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Edible Spell and Witch Bottle for Protection and Nurturing

Remember the potato casserole I told you about? Well, here’s a fun way to turn it into an edible spell, with a bonus spell bottle. And a trick to make the dish tastier. What more can you ask for? I mean, seriously.

You take a clean bottle, or a jar, and in it, you combine:

  • milk
  • sea salt - a teaspoon is enough
  • garlic - a small clove, preferably pressed, but it can be chopped too
  • rosemary - a pinch, or two if dried

Sea salt, rosemary and garlic are all used for protection, rosemary and garlic are also used for health, and there is nothing that can invoke nurturing and growth better than milk.

Then you shut your receptacle tight, give it a little shake, and let it sit in the fridge (no longer than 48 hours though!). For that time, it acts as your protective spell bottle, working from the inside to ward off evil or unhealthy influences.
And then you take it out and use the spice-imbued milk to make gratin dauphinois, which is your edible protection and nurturing spell. Eat it yourself, or share with those you think need some of that.

The one where it was time to move on.

The second addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

When the divorce was finalized, it was everywhere. It was the cover story on every newspaper and magazine. Questions were thrown left and right, but the two of you made sure that the kids were kept out of this. You had majority custody of you’re the kids, not because Harry was a bad father, but since he was the busy one out of the two of you, the kids were at a tender age, and they needed to be taken care of. You were the right choice for now.

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Wow, where have I been? Have you seen this before? I saw this DIY idea in a magazine a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try it. Now every time we go through a half gallon of milk or orange juice, I take apart the carton and create a new dispenser. The screw lid holds the new cardboard top in place so tightly, you can actually use your newly-crafted jar to effectively store and pour liquids!

If you want to save yourself a little trouble, open up the top of the carton before you cut around the spout area, unlike what I show here.

This jar is holding couscous, but it could be a handy flour shaker, a sippy cup, a sugar container, or a honey jar. 

Happy Saturday!

Nutella- Johnny Gaudreau

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I got time at work so I got caught up with my imagines without being last minute! So my Johnny Hockey anon gets his/hers today! Ok so Johnny Hockey man… such a child someone help him. Does he know what a vegetable is now? Anyway! Anon I hope you like this one! Enjoy smut lovers! For everyone else, up next: Sidney Crosby!

Warning: sex, smexy time, smut

Anon Request: Hey! Can I request a Johnny Gaudreau smut? No requested context! I love your writing! one of my favorites!!!


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