milk and socks

Cherry Blossom

Hi guys! This imagine was inspired by the
sweetest lullaby I’ve ever heard! (Please do yourself a favor and listen to cherry blossom by Lana Del Rey) This imagine basically takes the reader on a cute tour through their relationship with Tom, if that makes any sense? I hope you like it and I’ll have another story up soon!💗
Cherry Blossom
“What you don’t tell no one,
You can tell me.”
Tom was curled around her, his body protectively obscuring her from the window’s light. Her back was to him so Tom couldn’t see her crying, but he could feel her tiny frame rattle against his chest and hear her sharp intakes of air.
When he’d come home from work to her apartment, he had called out for her, spreading his arms out to welcome her into them, but she never came down the stairs. She didn’t even answer him.
Growing confused, and a little paranoid, he continued calling for her as he walked down the hallway and into her bedroom. When he opened the door, all he could see was top of her head hidden beneath blankets that quaked from the ferocity of her tears. Tom could hear her little sobs and immediately began to demand an explanation.
“Darling, darling,” He knelt on the floor beside her, “What’s going on? Are you hurt? Did someone hurt you? What’s happened?”
She shook her head and opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t find the willpower to speak. She tossed onto her side and more tears leaked onto her pillow.
Tom quickly crossed over to the other side of the bed, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s the matter. Please darling, what’s wrong?”
“Can you just tuck me in and cuddle?” She asked, finally mustering up the strength to talk. “I’ll tell you in a bit, I just,” and she dissolved into sniffles and tears once more.
Following her directions, Tom pushed his way through the ocean of blankets engulfing her bed and pulled her into his chest. Reaching down, he tangled his limbs with hers and swaddled them both. Stroking her hair and kissing her temple, Tom waited for her to let him in.
After a while, Tom wasn’t sure how long because he didn’t dare check his phone, her crying stopped and she fell asleep. His mind was swamped with everything awful that she could’ve encountered during his absence, and he glanced over her body for any signs of physical damage, but was unable to spot any.
It was still dark when she awoke and rolled over to blink her eyes sleepily at Tom. “What happened?” Tom questioned her again, “Please tell me now so I can help.”
She hesitated and rolled away from him. “It’s so embarrassing Tom, you’re going to think that I’m so dumb.” She whined, pulling the duvet completely over her head.
Letting out an agitated sigh, Tom too yanked the blankets over his head and searched for her body in the sea of fuzzy, too warm blankets. Locating her waist, he turned her onto her side and held her in place with a firm arm around her waist.
“I’ve never told anyone before.” She whispered.
“You can tell me.” Tom assured her, gently pushing her hair away from her eyes.
Little ghost tall, tan
Like milk and honey
When she’d come home from her final class of the day, she had found Tom snoozing on her sofa with his shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest and soft snores drifting past his lips. She crept silently into the kitchen, setting her things down as carefully as she could.
She knew that Tom barely had time off, and the last thing that she’d ever want to do was disturb him. Slipping her boots off, she hastily prepared a cup of tea and left it on the kitchen counter to cool while she changed her clothes. Humming as she walked down the hall, she wondered what the pair would do for dinner.
Tom woke up to the familiar melody of her voice bouncing off of the walls. When he opened his eyes, she was more than halfway down the hall, tossing her sweater into the bedroom they shared whenever he was in town.
His stomach rumbled and Tom made his way into the kitchen to fix them both a snack. Tom quickly took notice of her tea, sitting unguarded on the counter and took a sip. Dissatisfied with the flavor, Tom hustled back into the fridge to add something more.
She was wonderful at many things, fixing tea, however, was not one of them. She’d just toss the tea bag into water and leave it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and complain about how much better he was at making her tea.
Tom bustled about, adding almond milk and sugar, and didn’t notice that she had reentered the kitchen. She hadn’t noticed that Tom had moved from his position, sprawled across her couch, either.
Her eyes were on her phone as she looked up restaurants nearby that delivered, so she hadn’t seen Tom back away from the fridge, and Tom’s eyes were fixed on unscrewing the milk’s top, so he hadn’t seen her make her way over to the fridge. When the pair collided, she screamed in surprise and Tom’s clumsily allowed the milk to slip from his hands and spill across the floor.
“Jeez, Tom! You scared me!” She breathed, clutching her chest, and trying not to ogle his nearly shirtless chest.
“Me?” Tom asked, incredulously, “You’re like a little ghost creeping through the house! I didn’t even hear you come home!”
Giving into her temptation, her eyes wandered over Tom’s exposed, tan skin. “You know, I live in L.A. and you’re still tanner than me, why is that?”
Snorting, Tom replied, “Because you don’t leave the house unless you need another book to read. If you came to the beach with me, maybe you’d get a little sun!” He leaned over her to kiss her mouth, “I’m happy you’re home.”
Smiling into their kiss, she curled an arm around Tom’s neck and attempted to move closer to him, forgetting the spilled milk.
Her socks slide through the mess on the floor, and Tom did his best to catch her, but still, they both fell to the floor, tangled together, with her back awkwardly pressed against the carton of milk.
“Whoops?” She offered, as Tom laughed.
You’re very brave
And you’re very free
She watched Tom on stage, smiling, laughing and answering questions, completely at ease in front of hundreds of people. He was just so happy. Tom was living his dream and she felt so lucky to be with him that her heart was swollen.
She could barely believe that he was still himself, so goofy and relaxed, in front of so many people. Shaking her head, she laughed softly to herself. What a pair they were, him being a total extrovert, while she could barely speak to ten people at once without feeling overwhelmed.
Tom caught her eye from his spot on stage and winked at her. Rolling her eyes, she pressed her fingers to her lips and blew him a kiss.
Cocking his head to the side, Tom mouthed a quick “ I love you,” before returning his attention to the fans.
So swing it high -
Cherry blossom
On your sycamore tree
Tom tossed in her twin-sized bed while she touched up her mascara before they went for breakfast. “You’re bed is so small,” He grumbled.
Not even turning to look at him, she fished through her makeup table to locate her favorite lip gloss. “Oh shush, it’s not like I knew that I’d have you.”
Neither one of them had been ready for each other when they first met. Tom was busy preparing for his biggest role yet, while she was entirely focused on her education. They’d bumped into each other in Barnes and Noble, while they reached for the same author of two different books.
Tom, being ever so social, laughed and asked her if she’d ever read Philip Roth before, while blush stained her cheeks and her voice shook when she realized that Peter Parker was talking to her.
When she affirmed that she had, Tom told her that this was his first try. She eyed the book in his hands and laughed out loud when she saw that it was ‘Portnoy’s Complaint.’ “You’ve never read Philip Roth before and you’re going to start out with a book about excessive masturbation?” She teased him, unable to stifle her giggles.
Now, it was Tom’s turn to blush. Shoving the book back onto the shelf, he confessed, “Wow, I did not know that that’s what the book was about. I just thought you were pretty and wanted something to talk to you about.”
The girl’s blush returned.
“But now,” Tom said, leaning up against the shelves, “I must ask why you seem so familiar with a book about excessive masturbation?”
Ever since that day, she and Tom had become inseparable and a framed copy of ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ hung in her house.
“Well, since you know that I’m here now, I want to always be here.” Tom said, curling his arms up and behind his head as he leaned onto her pillows.
“What are you saying?” She asked, pausing all of her movements.
“Let’s move in together. I want to always be with you.” Tom said.
“Tom?” She turned to him, unsure of what to say. “What are you thinking?”
“That you should wear the lipgloss that makes you taste sweet as a cherry and that we should find a place together.” He got up from the bed and crossed the room to her. Kneeling besides her chair, he said, “I know it’s kind of crazy right now, but nowhere I go feels like home without you there. Whatever you want to do is fine, you don’t have to move in with me if you think we’re going too fast. I mean that.”
Taking his face between her palms, she kissed him slowly. “Okay, but I want a cherry blossom tree for good luck.”

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