milk couple

Keith and Lance Argue About Chocolate
  • Lance: White chocolate is obviously the superior chocolate!
  • Keith: Oh please! Dark chocolate is clearly better!
  • Lance: Dark chocolate is bitter!
  • Keith: That's what makes it so perfect! It's like a delicious metaphor for life in your mouth-!
  • Lance: I don't want to be thinking about life metaphors while I'm eating chocolate! I'm eating chocolate to forget about life! White chocolate is pure, angelic, and holy!
  • Keith: Yeah, well, dark chocolate is the healthiest type of chocolate.
  • Lance: Nothing nutritious is delicious.
  • Shiro: *pops his head into the room* Actually, I think milk chocolate is the bes-
  • Keith and Lance: Shiro, shut the fuck up!

I’ve been noticing an absurd amount of sexualized commercials, that don’t even make sense… like an ad about contact lenses and the girl is speaking in a super sensual voice and saying something like “wow, I thought my first time was going to be super painful hahaha” or another one that sells condensed milk and there’s a couple (hetero couple btw) that are almost fucking in the kitchen but they are actually baking a cake?????? or that other commercial about a kitchen degreaser with a woman moaning bc the man is cleaning………… so how is this not the “het agenda” or how are parents not freaking out and asking how are they going to explain this to their kids (like if kids were stupid or something) or how is not this disgusting and uncalled for?