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so i always see debates about formula-plot outlines in the writing community and i just have something to say about it. formulaic writing is a-okay with me, but honestly it makes me so dAMN frustrated to see formulaic characters. archetype characters are helpful but please pleASE PLEASE jazz them up. with quirks, habits, odd phobias, ANYTHING! that antihero hardass detective with a drinking problem? he fosters baby kittens and has a weird handshake. the emotionless assassin? really, really, really likes milk for some odd reason and maybe that’s why he kills people, to pay for the milk debt he has garnered from the milk mafia. mean rich girl? she knows martial arts and owns four tarantulas. bad boy street-fighter? he’s terrified, and i mean terrified, of cows. 

moral of the post??? your plot can dumb and boring, but your story can and will have potential if you just make your characters interesting and complex with quirks and mannerisms. also, dairy related products as plot devices can make any storyline sound interesting. 


so I started making an RPG Maker game recently and I decided to keep progress on the the game on this account. 

the game is called Milk Planet and it is about the main character who is a cow traversing to multiple planets to help people with their problems, make friends, and learn more about them self

I hope you guys will like the progress of my stupid game about cows, presents plants and friendship.

If you have been a part of the bookish community for any amount of time, then you have probably seen The Princess Saves Herself In This one on your favorite bookstagrammers feed or in Barnes and Noble sitting on the best sellers shelf right next to Milk and Honey. Amanda Lovelace has been featured on Bustle, PopSugar, and V Magazine for her debut novel, which also won goodreads choice award in 2016.  Since self publishing,  Lovelace has become everyone’s favorite poetess and feminist queen, Which is why I am thrilled to have her on the blog today! I asked Amanda if she would share her top 5 favorite poetry collections with us and the list is incredible! I cant wait to get my hands on these!

Without further adieu, Amanda Lovelace’s favorite poetry collections!

We Carry The Sky by Mckayla Robbin

I couldn’t possibly list my favorite poetry collections without putting this one at the very top. In one of the most empowering collections I’ve read in my lifetime, robbin explores an array of topics, including womanhood, eating disorders, sexual assault, human rights, and self-love. This collection lingers with me always.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur 

There is no poetry collection I own more copies of. Filled with feminist musings and life experiences from the point of view of a Punjabi woman, this book seems equally beloved and controversial. I have no doubt milk and honey will be shelved alongside the classics in the future.

Wild Embers by Nikita Gill

This is a more recent read of mine, but it climbed directly into my heart and made a permanent home there. In her much-anticipated release since Your Soul is a River, Nikita Gill delivered…and then some. Wild Embers explores feminism and rape culture in a way that made me want to set every galaxy aflame.

Magic with Skin On by Morgan Nikola-Wren

There is no other poetry collection like this out there. It’s dark. It’s lyrical. It makes you feel like you’re taking a romantic midnight stroll through the fog. Think The Night Circus, but in poetry form.

The Chaos of Longing by K.Y. Robinson

In my humble opinion, this collection doesn’t get enough hype. Told in beautiful and accessible verse, Robinson writes on desire, mental illness, and survival. There is a poem in here for anyone who knows what it is to ache in every way imaginable.

These sound amazing! Will you be picking any of them up?

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t read any of Amanda’s work, I will leave links below!

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I want chocolate milk, but that involves getting up, quietly going into the kitchen, quietly grabbing a cup from the cabinet, quietly opening the fridge to get the milk and chocolate syrup, quietly stirring the chocolate into the milk once it’s mixed, quietly putting the milk and chocolate syrup away, quietly closing the fridge door, quietly putting the spoon in the sink, and quietly walking back to the living room so I don’t wake my parents up. 🙄😩

milk & honey | salt

day two for the @bisexualreginamillsweek; regina comes out. 
i set this into the bandit!regina universe, i hope you don’t mind. it features some outlaw bandit and… well; i‘ve always loved when regina told ariel “whatever eric’s into these days”, cuz regina doesn’t judge. 


darling it’s better
down where it’s wetter
take it from me 


She knows Robin is following her – she’s told him not to, that this is a one-woman job, but… he worries. Despite her best efforts to push him away, to protect him from the Queen, he worries, he cares, and they saved each other multiple times. Still, as she pads on slippery rocks on her way to the cavern, she doesn’t turn, but her heart knows he’s there.

The Sea Witch is told to be beautiful, unmerciful, and most importantly… not home. If the tales she’s heard in the tavern are true, the sailors know their legends, and today her cavern is unguarded. The perfect occasion for her to steal the Heart of the Ocean, the gem that pirate wants in exchange for a safe passage away.

(She tries to ignore, pushing the thought in a corner, that Robin doesn’t want her to succeed, this time. Because there may be something more than camaraderie, in the way he tries to guard over her.)

The cavern smells of salt. Regina leaves her boots on solid rock before lowering herself into the water, barefoot, a deep breath and she goes down, down inside a crack between submerged pillars, praying her oxygen will last enough for her to gain another breath. She swims, ignoring the ache in her lungs, until something viscid has enveloped around her waist and she’s being pulled up, her hands fighting against humid flaccid skin.

“Well, well,” a sweet voice says. “Who do we have here? A little thief?”

She manages to brush water away from her eyes, coughing and spluttering.

The Sea Witch is indeed beautiful, smiling softly, and undoubtedly pissed. She twirls the tentacle holding Regina, and leaves her to fall on dry land. Regina coughs, and coughs, spits water and presses a hand on her chest. Goddamn.

The witch kneels at her side, takes her chin between her fingers. “What on earth,” she asks, “possessed you, when you thought you’d be welcome here, Regina?”

“Ursula,” she sighs, and does what she does best, she lies. “I… I wanted to see you, to…”

“To apologize?” Ursula laughs. “Too late. But I missed you, I have to admit,” she smiles, a glint in her eyes. “Your umpteenth failed robbery, I see, Regina. You’re delusional, if you think I’ll let you walk away like this. However…” she leans on, “there’s no reason for you to swim back home so soon, darling.”


She’s sliding up her boots when he joins her, just outside the cavern.

“Regina? How did it go?”

She doesn’t look at him, but takes her satchel from the ground, starts to walk towards her horse. “I… I failed. I don’t want to talk about it.”

He walks with her, she notices his own horse next to hers. Delightful, they’ll be riding together. So he’ll have time to push her for the truth. He places a hand on her arm, gently, to stop her.

“Regina, what has she done to you?”

She sees something of rage in his eyes, and shakes her head – she doesn’t care for him, but, if he goes back and faces Ursula, he…

“Nothing, Robin. I’m fine, I swear, she… didn’t hurt me.” And how could she, her old friend, how could she hurt her, after the way they have kissed, the way they have…

“What… what is this?” he questions, his hand sliding up to her neck. He brushes a gloved thumb on her still damp skin, probably red of other lips. “You… oh gods, Regina, did you and the witch…”

She blushes, shame going up to redden her cheeks, because how dare he, how dare he force her to admit this – she could have all the signs and marks on her body and still he wouldn’t have a right to this. “It’s none of your business,” she snarls – angry with him, with Ursula, with herself. “I… yes, we did, alright? She’s my friend!” Regina exclaims, meeting his eyes in a furious haze. “Now go! Go to the Queen and tell her, you jerk, tell her one more thing she has to add to my posters, Murder, Treason, Treachery, and Perversion! Go to hell, and leave me alone, Robin!”

Fat angry tears have escaped her eyes, now, she turns her back to him, the shame she feels threatening to devour her, the blissful and loving moments she’s spent with her friend starting to slip away.

“Regina…” she hears him sigh, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have.”

She doesn’t answers, but furiously wipes away her tears, feeling tired, sad, and rejected.

“You know, I…” he takes a breath, hesitant. “I loved a man, once. And I felt… like I was somehow wrong. But… it’s more common than you think, milady. Don’t deprecate yourself for it.”

To that, she turns, meets his eyes, but she only sees the usual, sincere blue. Her hand reaches out for his. “I can also love men, you know,” she whispers. “And… I’m not in love with her… not anymore, anyway. I’m… I think I’m in love with someone else.”

She could just drown in his smile, after her words.

“You are?”