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✨ Chai spells ✨

Now that it’s getting colder I feel like it’s time to post about chai spells! 

✨  Basic recipe for chai  ✨
- ¾ mug of milk (or milk alternative)
- ¼ mug of water
- Any tea that goes with milk (so no green or fruit teas)
- Sugar or honey to taste

Heat up your milk, water and sweetener, once boiling whisk in your tea. If using black or milk oolong tea then do not exceed 45 seconds of stirring - it seems like a small amount of time but your chai will be bitter if you go over this time! Any tea other than black tea would be alright for a bit longer, but you shouldn’t need much time at all! 

Pour the chai through a strainer and serve! Drink this while hot for the best flavour (though it doesn’t taste bad if it gets cold either)


For the following spells, use the milk, water and sweetner and then add the tea specified! Feel free to personalise your blends!

✨  Self love chai  ✨ 
- Black tea
- Culinary dried rose petals 

✨  Protection chai 
- Black tea
- Cinnamon
- Ginger 
- 2 peppercorns

✨  Banishing chai 
- Black tea
- Basil leaves (chopped)
- Ginger 

✨  Sleepy time chai 
- Culinary lavender
- Culinary dried rose petals

Happiness chai 
- Black tea
- Cinnamon
- Orange peel

✨  Confidence chai  ✨
- Black tea
- Nutmeg
- Cinnamon

✨  Divination chai  ✨
- Milk oolong tea
- Peppermint 

✨  Purity chai 
- Milk oolong tea 
- Coconut

✨  Lucky chai 
- Black tea
- Cardamom
- Cinnamon
- Clove


Happy brewing everyone! Enjoy many cups of magical chai  ✨

(Credit for our basic chai recipe goes to @sidewalk-crystal  - thank you lovely!)

So I Made a new tea horse his name is Oolong and Milk Tea is not exactly fond of him. Oolong is prolly the biggest cinnamon roll ever and just wants to be nice to everypony x3c
I kinda like how the background and detail looks in this one

Textless version!


This week we made BOBA MILK TEA (Tapioca Milk Tea, Bubble Tea, Milk Tea with Pearls)!

Random Snapchat Adventures w/BTS #3

     You lied on the hotel bed, stomach down as you kicked your feet around. Namjoon and Yoongi was sharing the sofa across the room as the three of you waited for the rest of the boys to come back from whatever late night adventure they decided to do. 

     “The jet lag is real,” you said, rubbing your eyes but not really feeling the need to sleep even if it’s near midnight already.

     “You’re the one to talk,” Namjoon scoffed, glancing over at Yoongi. “This boy over here is wide awake and he’s always sleeping.”

     “Yaaaah, it’s not faaaaair,” Yoongi grumbled and fell backwards into the seat of the couch. “I want to sleep but I can’t.”

     Flipping over onto your back, you stared up at the white ceiling of the hotel room. A second later, you focused your attention back to the boys at the couch. “You guys wanna go somewhere?” 

     “Where?” Namjoon replied right as Yoongi deadpanned a “no.”

     You shrugged. “I dunno. Wanna go get boba?”

     Yoongi rolled his eyes. “At this hour? Are any stores even open?”

     Grabbing your phone next to you, you quickly searched up a place. 

     “Oh woah, yeah,” you marvelled. “It’s a little cafe that’s open 24 hours. It’s only two blocks from here.”

     “You wanna go?” asked Namjoon, looking up from the book he was reading.

     “Yeah sure.”

     “Buy me a oolong milk tea with black pearls please,” Yoongi immediately ordered.

     You smiled and rolled off the bed. “Yeah sure.”

     Namjoon walked towards the door and pulled it open, waiting for you to grab your jacket. “See you later Suga.”

     “Bye,” the addressed bid. “Oh, and no ice please because I might be asleep by then.”

     “Yeah yeah of course.”

     Closing the door behind you, Namjoon and you walked down the creepily lit hallway of the hotel.

     Shuddering you passed Namjoon only to walk backwards to see his face. “I hate hotels dude. They’re so creepy.”

     A teasing smile stretched across his face, his dimples showing. “It’s okay, you have me!” 

     You smile and shook your head, the rest of the other boys randomly popping in your mind. 

     Phone whipped out, you took a picture of whatever happened to be in front of you (Namjoon) and quickly texted “we’re getting drinks, anyone want some?” before sending it to them. At the same time, you grinned and teased Namjoon- “dang boy, look at this model status,” showing your phone to him.

     Namjoon smiled in embarrassment but quickly recovered by posing for you. You laughed loudly and the two of you continued out of the hotel for the boba.


Stay warm with a delicious and hot drink this winter. Some ideas of what you may want to try are:

❄Yujacha or citron tea
❄Ginger and lemon tea
❄Tulsi turmeric and ginger tea
❄Darjeeling tea
❄Strawberry and vanilla flavored black tea
❄Chai tea
❄Thai milk tea
❄Roobios tea
❄Oolong tea
❄Peppermint tea
❄Matcha green tea
❄Apple cider
❄Hot chocolate
❄Hot vanilla and honey milk (use any milk substitute if needed, almond milk is my favorite substitute)
❄Coffee or Chicory
❄Homemade instant Russian tea
▫It’s easy to put together. All you need is:

1 jar of orange Tang drink mix
1 ½ c. sugar
2 tsp. cinnamon
½ c. lemonade drink mix
½ c. instant tea mix
1 tsp. ground cloves

Mix all these dry ingredients together and store in a glass jar. To serve, pour 2-3 teaspoons into a mug of hot water and stir.

tag game

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to get to know better.

I was tagged by awesome @theasexualscorpio and tagging @selenityelizabeth @ladytp @westeroswolf @bluecichlid @asimplylucia @maroucia @direwolfpupy @queenoferebor1204 @sarahtheblack @devilsbastion if they are so inclined (hi hi)!

a - age: 46

b - birthplace: Nam

c - current time: 9 PM

d - drink you last had: honey oolong milk tea

e - easiest person to talk to: my sis

f - favorite song: wild as the wind (all versions - esperenza’s take (sp?) is currently playing right now)

g - grossest memory: green puke (pistacchio ice cream)

h - horror yes or horror no: with @theasexualscorpio on the “ALL ABOARD THE NOPE TRAIN TO FUCK-THAT-VILLE”

i - in love?: Nope
j - jealous of people?: Sometimes 

k - kicking ass??? Sometimes at work (and def at academics)

l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?: why not both

m - middle name: my mum’s last name

n - number of siblings: Two.

o - one wish: world peace (seriously tho i want my mum to be happy again)

p - person you called last: my nephew just because.

q - question you are always asked: “are you for real?”

r - reason to smile: fall folliage

s - song you last sang: beegee’s version of “how can you mend a broken heart?”

t - time you woke up: 5:48 am

u - underwear colour: dark blue/white flowered print

v - vacation destination: maryland eastern shore

w - worst habit: procrastination

x - x-rays: yes, that is how i found out that i had freckled bones

y - your favorite food: cheese (and fruits)

z - zodiac sign: capricorn

october 11th 2016 // it’s 6pm right now. I just got an early dinner in one of the dining halls before grabbing an oolong milk tea from chatime! their teas are so yummy but so $$$ too. now I’m sitting in the library studying for my statistics midterm tomorrow…probably gonna be here til 9pm tbh. I also got my calc 2 midterm back today which I scored 68% on, was totally stressing about that til I realized that it’s an A thanks to the curve. that curve is my favorite thing in the world right now.

the signs as teas
  • aries: chocolate chili chai // black tea
  • taurus: chocolate macaroon // black tea
  • gemini: grilled pineapple // green tea
  • cancer: guangzhou milk oolong // oolong tea
  • leo: queen of tarts // mate tea
  • virgo: buddha's blend // white tea
  • libra: forever nuts // tisane
  • scorpio: glitter and gold // black tea
  • sagittarius: main squeeze // mate tea
  • capricorn: cream of earl grey // black tea
  • aquarius: electric lemonade // mate tea
  • pisces: vanilla matcha // green tea
Food tips

- replace tortillas for lettuce and make lettuce wraps to cut down on carbs
-make zucchini noodles instead of pasta
- the best time to eat carbs are in the morning because you’ll burn them throughout the day
- ginger will cure basically any nausea, stomach ache, sore throats, nasal congestion, etc. Steep with tea and drink without cream or milk (ginger and milk are gross together)
-if you blend a banana and freeze it, you have an all natural sugar free ice cream
- replace mayo with avocado, it tastes better and is better for you
- replace hamburger buns for Portobello mushrooms, more filling and more nutrients
-use natural sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar. Honey also helps with coughs
-kale, broccoli, spinach, and beans provide calcium for people who don’t like milk (me)
- green tea, oolong tea, and peppermint tea have no caffeine and are great for detoxing
- drinking the suggested amount of water everyday could burn you 70 calories alone

[150819] The8′s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: [17’s The8] Everyone, it’s been a long time~~~

Fan: Oppa *cries* What are you doing now??
T8: I’m eating and practicing.

Fan: Myungho-yah, your tumbling in “Bindaetteok Gentleman” was really cool.
T8: It was cool, right? *laughs* I’ll do more later. 

Fan: Do you like puppies~ They are all cute. 
T8: I really like them. They’re cute.
(T/N: This part was in Chinese.)

Fan: The8 is studying Korean~~??? I should study Korean diligently too…>.<
T8: Let’s work hard together.

Fan: Red tea, green tea, oolong tea, milk tea, choose one.
T8: Milk tea~
(T/N: This part was in Chinese.) 

Fan: I’m studying Chinese these days. Since I studied diligently, I’ll talk to Oppa in Chinese when the 2nd album comes out!! I love you, Myungho-oppa.
T8: Really? Promise!!!!!! 

cr: (kor-eng) jyeoshin @ what17says || (chi-eng) jx @ what17says 
© take out only with credits

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Jambajunkie’s 340-Something Follower Gratitude Giveaway!

Thank you everyone for putting up with this silly and very obsessive blog!  

In gratitude to my followers, and also in celebration of the upcoming holiday season, I’m doing a Wizardess Heart-themed giveaway, involving character-themed rewards!


1. Elias’s Notebook 

“His notebook records everything of all lectures he took before [sic], so it has more detailed information than any textbooks in this academy! His writing is so beautiful that it’s super easy to read for anyone… That’s why everyone in the academy is eager to borrow his notebook like a fortunate treasure!” – MC’s Journal

  • A beautiful leather notebook to store your notes, memories, or dreams. 
  • Navy waterproof Italian leather cover, embossed with quill design. 
  • Cream-colored, lined acid-free paper. Gilded edges. Satin ribbon marker.

2. Luca’s Escape

“You should try drawing sometime.”
“Me?! I couldn’t draw to save my life.”
“Being good or bad has nothing to do with it. Forget all that and just draw.”
Luca Orlem, His Sweet n Spicy Special Lesson

  • Not all of us may want to draw, but everyone knows how to color. These coloring books feature intricate, beautiful, intriguing illustrations that bring stress relief and peace of mind when coloring. Just as Luca found that drawing helped whisk him away to another world, let these coloring books do the same for you.
  • “Lost Ocean” and “Enchanted Forest” by Johanna Basford. 
  • 96 pages each, gold foiled covers.  
  • Includes a set of 30 coloring markers.

3. Yukiya’s Embrace

His kiss felt so warm and special that it could have been like magic. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tight, and it made me feel so calm. It was a special sort of magic that only Yukiya could use… the magic to make me happy. –Yukiya’s Route, Happy Ending

  • There’s no direct substitute for a warm embrace, but a warm blanket comes very close.  This heated blanket will keep you warm on a cold winter day – or any day when you could use a little extra comfort. 
  • Garnet red, silky plush on one side, Sherpa on the other. 
  • 50” x 60”, 4 heat settings, auto shut-off, machine washable. 
  • Note that this comes with an American plug, so may be best for those in the US.  
  • Blanket has never been used; it was taken out of the box once for this picture, and then immediately put back in.

4. Teatime with Klaus

Klaus whipped together some tea with a swift, practiced technique.
MC: You’re good at that.
Klaus: I like tea. I make it every day.

- Klaus’ Route, Day 6

  • A personal tea set, for a serene start to each morning, or a lovely afternoon interlude. Includes a tea infuser, 2 tea cups and saucers, and two tins of tea.  
  • One tin contains Jambajunkie’s favorite loose-leaf ‘Milk Oolong’ tea. ‘Milk Oolong’ tea does not contain milk, but has a famously sweet, milky fragrance and a silky texture, reminiscent of sweet cream.  
  • The other tin contains a white tea – called, “Emperor’s White.” 
  • You have a choice between EITHER two matching Klaus teacups – black with gold edges – OR a “his and her” teacup pair, with one Klaus teacup and one rose-patterned white teacup, representing MC.

5. Randy’s Sweet Tooth

“Ah, just as I thought! It’s Randy!” He was panting and breathing hard, with a grimace, as if he was dying at any minute. [sic] I quickly propped him up. “Randy, Randy! Are you okay?”
“Ugh…*pant*…Are you…MC?” When his unstable eyes caught me finally, he weakly stretched his hand towards me.
“Yes I am! What happened to you? Are you hurt?”
“What is it?!”
“How hungry I am…I’m going to die…I’m too hungry…I need…fooood…”

- Randy’s Route, Day 2

  • A giant box full of sweets.  This box will contain sweets of all kinds, from all over the world.  You’ll tell me the things you don’t like (as well as any allergens), and I’ll fill a big box with literally everything else – cookies, candy, chocolate, Pocky, and anything else interesting and unique that I can find. The sweetest surprise you’ll ever receive.  
  • Not pictured, as the contents will depend on the recipient.

6. Sweets and Bitters from Azusa

[Azusa] reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle…He took my hand and pushed the bottle onto my palm. It was filled with small little circles of all assorted colors. Upon closer inspection, they looked like little stars. 

– Klaus Route, Day 2

  • This package pairs sweet and bitter, in a taste of Hinomoto. In addition to a jar filled with konpeito, you’ll also receive a beautiful sake set that comes with two little sake cups.  
  • Best of all, the sake bottle and cups look like tanuki (raccoons)! Even if you don’t enjoy sake, you’ll love your little tanuki family. 
  • Both the sake set and the konpeito are imported from Japan. Konpeito will be sent in their intact original package, rather than loose in the jar.

How to Enter.

1. Write a tumblr post telling me something you’re grateful for.  It doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be genuine.
2. Tag it with “jambajunkie’s gratitude giveaway”. Make sure there are no typos in your tag. If you do not tag your post, I will not be able to find it. I will then ‘like’ the post.  If I do not ‘like’ it, then somehow I didn’t see it, so let me know via message if I missed one.  You can also mention me in the post with “@jambajunkie” (making sure this links to my blog) so that I get a notification.
3. You can do this each day, up through Thanksgiving, 11/26/15. Each of your posts counts as 1 entry. So starting today, you can have up to 11 entries through gratitude posts.
4. I will be randomly assigning numbers to each entry, and using a random number generator to draw winners.
5. You must be a follower to win.  
6. Winners must be comfortable giving me their address, so I can send them a package with their prize.  I will ship overseas.
7. You may also reblog this post for 1 entry.  Likes don’t count as entries.

How to Win.

1. There will be 6 winners drawn. Winners will be announced around 11/27/15.  Each winner will submit to me a list of their preferences in order, and I will match up their preferences with the remaining rewards as best as I can.

Have fun, and thank you for following this blog!