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SickFic Prompts

I’ve been craving SickFic, so have some prompts and feel free to tag me here at @wordmage because I would love to see your takes on the prompts below. Feel free to add more, or use it for RP/art, whatever. I plan to try and fill them all out, myself.

99.9% Immunity - (character) never gets sick, right? Wrong.

Elephant in the Room - (character) is sick, but for some reason - rank, personality, etc - no one is talking about it

Heroes Don’t Take Sick Days - there’s no time to rest when you have to save the world, so (character) has to push themselves even when miserable

Insult to Injury - as if being injured wasn’t enough, (character) is getting sick too

Ill Timed - it’s the worst possible time for (character) to be sick, but their body didn’t get the memo

Irreplaceable - (character) is the leader/boss and isn’t able to take personal time off, even when they’re under the weather

It’s Nothing - (character) insists they’re fine, right up until they collapse

Medic Down - every group seems to have a primary caretaker. How do they handle it when (character) is the one sick?

Milking It - if (character) has to be sick, they’re at least going to get as much pampering out of others as they can

Not a Word - (character) said they don’t get sick, and isn’t in the mood for anyone to remind them while they recover

No Rest for the Wicked - the big bad (character) has more to worry about than the good guys

Open Secret - everyone knows (character) is sick, but they’re trying so hard no one has said anything

Persuasive Partners - (character) is sick, and refusing to stay put; their partner(s) give them a good reason to stay in bed

Stepping Up - boss/leader (character) is clearly miserable, so the others go out of their way to take as much of their workload as possible

Suffer in Silence - for whatever reason, (character) doesn’t want anyone to know they’re sick, and does everything they can to hide it

Take One Down… - (character) gets sick, and spreads it to the rest of the group

Team Mom/Dad - (character) is the one to always take care of others on the team

The Wolf Cries True - (character) has been known to exaggerate or even pretend they’re sick, only this time they’re telling the truth

This is Your Fault - (character A) was clingy while they were sick, and now (character B) has it

Why Didn’t You Say? - (character) hasn’t been feeling well, making for some uncharacteristic behavior, and their partner(s)/team/friends are much more understanding once they realize why

Ageratina altissima‬

Ageratina altissima, also known as White Snakeroot, White Sanicle or Tall Boneset, is a poisonous perennial herb in the family Asteraceae, native to eastern North America. 

They are found in woods and brush thickets where they bloom mid to late summer or fall. There are two different varieties Ageratina altissima var. angustata and Ageratina altissima var. roanensis (Appalachian white snakeroot) they differ in the length of the flower phyllaries and shape of the apices.


White Snakeroot contains the toxin tremetol when the plants are consumed by cattle, the meat and milk become contaminated with the toxin. When milk or meat containing the toxin is consumed, the poison is passed onto humans. If consumed in large enough quantities, it can cause tremetol poisoning in humans. The poisoning is also called milk sickness, as humans often ingested the toxin by drinking the milk of cows that had eaten snakeroot.

During the early 19th century, when large numbers of European Americans from the East, who were unfamiliar with snakeroot, began settling in the plant’s habitat of the Midwest and Upper South, many thousands were killed by milk sickness. Notably, milk sickness was the cause of death in 1818 of Nancy Hanks Lincoln, mother of Abraham Lincoln.

It was some decades before European Americans traced the cause to snakeroot; although today Dr. Anna Pierce Hobbs Bixby is credited with identifying the plant in the 1830s, legend has it that she was taught about the plant’s properties by a Shawnee woman.

Symptoms of White Snakeroot (milk sickness) poisoning

The illness is typically characterised by:

Loss of appetite, Abdominal pain, Violent vomiting, Constipation, Severe thirst, Tremors, Acetone breath, Prostration, Delirium, Coma and Death

The plants are also poisonous to horses, goats, and sheep. Signs of poisoning in these animals include depression and lethargy, hind feet placed close together (horses, goats, cattle) or held far apart (sheep), nasal discharge, excessive salivation, arched body posture, and rapid or difficult breathing.

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#OnlyInGotham can you tell your mom that you're gonna be a little late because Riddler's robbing the store you work at and have her respond with, "oh really? Remind him to get milk; I'm sick of him coming over to borrow some at all hours." #IRemindedHim #GotMilk? #MaybeWeShouldMooove


Requested by @midnight-eclipses

Song that is perfect for this fic: “Over the Love” by Florence and the Machine. I’M SORRY THAT THIS EVOLVED INTO AN ANGST-FLUFF SICK!FIC BUT I COULDN’T HELP IT.

You could tell that he was struggling.

He began his new life hungry and uncoordinated. He couldn’t find his feet, or food that he liked, and every time you caught his eye, he looked away like he was ashamed. Of what? You couldn’t tell. You hadn’t wanted him to go, of course. Regeneration was always so difficult, though, so for your sake and his, you always hoped that it would be put off a little longer, just a little longer, until it could be put off no more.

This time, he died for Wilf. You would have preferred, of course, that he hadn’t died at all, but if there was ever someone to die for, it was Wilf. You couldn’t help but be proud of the Doctor. He had been brave. Braver than you had been, certainly (but, in your defense, you didn’t have the insurance of another life getting yourself killed, so there was that).

Regeneration sickness wasn’t supposed to last over three days, and that was a dangerous maximum. On the seventh day, the new-new-new-etc Doctor was still retching his food back up and randomly falling over. So, on the seventh day, you dialed a phone number and prayed that the TARDIS was better at directing phone calls through time and space than she was at directing landings.


Your voice didn’t waver.

No, really, it didn’t.

“Sweetheart?” The Tenth Doctor’s voice crackled through the receiver and you covered your hand with your mouth to stop a completely undignified sound from coming out. “What’s the matter? I dropped you off not five minutes ago, why-”

“It’s been awhile, Doctor.” No sense in beating around the bush. (But that is totally, exactly what you were doing, of course.)

There was a static-filled pause, and then an absolutely terrified: “… Oh, no, please don’t tell me I’m late.”

“No.” You swallowed, trying to find something to look at. He couldn’t see you of course, but you still felt like his eyes were on you. “You’ve regenerated.”

“Oh.” No pause this time. Just oh like that was better than him being a few years late. Which it would have been, if it weren’t for the fact that this regeneration might kill him.

“Yeah.” It’s such a nice word. Yeah. Not as solemn as yes or as casual as yep. It’s just an affirmative, not implying anything other than that you’re not tripping over yourself to be respectful. "Um, everything’s mostly alright, I just need to know- I mean- you’ve got regeneration sickness, and it’s been going on for a whole week now and you haven’t been able to keep your food down. I mean, none of it. You just keep gagging it back up but you’re so hungry and tired and I don’t know what to do.“

You weren’t crying. You might have sniffled a little bit, but you didn’t cry.

No, really, you didn’t.

"Are you alright?” the Tenth Doctor said.

“I’m fine.” What’s that you always say, Doctor? I’m always alright? Me too. "I miss you so much.“

"I’m sorry, sweetheart.” And the Doctor’s voice was definitely cracking and that surprised you, really, because Ten didn’t cry. Not like this. This new Doctor had trigger tear-ducts (from what you had seen in the last seven days, that is), but Ten wasn’t a crier. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“It’s okay. You regenerate for a really good reason. I wouldn’t change what you did. What you did was right. I’m proud of you.” It was important. You had to tell him that you were proud of him. He needed to know that. I’m proud of you was almost just as good as I love you, especially to the Doctor. “You’ll be proud of yourself. I just… it’s hard. And I’m afraid. You’re so sick.”

“Try milk.”

“What?” It immediately made sense to you (oh, milk, yes, of course, why didn’t I realize?) but you had to ask. You were used to asking. It made him feel clever and you wanted this conversation to last as long as you could stretch it out. You wanted to hear him talk. “Milk?”

“Well, I assume you did tea,” the Doctor said in the same tone that he might use to say, Well, I assume that you used conditioner after shampoo and not the other way around.

“Yeah, you’re drinking just fine.” Which was a great relief on your part. The Doctor might starve to death, but he wasn’t going to go down because of dehydration.

“Try milk. It’s liquid, but it’s technically a food. Or smoothies, try that. Milkshakes? It’ll get something into him until you figure out something more solid that he- that I can eat.”

“Okay.” And then, just like that, it was time to hang up and to what he told you to do. But you didn’t want to. There was a chance, of course, that you might see him again. The Doctor tended to run into his past selves. But you might not. You might not ever hear his voice like this again and you knew that he was fine, just regenerated, but how could you let go?

And then, as if he had read your thoughts, the Doctor said, “It’s alright, sweetheart. It’s alright. I’m still here.”

“I know.” Actually, you weren't quite sure, but saying that you knew was the best response you could come up with.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“Oh, now don’t even start that, missy. You know I’ll win.” You heard him take a deep breath, and then say, “Goodbye, sweetheart. I’ll still be there when you hang up.”

“… Goodbye.”

The line went dead.

When you found the Eleventh Doctor, he was in the console room, leaning heavily against the console as his whole body shook, trembling. He was still in Ten’s clothes. You had tried to get him out of them and into something more comfortable, but every time you made an attempt, he fussed like a little kid. You were going to have to put your foot down on day seven because he needed a shower and he had been vomiting for a week, dagnabbit, he could not keep those clothes on anymore.

The Doctor looked at you from out of the corner of his eye. “You called him, didn’t you?”

Okay. Could possibly be that this regeneration had some jealousy issues and the green eyes to fit. Or maybe he was just upset about everything. At this stage, you really couldn’t tell.

“You said we should try milk,” you said plainly, not letting the accusation in the Doctor’s tone get to you. You weren’t going to fight with him, not right now. Neither of you were level-headed enough to fight like adults. You would end up fighting like children, and that always stung. Children could be so cruel.

The Doctor turned his head so he could really look at you, and he seemed satisfied with what he saw, because some of the tenseness left his shoulders. “‘K.”

“We’ve got a blender in the kitchen, right?” You already knew that there was a blender in the kitchen. "Maybe I can make you a banana… something. Does that sound good?“

 The Doctor nodded hesitantly.

"Are you okay? Do you want to get back in bed?”

“Yes.” That was far less hesitant. He was obviously tired. He hadn’t been sleeping at all, and sleep was the number one most important thing he needed after regeneration. Food was the number two most important thing. He hadn’t gotten either. “Could you..?”

When he trailed off, you immediately perked up. He hadn’t asked for much other than food or really talked much in general (and that sort of terrified you because it might have been because he was sick but it could have be that he had regenerated into a quiet person and you weren’t sure how you would deal with a quiet Doctor). Maybe he had finally figured out what he needed. “What?”

“Hold me.” Bang, heartbroken with two little words. “Please hold me. You haven’t, yet.”

He looked at you and those beautiful new eyes were so glossy with unshed tears that you felt your own eyes sting.

“Oh, Doctor.” You rushed forward to him with open arms and he slumped his whole body against you, burying his face against the crook of your neck. You felt hot, sticky tears being pressed into your skin. The Doctor smelled acrid, a side effect of being sick for days without washing. A shower was definitely in order. "I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I was so worried, I just didn’t think.“

"It’s okay, right?” he asked as his hands found fistfuls of your clothing to anchor himself with. “This is okay? You won’t leave.”

“I won’t leave.” That was a promise, of course it was. "I’m right here. Have you seen yourself in the mirror yet?“


“You’re the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen that wasn’t a baby animal.”

And then he actually giggled. “Aw.”

He giggled, I tell you.

“Yeah, 'aw’.” And just like that, just like that, things felt right again. Not perfect, but right, like you could see home at the end of the road. "Alright, let’s get you to bed, and I’ll make you a milk-banana-shake-something-or-other.“


Yeah is such a nice word.

And now on the topic of Dex’s little displays of affection

Nursey being super fucking frivolous and spending too much goddamned money? Dex rolls his eyes, cancels the orders Nursey doesn’t need and sits Nursey down with a bowl of soup he made from a recipe one of Nursey’s moms sent him

Nursey whining about something? For once Dex laughs and calls it cute even if a bit spoiled and Nursey can’t actually breathe for a solid two minutes. He just. Cannot take in air.

Nursey’s sick and milking it hard? Dex lays in bed with him when he asks and showers him with kisses because he doesn’t do that on a regular and Nursey will hoard every opportunity he gets to have that and keep it close

Nursey just causally minding his business? Dex walks up and says “I love you” because Dex loves his boyfriend and sometimes he just wants to tell him and Nursey feels like the luckiest man to ever exist

  • Aconite/monkshood – numbness in face and limbs; inability to walk or move arms; chest pain, heart attack; irregular heart rhythms; nausea; vomiting; abdominal pain; diarrhea
  • Angel’s trumpet/moonflower – inability to differentiate reality from fantasy; heart attack; bizarre/violent behavior; amnesia; intolerance of light
  • Asian Abrupt-bulbed Lepidella – kidney failure
  • Autumn skullcap/Deadly Galerina – symptoms begin 8-24 hrs after ingestion; abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting; symptoms stop for about 24 hrs, during this time toxins attack the liver; death occurs 5-7 days after ingestion from coma, kidney failure, and gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Azalea – salivation; watering eyes and nose; abdominal pain; loss of energy; nausea; vomiting; weakness; difficulty breathing; paralysis of arms and legs; coma
  • Bushman’s poison/dune poison bush/wintersweet – heart attack
  • Castor beans (contain ricin) – severe diarrhea; nausea; heart attack; seizures; hypotension; survivors have extensive organ damage; take 3-5 days to kill
  • Chestnut dapperling – damage to the heart and liver; headache, dizziness, back pain, gastrointestinal problems
  • Chokecherry/common chokecherry – poison found everywhere but the berry; digestion by stomach enzymes releases cyanide; giddiness; vertigo; rapid breathing; leads to deep coma, pulmonary edema, and heart attack; victims may have cherry red skin
  • Daffodil – poisonous bulbs; vomiting; diarrhea; convulsions; can be confused for onions; handling them gives you “daffodil itch”: dryness, scaling, thickening of skin beneath the nails
  • Daphne (laurel tree family) – poisonous seeds; handling fresh twigs causes rashes/eczema for people with sensitive skin; victims experience choking sensation; common ornamental plant
  • Deadly conocybe – takes 10 hours to affect body; symptoms include severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, kidney and liver damage; usually remission period lasting 1-2 days before death
  • Deadly nightshade/Belladonna – eating 2-5 berries fatal to adults; eating 1 leaf fatal to adults; roots also fatal; slightly sweet taste; leads to delirium, hallucinations, heart attack, slurred speech, constipation, confusion, sensitivity to light, blurred vision
  • Deadly parasol – 1 mushroom is deadly; victim feels fine for a day, then sick as intestines are damaged; then the victim appears to recover before dying from liver failure
  • Deadly webcap – easy to mistake for the prized chanterelle mushroom; symptoms delayed for 2-3 days before flu-like symptoms, headache, and vomiting occur, followed by kidney failure
  • Death cap (Latin American, East Asian) – looks like the edible honey and paddy straw mushrooms; half a cap can kill a human; toxicity not reduced by cooking, freezing, or drying; taste good; early symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting; symptoms go away from a few days; symptoms return in form of jaundice, diarrhea, delirium, seizures, tachycardia, and kidney failure; survivors usually need liver transplants; fatality rate before the 20th century was 70-80%; now it’s around 10-15% in developed countries; people usually die in 6-10 days
  • Destroying angel (Eastern North American, Guangzhou, Great Felt Skirt, Western North American, European) – easy to confuse with edible white button mushroom; see death cap for symptoms, as they both contain the same kind of toxin
  • Doll’s eye/White baneberry – entire plant is poisonous; poison fatally slows human heart; handling plant causes blisters; eating it causes gastrointestinal distress as well as a slowed heartbeat
  • English yew – highest concentration of poison in the seeds; blue-colored lips, difficulty breathing, coma, convulsions, enlarged pupils, irregular heartbeat, nausea, muscle pain, trembling, vomiting
  • Ergot/St Anthony’s Fire (archaic) – poisonous fungi that grows on rye; symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headache, muscle pain, itching, gangrene, vision problems, confusion, spasms, and convulsions

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What do you think Kira is like when sick?

Oh, Kira becomes extremely pissy when sick. It’s as if he treats illness like a personal affront to him, an insult to his health regimen–held to everyday, with the multivitamins recommended by his doctor for peak quality years in his prime and a healthy, balanced breakfast every morning with a refreshing glass of milk at night.

Sure, becoming sick is inevitable–but he is Yoshikage Kira. How dare these bacteria or viruses or what have you wreck his perfect plan for perfect living?

Eventually, his thoughts would drift, incensed, to the culprit. Who had infected him? It must have been Ms. Sonozaki, who always insisted on coming to work while sick and never even bothered to wear her facial mask the right way. Kira had even offered her hand sanitizer in order to stave off this very outcome, but that arrogant woman had refused anyway, and now look at him. Still, he would consider taking her hands once he returned to full health–despite her being…her…her hands were so nice and silky smooth. His fingers always lingered a bit too long on that beautiful flesh when she handed him papers to take upstairs. She must have noticed. She became awkward around him.

Still, there was not a personality in the world that could not be gently corrected by Yoshikage Kira. Truly, should he choose to date her, it would be quite to fortuitous occurrence, for her. Oh yes, she would have to be incredibly grateful. He would lavish her with jewelry and meals and quiet dates at the park. And she wouldn’t have to worry about her health…she would have the infamously fastidious Yoshikage Kira to tend to her. How lucky.

He would eventually reject that idea, though, because killing her might expose him to getting sick again, and quite frankly he didn’t have the patience to deal with that.

So instead, he would lie down on his futon, with the tv turned to the news–just boring enough that he could fall asleep to it. With his body heated by both anger and sickness, he would cool himself with small sips of tea before eventually drifting off to the sound of the news anchor discussing the disappearance of yet another Morioh woman.

Stopped being Vegan for like 2 months because my mom was afraid of my iron, and health, and weight loss, and etc etc

So I started eating whatever my family ate to appease her and gave up my vegan diet even tho I had been a vegan for over a year now.

2 months and my cholesterol is through the roof again. So now I need to go to a nutritionist again, even tho I know exactly how to maintain and lower my own cholesterol.  

Lesson: My mom doesn’t know shit about health and I am a vegan again.

It’s hard out here for a Latin@ vegan.