milk and panda

min yoongi probably.....
  • Seokjin: aw man we ran out of milk what am I supposed to do about my cereal
  • Yoongi: just eat it as is milk is gross
  • Seokjin: i want a divorce effective immediately
  • Yoongi: we aren't even married
  • Seokjin: we will get married just so i can divorce you for badmouthing milk like this
  • Yoongi: fine, but i'm taking the television
Word of the Week: Milchgesicht

Do people tell you that you have a baby face? In Germany, you would be described as having a Milchgesicht!

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The term Milchgesicht means “milk face”. And trust us - if someone calls you that, take it as a compliment! Having a Milchgesicht means you have a baby face. You are a fountain of youth - a person that looks younger than they are.

Unless you are underage and trying to make adult purchases, having a Milchgesicht is a good thing. Because after all, who wants to look older than they are?

Like a baby still dependent on milk, a person with a Milchgesicht has that look of youth and innocence. For those with a Milchgesicht, consider yourself blessed!

After giving birth to Panda Bob, P. Bob’s mother was left “down” and unable to stand at a small family farm that refused to provide her with the medical treatment she needed and deserved. 

Local animal control came to confiscate Panda Bob from the negligent farm, first giving him some milk. 

At the sight of Panda Bob receiving care and compassion from humans, his mother stopped crying out and struggling, dying shortly after. 

Panda Bob has only known respect from humans since then.

My mom just dropped something on the floor and said “dang I’ve been such a klutz lately” and without hesitation my brother jokingly replied “don’t worry mom it just comes with age”

not even a minute later said brother dropped a whole carton of milk on the floor


When you try to put words to the question ‘What exactly is Wakfu?’ and all you can think of as your brain flatlines is to throw this video in their faces as an answer.

I know there is much more to it than showing a music video with no context. Heck, even the actual trailers ( and ) to the series have no explanation of what exactly the story is, where Wakfu came from and how it came to be.

It goes way back to the creation of Dofus back in 2003, a MMO created by french company Ankama which received a sequel MMO (Wakfu) and several X-box games (Les Gardiens and Islands of Wakfu).
Along the line, the Flash created TV series Wakfu aired in 2008 which ran for over 50 episodes spread over two seasons, together with a few TV specials. Along with several mangas, comics, card game and a miniature game, the Dofus/Wakfu series, be it game or cartoon wasn’t able to go fully international because of finances. Most of the episodes and comics have been translated by willing fans, but thanks to a Kickstarter event by Ankama, English dubbing for the first two seasons of Wakfu will now be a reality together with an international release of the upcoming Dofus movie.

So what exactly is Wakfu the TV series?
The story follows Yugo, a young boy of mysterious origins who one day finds out he has special powers no one else has witnessed before. With the awakening of his powers, he sets out upon a quest to find out about his people and unravel the mysteries behind his origins. He is joined by his pet tofu (a yellow pudgy bird) Az, the Enutrof Ruel who is an old friend of Yugo’s adoptive father and the Iop named Sir Sadlygrove Percedal (original name Tristepin Percedal) who claims to be a knight and a Shushu guardian. The Shushu he is sworn to keep is called Rubilax, a level 4 demon which is stuck within a sword. Along the way, the princess of the Sadida kingdom Amalia Sheran Sharm and her bodyguard Evangeline, a Cra, join the quest to help Yugo find his true family.

During the quest which leads to all sorts of places but has the end goal of Sadida in hindsight, the heroes aid others while exploring dungeons, forests, cities, islands and dungeons. They grow together and we also learn more about each of them, what their motives and personal problems are. Yugo, though twelve years old, has to face many dangers and situations where a normal child wouldn’t be able to cope. He is quite mature for his age but is still a child at heart and is eager to help and learn. It is thanks to his helpful and selfless nature that he unknowingly turns the world into a better place.

As the quest goes on, the group which dubbed themselves the Brotherhood of Tofu begin to find answers, but also hints of a dark plot which seems to be intertwined with Yugo’s fate.
A Xelor going by the name of Nox (Noximilien Coxen) had come into the possession of a strange device called the Eliacube and believes it will be the answer to his own little quest; to travel back in time and undo the wrongs he had done and were done to him. But to make the Eliacube work and allow Nox to travel 200 years back into time, he needs a large amount of Wakfu (the world’s life force) and he won’t let anyone stop him from getting it. With his eyes set on using dragons and the Tree of Life located in Sadida, Nox trails the Brotherhood with little Wakfu-powered drones while also searching elsewhere for other Wakfu sources to make his goal a reality.

With the finding of the dragons Grougaloragran and Adamai, Yugo gets several steps closer learning more about his people but never close enough. One thing becomes certain however; the Eliacube Nox possesses is part of Yugo’s heritage and to save the world he has to get it back and stop Nox from undoing the present as everyone knows it.

And that is just season one! Season two is cut from a whole different block.

The races in the TV series are taken from the game. If you haven’t played the game or haven’t played them enough (like me), here is a quick easy description of the races/classes which will pass by while watching the show.

  • Eliatrope: an ancient race which laid down the foundation of the World of Twelve. They are responsible for the creation of zaaps (portals) which people still use to travel. Not many know why exactly the Eliatropes have disappeared or that they even existed. (Eliatrope reads e portaile backwards which stands for portal child in French.)
  • Enutrofe: Greedy treasure hunters, diggers and miners. This race will not leave a store with less kamas (coins) than that they entered with, but instead leave with almost twice as much. Everything needs to be either free or very cheap. Their trademark weapon is a shovel. (Enutrofe reads Fortune backwards.)
  • Iop: Brainless close-combat warriors who are brave but stupid. They can and will not turn down a fight or a challenge. Fighting is the answer to almost every question. Iop is often used as a nickname/insult towards people who aren’t all that bright.
  • Sadida: One could call them the druids or shamans of the world. These plant lovers use voodoo dolls and nature itself as their weapons. The males’ faces are covered in grass/weeds. (Sadida reads Adidas backwards which fits with the title Sadida’s Shoe in the game.)
  • Cra: The elves of the World of Twelve. Master archers and trackers with the most luscious pale blond locks in existence. ( Cra reads Arc backwards, which means 'bow’ in French.) 
  • Xelor: Better known as time mages. Xelor are able to control time and use it at their disposal. Cogs, clocks, bandages and masks are their forte. (Xelor reads Rolex backwards, the watch brand.)
  • Sacrier: Tattooed sadism at its best. Sacriers use their own blood for combat and regeneration. Pain is their twisted virtue and joy. (Sacrier is taken from the word Sacrifice.)
  • Pandawa: Always drunk on bamboo-milk but these panda-like creatures are happy drunks most of the time, lithe and quick in battle as well practiced monks.
  • Ecaflip: Feline gamblers with the best strokes of luck. You are bound to lose a bet against them. (Reads 'Pile ou Face’ backwards which is French for 'Heads or Tails’)
  • Osamodas: The animal-lovers of the World of Twelve. PETA has nothing on them. Dragon lovers to the core, on par with Indiana Jones when it comes to whips and are able to summon animals to come to their aid. (Osamodas reads Sado-Maso backwards, a name for people who enjoy using whips.)
  • Sram: Stealthy sneaky little buggers with an infinity for death and its skeletal ornaments.They are shadow huggers for sure. (Sram reads Mars backwards, apparently an inside joke at Ankama based upon the chocolate bar.)
  • Feca: Creators of shields and quite intelligent.
  • Rogues: Gun blazing and bomb throwing bandits with class.

I hope that gave everyone a little something. My advice is to check Wakfu out and give it a shot; you might just like it. What ever you decide on, I wish you loads of fun. I’ll be heading back to the drawing board.