-beam by parents beaming
While droopy-eyed kids are streaming
Leaves Senators to the plight
Only for a minute at night
Time to work with the right.
A president in a spare time,
Plays back-nine as four play
to a sequel
Of an iron-fisted Puritan.
In countries with a grey future to foresee
Citizens died too fast to fast like a refugee
Who is hurried or harried as a stated loner
Spreading thin the odd blood donor.
An economy of left-behind consumers
With the smells of fast-food or rumors.
Maybe we have the power to change the world.
It does not require a flag unfurled.

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shit not this again ఠ_ఠ;; MY TABLE!!!

  • Alex reading all the labels to Eliza’s prenatal vitamins and makes a list of things she can’t have. 
  • He portions out all her food for her and makes sure they are well balanced
  • He also  keeps track of the baby’s monthly development “he’s the size of an acorn!” 
  • John on the other hand likes to indulge her, he works around Alex’s planned out means any time Eliza is tired of the same food and they sneak off to get anything she’s craving
  • Of course Alex gets upset, but doesn’t show it because bad vibes are bad for the baby
  • Really all he does his grit his teeth and passively comments how John shouldn’t have done that
  • John milks the fact Alex can’t get mad and Eliza is a happy mom to be

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im sorry but what's American milk culture :c

ok……so……in america its pretty widely believed that milk is necessary for healthy bones n all that but it!! is!!!! false!!!!!!!!!

it turns out u dont need 2 drink milk (1 in 4 americans cant even digest it!!)…..however…….the american govt has been pushing it for decades and heres why

back in the day (before wwii) ppl in america didnt even drink milk very often!! it was really only used to survive long winters when it was difficult to grow crops but around wwii the US government started exporting a ton of milk overseas to soldiers bc condensed milk was easy n safe to send n a lot of farmers got rid of their crops & focused exclusively on dairy bc thats where the Biz was. since as u may or may not know the war is what brought the usa out of the great depression….the economy shifted entirely towards supplying the war !

however AFTERWARDS the demand for milk dried up but instead of producing less and letting their excess go to waste the dairy industry decided to convince ppl to drink MORE

“milk/dairy education” campaigns were launched to promote the idea that milk is essential for healthy bones but ITS NOT TRU!!! IN FACT…..a swedish study posted in the british medical journal in 2014 found that not only is there no correlation between stronger bones and milk consumption…..and in fact found that in both women and men higher milk consumption correlated with higher rates of death, and in women who consumed more milk the rates of bone fracture were actually higher. that study followed another large study from 2005 which examined 70k+ nurses and showed again milk had no protective benefit against fractures

SO ANYWAY during the 1940s and 50s THERE WAS STILL too much milk so the govt started buying it up and sending it to the military, schools, and foreign countries as food aid  (it was at this time “american cheese” n shit was created as well…..all bc of the surplus of dairy)

by the 1980s the govt was spending $2bil a year on excess milk!!! during the reagan administration however the milk buying program was finally stopped and the dairy industry was Freakin Pissed

they fought back by convincing congress (thru $$$) to pass a law in which dairy farmers had to pay a Mandatory fee to fund pro-milk advertisement campaigns. the fees also paid for partnerships with large restaurant and food corps to sell dairy heavy menu items (like dominos pizza w 40% more cheese!!)

BUT REMEMBER THE USDA (united states department of agriculture)??? they not only set dietary guidelines……theyre also in charge of most nuitrition-related public campaigns!!! those same ppl tellin u what u should eat……..theyre also the ones in charge of a multimillion dollar campaign to get you to eat cheese pizza (1 slice = 2/3 of a days max recommended amt of saturated fat)

there r A LOT of other foods that provide the same amount or more of calcium, potassium, and sodium as milk…….so why doesnt the govt encourage ppl to drink water instead of milk??? (#GOTMILK etc)

whats up is…..milk lobbyists donate a LOT of money to politicians who protect their interests when nutrition guidelines come up for review (hillary clinton is the 15th top recipient of donations from the dairy industry……if u need another reason to b Suspicious of her) 

SO ANYWAY………….tl;dr milk and dairy products can be part of a healthy diet but the idea that theyre essential is just GOOD OL CAPITALISTIC AMERICAN MARKETING

Takin’ the Wheel is a movie about hamsters that milks the fact that it’s a movie about hamsters.

The story is that two hamsters live in a cage. They have food, water, a wheel, and a loving owner- everything a hamster could want, right? But Henry the hamster is tired of his old surroundings and wants to see what else life has to offer. He drags himself and the beautiful lady hamster, Tina, out into the outside world to explore for just a little while. However, after a serious of contrived accidents, they find themselves right in the middle of the big city far from home. Along the way they meet Robbie, a street rat who knows his way around the city, and together they get into all kinds of zany situations. Will they make it back to their owner? Or will the mean, stuck-up Snowball stop them in their tracks? Buy tickets to find out- or don’t, because the movie is predictable to anyone who sees the first five minutes of it.

Bonus things: 

  • There are way too many poorly thought out jokes about “hamster balls.“
  • The fact that male and female hamsters shouldn’t be kept together is never acknowledged.
  • The social media marketers tried to make #GetHammy trending to hype up the movie’s release. It didn’t work. 
  • 28% on rottentomatoes. 

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So, what about some happy and fluffy McSpirk at the academy?

  • Neither Jim nor Bones like Spock very much initially. But, to be fair, Leonard doesn’t like most people. They have to work on an assignment together, and all three of them have very different approaches in getting that done. Spock wants to do extensive research first, together. Bones wants to divide roles, do his own part, and then get over it. Jim’s more of a; wait until a week before the deadline and then work together for 24 hours until it’s all done. So they don’t particularly agree on this first assignment at all, and they mostly end up making the assignment by themselves. All three pass with a similar grade, so the extra work seems like a total waste of time in the end.
  • Jim and Bones grow rapidly closer, though. They spend a lot of time together. Either drinking, studying, and working out. Spock doesn’t seem that socially interested in the two of them, and neither are Jim and Bones.
  • But then a field assignment requires Jim to lead a party on a nearby planet. And against all odds, they work surprisingly well together. Jim oversees Spock researching local plants, and assists him with that. Bones turns the usable plants into a cream that ails a particular rash to the locals. Now, Jim doesn’t exactly assist with that, but seeing as a local flirt leaves him with similar symptoms, Bones uses Jim as a test subject to make sure the stuff is safe to use. 
  • “You wanna hang tonight?” Leonard asks Spock, and Spock frowns. “Hang?” “Yes, it’s Friday. Jim and I are going to have a few drinks in the bar.” “Oh, I don’t get drunk,” Spock says, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Then what do you do on a Friday night?” He asks, and Spock huffs. “I mean, I don’t get drunk on alcohol.” “Then what do you get drunk on?”
  • “What is that?” Jim asks when Bones walks in with grocery bags. “Chocolate milk,” Bones says. “What are we, kids?” “It’s for Spock,” Leonard says. “Spock?” Jim repeats, “first of all, Bones, what is Spock doing on our night out, and what is he doing, drinking chocolate milk?” “I thought we had a nice time on that planet.” “We had an okay time on that planet,” Jim counters. “The only reason you had a mildly inconvenience on that planet is because you decided to sleep with one of the sick locals,” Bones says, “I asked Spock to drink with us tonight, but he only gets drunk on chocolate. Hence, the chocolate milk.” Jim listens to that, rubbing the back of his neck with a frown. “Fine. Okay.”
  • It’s actually surprisingly fun. Spock meets up with them at Bones’ dorm, and while they get drunk on whiskey and bourbon, Spock gets equally drunk on chocolate milk. And just the fact that he’s willing to do that already leaves a good impression on Jim, and besides, Spock is hilarious when drunk. Ups his sarcasm, apparently knows all the campus gossip. They go to a bar after a few drinks at home, where they drink beer – and it’s really just pure luck that one of those hipster San Fran bars serves them a special brewed chocolate stout. So they’re really just drinking together, playing card games, loudly disagreeing with each other on school assignments, and try to hit on other people. Or, well, Jim tries. Bones is the only one actually succeeding, though. But before he can actually leave with someone, both Spock and Jim get sick from chugging down another 3 drinks too fast, and so rather than actually getting laid, Bones spends the rest of his night rubbing Spock’s back as he throws up in the toilet, and then having a bucket ready for Jim, too. “I hate you guys,” Spock grunts tiredly, and Bones laughs, handing him a glass of water. “Right back at you, pal.”
  • Now, when Spock joins them more regularly on a Friday night, they don’t actually go out to bars anymore. They just share a drink in either one of their dorm rooms, watching TV, playing board games, or video games. During exam weeks, they rehearse the theory together. Spock and Jim take Bones to a flight site to help him get over his fear of flying. It doesn’t work as well as they hoped, but at least Bones gets to pass the basics of flying which allows him to actually continue his studies.
  • Over the summer, Spock goes back to Vulcan to be with his family. Bones goes to Joanna. Jim spends about one week with his mom, which is enough time to catch up, and just long enough before he gets bored out of his mind. But that does mean he spends the rest of the summer all by himself. Spock and Bones come back to San Fran two weeks early just so the three of them can spend the rest of summer going out, having late noon picnics in the park. Bones naps, Jim’s on his phone, Spock’s just quietly reading. They go swimming on the beach, and Spock rubs Jim’s back when he inevitably gets sunburnt. "Do you want to go on a roadtrip?“ Jim asks, “we could go to LA.” “Jim, school starts in like, three days,” Bones says, but Jim shrugs. “So? We’ll go tonight, spend tomorrow in LA, and go back home on Sunday. What’s the worst that could happen?“ 
  • They decide to go by car instead of train, shuttle, or other. And that’s also where it all goes wrong. The GPS doesn’t work properly, and somehow neither boys can agree on how to actually follow the road signs to one of the country’s biggest cities. They never actually make it to LA. They drive through most of Friday night, until Bones is exhausted and grumpy, Jim is hungry, and Spock’s all of those things. They find a motel in some small town instead, and sleep through most of Saturday. They find a small diner, but it doesn’t have any vegetarian options for Spock, so they drive around until they find a small cafe. All three look miserable when they get their food, but eating does miracles. “So, I don’t think we’re gonna make it to LA,” Jim says, and Spock shoots him a glance. “I’m certain we won’t,” he agrees. “But hey, we can just go to a bar here tonight, have a couple drinks, and head back tomorrow.” “Fine,” Bones says, and Spock nods as well. “Fine.”
  • It’s the last Saturday before school starts again, so all three permit themselves to get as drunk as they were on the first time they went out together. Bones just makes sure they all keep drinking water, too, so neither of them actually ends up throwing up from drinking too much. 
  • They stumble into the motel room late at night, and by the time Jim returns from the bathroom, he’s just stunned at the sight of Spock actually kissing Bones. It must be a drunken thing, but Jim just doesn’t know what to do – besides enjoying that sight for a while. Eventually, Bones pulls away, pleasantly drunk color on his cheeks as he turns to look at Jim instead. “You joining in or what?” He asks. “I– what? I mean, yes,” Jim says, stepping in closer to the bed to join the other two, “absolutely.”
The Top Ten Drag Race Editing Archetypes

With season 8 coming up, it’s time to remember how the show turns complex, real people into easily distinguishable characters for your entertainment. Study and see who you can pick out this time around! . 


This queen is flawless. She can do no wrong and seems to excel at every challenge. Even if she has to lipsync, she will be the best lipsyncher ever. A good edit will humanize her, giving her a moment of generosity or two, handing her the crown. A bad one will play up her ego and make you wish her death, leaving her dead in the top 4/top 3.

Examples: Bianca Del Rio, Raja, Courtney Act, Chad Michaels


She may not always win, but goddamn you love her any way. She’s fun, she’s quotable, she’s your best friend in the competition. Of all the contestants she will have the most pronounced arc and wind up in the top 3. That being said, only one of them has ever won.

Examples: Jujubee, Jinkx Monsoon, Adore Delano, Pearl (yup, she had the most pronounced arc of the season and everyone wanted her. Deal with it)


Not always a winner, but a strong competitor nonetheless. That’s not the reason you like her though: you like her because her confessionals kick ass. She’ll be hilarious as fuck, or otherwise lend commentary that amps up the fun. She won’t win, but strange how voting always starts when she gets eliminated.

Examples: Latrice Royale, Ben DelaCreme, Katya, Pandora Boxx


She’s not the best in the competition, but she keeps surviving elimination. Why? She provides the most drama. This queen wreaks havoc and causes chaos. You won’t like her, but you’ll blog the shit out of her fights and tune in intently to watch her fall. Every Ace or Personality needs a good bitch against them. 

Examples: Phi Phi O’Hara, Rebecca Glasscock, Gia Gunn


What is wrong with this girl? She seems to lose her shit at a moment’s notice. She takes everything way too personally and makes such a production when there shouldn’t be. She’ll called out for being fake and it will take her a LONG time to recover publicly.

Examples: Mimi Imfurst, Langanja Estranja, Max


They are there to be seen and thirsted after. Regardless of their talent, people will only think about doing them in or out of drag. Sadly, they won’t win because the show won’t flesh them out, and they will be gone when producers want to show that the game is getting tougher. Expect an outcry, but trust that they will have a solid career and a YouTube show with WoW after the fact.

Examples: Milk, Trixie Mattel, Carmen Carrera


Can’t seem to win a damn challenge, but can never go home. Why? Because her lipsynch is fucking FLAWLESS. She gets every word, nails every beat, does splits, spread eagles, back flips, flip flops one right after another. Pity she can’t bring this to the competition, where she’s too insecure or unprepared. She’ll be sent home after three performances, barring circumstances. 

Examples: Coco Montrese, Akashia, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Trinity K. Bonet


Oh the poor dear. It’s clear that she’s a talented queen, but unfortunately she’s OLD. She may be a pro at pre ’90s styles of drag, but younger queens/viewers won’t get them. Worse, the competition will be stacked against them. A nude challenge tailored to younger bodies? A lipsynch by an ex-Disney star who still sounds like a kid? Sorry, once you’re over 40 the edit is not in your favor.

Examples: Penny Tration, Vivacious, Tempest DuJour


She’s weird. You have no idea how she says what she says, but you cannot stop listening to her. Not a winner, but definitely a novelty. The most GIF-worthy queen of the season. May overlap with other archetypes, but you’ll remember her for this. 

Examples: Tammie Brown, Alyssa Edwards, Miss Fame


The edit doesn’t care how talented she is- she’s quieter and not as big as the other girls. She’s going home early and will be forgotten quickly. She definitely doesn’t deserve it, but with so many contestants someone has to get screwed.

Examples: Phoenix, April Carrion, Kandy Ho, India Ferrah

I enjoy when people say fun fact before usually saying something that is neither fun nor a fact. I submit as an idea to anyone wishing to use such a phrase to try using the following instead - my personal opinion. The only time I’ll accept the use of ‘fun fact’ is something along the lines of “When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red” or “The top six foods that make your fart are beans, corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage and milk!”

If your ‘fun fact’ contains any of the following words you need to reconsider and use alternative and appropriate terminology - abusive, incest, nazi, pedophile, rape, racist, and more which if you have half a brain can figure out. I am confident if any of those terms appear in your statement it’s not going to ever fall into the category of ‘fun fact’. 

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Damn, you guys got school spirit. All we got is an egotistical staff, janitors that go on strike every few weeks, students that pull the fire alarm to get out of writing tests, and mouldy ceiling tiles. OH we also have a sink in the downstairs washroom that never turns off.. EVER

Jesus Christ, we don’t have that much school spirit, it’s just that week and 2 days that everyone’s hyped on adrenaline

Shit sounds bad man, I mean

The worst thing that happened here was the milk, and the fact that our water fountains are LITTERED (or at least they were ?) With led, so we could possibly die from that but that’s ok

This school’s all about sports and not the arts, which ya know, is like a common thing in most schools anyway

But that sucks for people like me who just kinda always wanna art, they almost disbanded it this year even tho it’s a graduation requirement

I’m mainly taking art because senior year I would get to paint something on the art wall as like a tribute to what I’ve done here
(Hint: it’s something Leo related)

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Mafu's hikifest milk tea says ミルクたっぷり and I feel like ミルク in japanese means something suggestive correct me if I'm wrong 😭😭😭

Hi anon! :P
Well I’m sure you know that ミルク is just the English word “milk,” so as far as I know it’s kinda the same thing as in English… it means milk but you can use it suggestively when needed :P  The joke about Mafu’s milk tea name, I’m pretty sure, is that in Japanese it reads like “Mafumafu’s milk-filled milk tea” but then with the exact same sentence you can also parse it as “Milk tea filled with Mafumafu’s milk” wwww (and the fact that they again emphasized “filled with milk” in the little tagline… yeah I think it’s clear what joke they’re trying to make, especially considering all the other food names too www)

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Why do you insist Fiona is a POC when page 439 of The Calling describes her with pale skin (Fiona, meanwhile, was wearing a long red cloak that covered her entire body. Her black hair was slightly longer, and her pale skin looked reddened, as if she had been spending a great deal of time in the sun.) Every mention of "dark-skin" is Duncan. Do you realize/care people who believe your HC b/c you insist it's truth harass others in the fandom who believe the book referring to Fiona as "pale"?

K, but, literally why do you fucking care? 

The fact is, for the entire book Fiona only ‘grows pale’, to contrast from her normal skintone (see Dalish-ious’s post here)  or have lines like this: 

The Enchanter who had trained her had been an elegant woman with perfect manners and porcelain skin, and she had sighed laboriously every time Fiona had so much as twitched an eyebrow.

where she contrasts herself with paleness. 

One line in the epilogue doesn’t change any of that, especially when her son is so much darker than his half brother (Who’s mother is /consistently/ /repeatedly/ described as pale) and his father, who is also clearly intended to be white and fair skinned, and especially when nerves explains why she might be pale there.

But I gotta know, nonnie, why does this bug you so much? You’ve won.

Bioware made her and Ali both pale as milk in DAI. 

The fact is this: Even if every piece of fanart of Fiona was brown (which it isn’t, not by any stretch) and even if every member of the fandom wrote her as brown when they wrote fics (which they don’t.) and even if I rant and rave, and plead to the heavens about it (Which…Okay, that one is the case), Fiona is white in the games, and is likely going to stay that way. 

You’ve fucking won. Why do you feel the need to come into my ask and be a dick? (And not even be brave enough to say this to me off anon, honestly.)