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Survival of the Fittest

Even in a post-apocalyptic world, the FW15 Sons of William collection is a must-have. Combat boots, bullet-proof vests, and waterproof hoodies put function and fashion on equal planes. Every item serves a serious purpose, including heavy duty hats and a backpack with solar power capabilities. 

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(Photo by Mitchell McLennan)

Acid Nursery Rhyme

True to his crazy classic style, Jeremy Scott’s FW15 collection featured busy prints, bright colors, and outrageous hair and makeup. Plastic-coated dresses, neon tights, and Rugrats-esque printed fabrics stomped down the runway to the sounds of Sophie’s “Lemonade”. Kanye West, A$AP Ferg, Anthony Kieidis, Tim Blanks, and Bill Cunningham flanked the front row for the cartoon-inspired, acid-fueled show.

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(Photo by Andrew Boyle)

Masculin Féminin

Marissa Webb meant business with her FW15 collection. After the show today, we spoke about the ideas behind her looks that will best suit the next generation of CEO’s. See what she had to say and check out our exclusive photos from the show.

(Photot by Koury Angelo)


Baja East transported us back to the 90’s with live performances of Alanis Morisette and Blind Melon to accompany their runway. Their looks captured a Bohemian vibe that could fit comfortably in any beach dweller’s closet. See more from their FW15 collection- best described as mystical ocean-meets-desert paradise- on Milk Made

(Photo by Koury Angelo)