milk and honey shoes

If animals are simply resources here for our own pleasure, why do people always say they want slaughter to be, “more humane”? 

If it’s natural and normal for us to eat and use animals, why are people outraged at the idea of eating cats or dogs, or wearing fur?

It’s because you’re holding on to two conflicting beliefs: that killing and using animals is morally neutral, and that it is not. Anything that highlights this inconsistency in your beliefs makes you uncomfortable, and that’s cognitive dissonance. You use animal-tested shampoo in the bathroom and play with your cat in the living room. You wear leather shoes and complain about how terrible it is to buy real fur. You condemn the slaughter of dolphins in Japan and of dogs in Korea, whilst buying cow and fish flesh at the supermarket.

There’s only one way to remove this cognitive dissonance permanently, and that is to accept that the killing and exploitation of animals is not acceptable. Stop consuming the carcasses of dead animals. Stop using eggs, milk, and honey. Stop buying leather shoes and silk clothing. Stop supporting dog and horse races, puppy farms, pet shops, zoos, and aquariums. Fight for animals now the way you’ve always felt you should, but neglected to do because of social norms.

You can make a difference.

Obsessed With Milk & Honey Shoes.

Have you ever been at your wit’s end because you can’t find those perfect pair of stilettos? Fret no more my fashion lovelies!

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Yay! I think I can safely say that us shoe addicts have finally found a safe haven!