Gong Cha – Milk Foam Wintermelon Drink

This is hands down the best drink at Gong Cha. Perfectly salty, perfectly sweet, and perfectly creamy all with a subtle, buttery undertone. Let me rephrase, this is one of the best boba drinks, period. The taste of wintermelon is smoothly enveloped by their famous and unbeatable milk foam, making this drink super amazing.


* * *

And there you have it, my last post of 2014 and the one remaining drink that I thought was a 10/10 this year. Thanks again for everyone’s support, and see you all in 2015! =]

Gong Tea – Milk Foam Green Tea

Holy crap. This offshoot of Gong Cha is actually a step above its bigger sibling. The milk foam was AMAZING. It was lightly salty and had the perfect texture that fell right into the green tea, which was brewed to be both strong and airy. The tea and cream were both incredibly strong but perfectly balanced, easily making this the best creama drink I’ve ever tried.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you knew any good (and preferably natural or organic) treatments that I could do at home to make my skin paler/lighter?

These are the ones that I normally do and are said to make your skin paler/lighter; I heard tomato masks and apple masks does wonders too. I think all you do is mash them up and tada~ I have combination skin btw c: Make sure you check your skin type first!

On a good note

I helped youngest (7th grade) build a marshmallow catapult for school. We shot one 96". Not bad considering it was made with a Kleenex box, 2 pencils a milk cap a pipe cleaner a pen cap some fishing line and 2 rubber bands

Apologies for the dirty hand! My sister’s boyfriend was moving a bonfire pile when he disturbed a nest of mice, the parents ran off (one was then caught by the neighbours cat and eaten) while my cat, Kittychan immediately dove in a proceeded to eat the babies. Luckily my sister’s boyfriend was able to save just one of the little things and put it in a bucket for me raise. I’m not sure what kind of mouse it, I think it might be a baby dormouse but I really don’t know. I’ve got him a little cage with some torn up newspaper and a loo roll to sleep in, as well as a milk cap filled with water and another with hamster feed. I tried to get him to drink some cat milk from a syringe but he refused :( If there any mice experts out there that could help me with not accidentally killing this little creature, that would be really helpful!