milk smash

its so confusing how people can dislike milk!!!!!! how people dont drink milk from the carton!!!! how they dont replace all the objects in their house with hollow glass moulds of the objects and fill them with milk!!!! how they dont smash them all and swim in the milk and shattered glass!!!! some people are so weird right milk drinkers!?!


1980. British Steel

is the sixth album by the band Judas Priest, released on 14 April.  it was first album to feature drummer Dave Holland.

British Steel saw the band reprise the commercial sound they had established on Killing Machine. This time, they abandoned some of the dark lyrical themes which had been prominent on their previous releases, but some of it still remains.
Digital sampling was not yet widely available at the time of recording, so the band used analog recording of smashing milk bottles to be included in “Breaking the Law”, as well as various sounds in “Metal Gods” produced by billiard cues and trays of cutlery. t was released in the UK at a discount price of £3.99, with the advertisements in the music press bearing the legend “British Steal”.  

What can be said about the great Judas Priest , this is a very strong album.  this album has been worn out with some of its songs played to death, like the (still enjoyable) hits “Breaking The Law” and “Living After Midnight”. this is One of the best known albums of the early 80s British heavy metal scene.

Rob Halford   Dave Holland   KK Downing    Glenn Tipton   Ian Hill

dear internet

How funny was that milk smashing video right? People fell, stuff broke, real people didn’t know how to react. It was hilarious! Here’s what we’re NOT going to do though, we’re not going to do this harlem-shake-style where everybody and their goddam sisters made a video doing the exact same thing. WE ARE NOT ABOUT TO TRASH EVERY GODDAM SUPERMARKET ACROSS THE GLOBE TRYING TO BE FUNNY!