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Varys gave a long weary sigh, the sigh of a man who carried all the sadness of the world in a sack upon his shoulders. “The High Septon once told me that as we sin, so do we suffer. If that’s true, Lord Eddard, tell me… why is it always the innocents who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones? Ponder it, if you would, while you wait upon the queen. And spare a thought for this as well: The next visitor who calls on you could bring you bread and cheese and the milk of the poppy for your pain… or he could bring you Sansa’s head. The choice, my dear lord Hand, is entirely yours.”

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area in Utah protects a unique transition zone – the meeting of the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin Desert and Mojave Desert. Where these distinct landscapes overlap, unusual plants and animals have evolved, including flowers like the dwarf bearclaw poppy and Shivwits milk-vetch that grow nowhere else on earth. Explore the area’s flora, wildlife and spectacular desert scenery with more than 130 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. Photo by Bob Wick @mypubliclands

1. I’m Poppy (That Poppy)
2. Milk and Cookies (Melanie Martinez)
3. Gasoline (Halsey)
4. Mrs. Potato Head (Melanie Martinez)
5. Oh No! (Marina and the Diamonds)
6. Popular Song (MIKA, Ariana Grande)
7. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics)
8. This Little Girl (Cady Groves)
9. Control (Halsey)
10. Internet Killed the Video Star (The Limousines)
11. American Kids (That Poppy)
12. Keeper (Patent Pending)
13. Altar (That Poppy)
14. Tag, you’re it (Melanie Martinez)
15. Super Psycho Love (Simon Curtis)
16. Sarcasm (Get Scared)
17. Mad Hatter (Melanie Martinez)
18. Lowlife (That Poppy)
19. Heathens (Twenty One Pilots)
20. Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Set It Off)
21. Cookies! (Ninja Sex Party)
22. Nightmare (Set It Off)
23. Cool Patrol (Ninja Sex Party)
24. Duality (Set It Off)
25. Emperor’s New Clothes (Panic! at the Disco)
26. Novocaine (Fall Out Boy)
27. Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time (Panic! at the Disco)
28. My Demons (Starset)
29. Castaway (The Ready Set, Jake Miller)
30. You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid (The Offspring)
31. The Drug In Me Is You (Falling In Reverse)
32. I Don’t Wanna Die (Hollywood Undead)
33. One For the Money (Escape the Fate)
34. The One (Deuce)
35. Killer (The Ready Set)
36. The Bird and the Worm (The Used)
37. Bitter and the Sweetness (The Ready Set)
38. Shatter Me (Lindsey Sterling)
39. Bleeding (The Ready Set)
40. Me Against the World (Simple Plan)

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What do you think is the state of dentistry in Westeros? Breanne loses teeth and Reek III has a mouth full of broken teeth (shudder) yet they don't seem to be in mind-blanking agony all the time.

Well, they’ve got painkillers (milk of the poppy), anti-septics (firemilk, Myrish fire, boiling wine - although there’s a logical flaw there), and maaaybe, maaaybe some crude anti-biotics (in the form of poultices that use mold).

And they do have (wooden) dentures. 

But yeah, not great.

Binding Bone, Henbane Wight

“Low twisted bone to spirits bind, a fallen night of grief.

A hollow where the marrow left a solemn word’s belief.

With words are bound the conjured one, for soon it will deliver.

A vessel to hold those things held dear, a vein like life’s dark river.

The busy bustle of henbane pods, bursting full of seed.

Their tiny forms hide vast secrets of ancient witch’s deed.

The smoke that drifts from censer hung above that circle described,

summons forth the spirit called and bound in bone here circumscribed.

Three poppy sullen and lost, its milk a painless curse.

The dreams it makes of phantasy tell endless seas of verse.

An offering made of dried pods, whose names in blood are signed.

A hex upon those who’d break the seal of darkness now enshrined.”

A bastard son and a filthy princess|Jon Snow x reader| Part 3|Milk of the Poppy

Prompt: What happens when you have to marry the bastard of the Stark family by force? When everybody wants you dead including the boy you will have to stay faithful to your whole life. Will you fall in love with a bastard or make your own destiny?

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Chapter Summary : What happens when you are trapped inside of a bathroom with an evil man and a little kid. There is no prince that will save you, just a snow, a Jon snow.

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‘Shht girl’ a large guy with black long hair muttered. He was holding a large knife in one of his hands and had multiple fresh cuts across his face. He reeked of pee and dirt and judging by his clothes he had nothing to lose. His accent was very strong and you could easily hear he wasn’t educated properly.

He slowly walked up to you. You were aware of the fact that you were leaning on the door and that there was a small chance that you could open it and try to run but something was keeping you right where you were.

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Ode to Saint Dymphna

O muse how darkly do you sing to me on the night’s edge
with a voice so airy, gently you nuzzle the notes out from the belly of your beast.
Turning ravenous growls, sickening screams and cries of the mouthless undead
into a drink more intoxicating, numbing than ivory poppy milk.
Like a syrup colored with bellflowers, made with liqueurs almost too sweet, you silence it all.
O my muse how you deafen the echoes that ring throughout devil infested caves,
quieting all that would fall upon my ears, except for the pitter patter of rain
with a rhythm of two lovers who never knew another body except for each other’s.
Free from expectation, Free from anticipation, Awakening intimate exploration. O muse what is it that urges me to draw blood for you, even as you salt the earth
the ground you walk on tastes so divine, a slave to the desires you instill in me,
and powerless I lay beneath your silken lips that nail me to your bed.
How I long to be free from your caress,
live without your eyes glazing mine,
rest no longer plagued by your teases of fantasy and wish fulfillment,
to finally breath without your head on my chest
your head that lays like a dead man on a broken chair.
O my muse, how I love you more than you’ll ever love me,
O my muse, how I hate you more than I could ever hate myself,
O my muse, how you will one day kill me as I sleep,
awakening to a noose wrapped around my neck,
watching me tumble off a pedestal,
hearing your laugh as my neck snaps,
being set free from your curse.
O muse, I cannot live without you, I cannot find the will to live with you,
I concede.

Jon Snow, is this a proper castle now? Not just a tower?” “It is.” Jon took her hand. “Good,” she whispered. “I wanted t’ see one proper castle, before … before I …” “You’ll see hundred castles. The battle’s done. Maester Aemon will see to you. You’re kissed by fire, remember? Lucky. It will take more than an arrow to kill you. Aemon will draw it out and patch you up, and we’ll get milk of the poppy for the pain.” She just smiled at that. “D’you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave. I told you so.” “We’ll go back to the cave,” he said.” You’re not going to die, Ygritte. You’re not.” “Oh.” Ygritte cupped his cheek with her hand. “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” she sighed, dying.

Almost gave up watching the show entirely, in favor of waiting patiently for Winds of Winter… but frankly, show or books, I can’t help being captivated by these two birds.

Here’s to the Alayne Stone storyline we never got to see televised. *raises a glass of milk of the poppy* –And to making it through season 6, everyone. We’ll likely need it.


“You’ll see a hundred castles,” he promised her. “The battle’s done. Maester Aemon will see to you.” He touched her hair. “You’re kissed by fire, remember? Lucky. It will take more than an arrow to kill you. Aemon will draw it out and patch you up, and we’ll get you some milk of the poppy for the pain.”
She just smiled at that. “D’you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave. I told you so.”
“We’ll go back to the cave,” he said. “You’re not going to die, Ygritte. You’re not.”
“Oh.” Ygritte cupped his cheek with her hand. “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” she sighed, dying.

The Meaning of Horses in ASoIaF

I think horses are given a symbolic meaning in this series.
We can start talking about Drogo,the horse-lord. He has a favourite horse but gives him no name because the Dorthraki don’t do that. The horse is a lean red stallion and when Drogo is so ill,dying, Mirri Maz Duur makes a strange ceremony where the horse’s life is taken to bring Drogo back to life when he’s burning with fever.

 “And now you must save him,” Dany said. “Please.”   “You do not ask a slave,” Mirri replied sharply, “you tell her.” She went to Drogo burning on his mat, and gazed long at his wound. “Ask or tell, it makes no matter. He is beyond a healer’s skills.” The khal’s eyes were closed. She opened one with her fingers. “He has been dulling the hurt with milk of the poppy.”   “Yes,” Dany admitted.   “I made him a poultice of firepod and sting-me-not and bound it in a lambskin.”
 “It burned, he said. He tore it off. The herbwomen made him a new one, wet and soothing.”   “It burned, yes. There is great healing magic in fire, even your hairless men know that.”   “Make him another poultice,” Dany begged. “This time I will make certain he wears it.”   “The time for that is past, my lady,” Mirri said. “All I can do now is ease the dark road before him, so he might ride painless to the night lands. He will be gone by morning.”   Her words were a knife through Dany’s breast .What had she ever done to make the gods so cruel? She had finally found a safe place, had finally tasted love and hope. She was finally going home. And now to lose it all… “No,” she pleaded. “Save him, and I will free you, I swear it. You must know a way… some magic, some…” 

They take the horse’s blood to “save” Drogo from death. It’s a blood sacrifice, life for life, according to her. However , Mirri deceived Dany and she probably took the baby’s life and turned Drogo into a sort of living corpse.

The maegi drew it (the blade) across the stallion’s throat, under the noble head, and the horse screamed and shuddered as the blood poured out of him in a red rush. He would have collapsed, but the men of her khas held him up. “Strength of the mount, go into the rider,” Mirri sang as horse blood swirled into the waters of Drogo’s bath. “Strength of the beast, go into the man.”   

Everything goes wrong and Drogo doesn’t die but is soulless,he feels nothing. Dany also loses her child as if the baby’s life was the one taken in the sacrifice instead of the horse’s.

The horse was like Drogo himself: strong (it takes three men to keep him under control) but lean, powerful, he was reddish and Drogo’s skin was like copper. He was a stallion to represent his rider’s virility. Both of them died more or less at the same time.

In the quote above there is a clear reference to fire as a healing magical force that may have something to do with Sandor’s facial burns. It’s as if he had been baptised by fire when his brother burned him and that gave him a halo of “inmortality”,so to speak. I mean, the god of Light has something in store for him,some sort of mission, or so says Thoros of Myr when they let him go after the trial by combat. Sandor is wounded several times and the last one very seriously, he is on the brink of death but survives. The man marked (kissed in a tragic way) by fire has been spared,perhaps chosen by the gods for some reason.

There is also a strong bond between Sandor and Stranger. Stranger is very much like his owner too. He is mean and fierce but loyal, and he is also nearby when his owner is burning with fever,like Drogo, about to die like Drogo, and in a state beyond a healer’s skills like him. We know that the elder brother treated him and saved him but maybe there was some supernatural power in his capacity to heal. This is suggested in the text. The supernatural didn’t work for Drogo because Mirri MD betrayed Dany to take revenge on the Dorthraki; with Sandor it was different and the elder brother cured him.

What is clear is that these stallions represent the virility of their owners,their indomitable personality and fierceness, but also their sexual drive and capacity to beget children. His stallion dies and soon later Drogo dies too. On the other hand, Stranger is in the QI kicking and biting anyone who tries to geld him and turn him into a work horse. This is a metaphor telling us that Sandor is also alive and kicking,full of sap and life force and will not let anyone geld him or tame him. He may learn to control his outbursts and his anger but his essence will not change.

Other horses in the story are also important,like Dany’s Silver, who makes her so happy and helps her feel free and strong. It’s a female horse,a mare (Drogo’s was a Stallion) with silver hair like Dany’s and may represent freedom and instinct as regards her owner.

We also have Jaime owning two horses, Honour and Glory. These names remind us of what he is seeking now, he is in a quest for glory and for his lost honour. Both Jaime and Ilyn Payne ride geldings at some point, which makes me think they are heading on a journey with no return, a last journey where Jaime will achieve honour and glory but will have no more children and will eventually die.

As I have explained in my meta about him and Sansa, I think ser Ilyn represents death in the story, so he could only ride a gelding,a horse that can’t provide life.

Arya leaves Sandor Clegane dying alone and she flees riding a horse called Craven. Sandor would say it is craven not to give a man the gift of mercy,but she can’t bring herself to kill him. The horse called Craven travelled with a deserter (Sandor) and a girl who couldn’t kill her companion. The name could be hinting at either of them. Sandor also considers himself a coward for standing in his white cloak doing nothing while Sansa was being abused.