Hardly any effort is required to make these treats. What can be easier than dipping strawberries in chocolate?! To add a bit of variety, you can dip a fork into the melted chocolate and allow it to dribble over some of your strawberries creating a mummified look! I love how the green stalks make it look as though something truly hair raising has been witnessed!

You can’t help but wonder what shocked the poor guys so much though…  

anonymous asked:

nct as candies

taeil: the kind of candy that u get from ur grandma with the chewy insides but u can never find them in stores ever

taeyong: butterfingers because it’s rly sweet and crumbles easily

doyoung: some kind of foreign high class fancy chocolate that no one has ever heard of

ten: chocolate dinosaur cups with sprinkles

jaehyun: jelly beans when u accidentally grab the buttered popcorn flavor u been avoiding but it’s better than you thought

mark: you know those candies that look really good but are actually stale…..

yuta: the candy that has actual alcohol in it

winwin: dippin dots. literally just ice cream candy. that’s it. that’s what he is.

haechan: sour patch kids because when u take a bite it’s sour as heck but once that salt dissolves…it’s rly sweet n good

renjun: a really classic hersheys chocolate bar. regular milk chocoalte. everyone loves it. impossible to hate.

jeno: tropical flavored tic tacs because they’re rly good but sometimes Too Good

jaemin: pop rocks…bc they just Explode with flavor

chenle: u know that taffy that u just keep chewing and chewing and it’s impossible to swallow and u wonder if it’s gum

jisung: those giant diamond candy ring pops or baby bottle pops