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RULES: answer 30 questions and then tag blogs you would like to know better

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1. Nicknames: I used to get called C-top by a friend after I had surgery on my head because he’d joked that they were turning me into a robot. I also used to get called Carra a lot but I don’t really get nicknames anymore
2. Gender: Female
3. Star Sign: Pisces
4. Height: 5'3"
5. Time: 4:13pm
6. Birthday: March 12th
7. Favourite bands: The Beatles, The Stone Roses, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Smiths, The Cure, Blur, Sundara Karma, The Jam, The Clash
8. Favourite solo artists: Probably Billy Bragg or Annie Lennox
9. Song stuck in my head: 24 Hours From Tulsa by Gene Pitney
10. Last movie watched: The last one I watched fully was Office Space because I fell asleep during my second viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 the other night.
11. Last show watched: The Strain
12. When did I create my blog: February 2014
13. What do i post: Anything that I feel like posting. Could be anything related to tv, movies, music, aesthetics, fashion or humour. 
14. Last thing i googled: Restaurants in Edinburgh
15. Do you have other blogs: I do not
16. Do you get asks: sometimes? Sometimes, not often
17. Why did you choose your url: I was in the process of changing my name when Damon Albarn of Blur was releasing him solo album Everyday Robots, one of the songs I liked from that album is called Heavy Seas Of Love. So I took it from that but I think I should change it.
18. Following: I do not know
19. Followers: 842
20. Favourite colours: Light blue, pastel green, pastel pink and yellow
21. Average hours of sleep: 6 when I have to be up for uni, 8/9 when i’m off
22. Lucky number: I’ve never really thought about it
23. Instruments: I cn not play instruments
24. What am i wearing: Leggings and an old Ramones t-shirt
25. How many blankets i sleep with: One
26. Dream job: I really do not know, right now I want anything I can get
27. Dream trip: It was Edinburgh but I visited 4 weeks ago so now maybe Paris so I can go to the art gallery’s there.
28. Favourite food: Parmo (chicken parmesan from Middlesbrough, England)
29. Nationality: 
30. Favourite song now: I have 5 that I have been playing constantly-

  • Poison Ivy by Bleached
    Waterfall by The Stone Roses
    Can’t Seem To Make You Mine by The Seeds
    Beautiful Ones by Suede
    Sheriff Fatman by Carter USM (Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine)

I don’t think I’ve answered one of these before so I will tag: @steve-rogers-best-girl, @luddlebubble, @basicbijj, @whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh, @purpleandpinkhouses, @criminallysupernatural, @kuurihn

RULES: answer 30 questions and then tag blogs you would like to know better. I was tagged by @the-heavy-seas

1. Nicknames: Guime, Liz, Lizzy (though not as much anymore). I had more in high school both those two are the most common.
2. Gender: Male
3. Star Sign: Virgo
4. Height: 5'3"
5. Time: 12:02 pm
6. Birthday: August 28 (which is in like a little over a week from now)
7. Favourite bands: Bowling for Soup
8. Favourite solo artists: Ruth B, Kesha
9. Song stuck in my head: A Really Cool Dance Song by Bowling for Soup
10. Last movie watched: Wonder Woman (I think)
11. Last show watched: Heroes
12. When did I create my blog: 2013
13. What do i post: fandom stuff, political stuff when relevant,
14. Last thing i googled: brickell plaza parking
15. Do you have other blogs: yeah. I have @boi-not-today because I’m saying the url and @gmcorderooffical which is my “official” blog.
16. Do you get asks: Yes. I get them semi-often.
17. Why did you choose your url: “Cause I’m stubborn as fuck and I like questioning what people are going to do about it
18. Following: 236
19. Followers: 336
20. Favourite colours: emerald green, blue, and black
21. Average hours of sleep: like 6-7
22. Lucky number: don’t really have one
23. Instruments: i started playing instruments and the one I liked the most, and should start playing but it’s expensive to buy, and probably played the most is the cello
24. What am i wearing: booty shorts and a blood donor t-shirt
25. How many blankets i sleep with: One
26. Dream job: I would either want to be in law enforcement or be the CEO of my own start-up Indie Film company
27. Dream trip: DC. There’s something intriguing about going to the center of politics
28. Favourite food: I don’t have one
29. Nationality: I’m Chilean-American. Dual citizenship bitch
30. Favourite song now: a really cool dance song by Bowling for Soup and When We Die by Bowling for Soup

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Things have been crazy lately so I just wanted to take a moment and remind you to love yourself because you are important!  No matter who you are or where you come from! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

I decided to make a step by step “How-to Jenny’s Witchy Brew” for Self Love ~ Rose Soy Milk Tea <3

Things you will need:

-Rose Tea: I get mine at 99 Ranch Market but it’s essentially just dried rose hips so if you have rose hips that you can dry out, that will work too! You will want to use 6-8 rose buds, the more you add the stronger the flavor!

-Organic Soy Milk: This can be regular milk or almond milk, I prefer unsweetened organic soy milk. If you decide to use soy make sure it’s organic! Brands such as ‘Silk’ isn’t good, even if they claim it’s organic, for some reason it burns and wont cook right. It’s gotta be the real deal! For this recipe you only need 1 cup.

-Honey: Any kind of organic honey will do, if you have herbal honey that’s even better for adding more florals to your tea! I usually add about 2-3 teaspoons, but feel free to add to taste!

-Cinnamon & Nutmeg: This is optional! I like to add just a pinch of both spices to add a little kick to my tea. If you don’t care for spice try ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract instead!

-Sugar: This is also optional, I like my tea to be a little on the sweet side & since we are using organic unsweetened soy milk it helps to really sweeten it up! I only use barely a ½ teaspoon,  but just add to taste!

-Small Pot

-Mesh Strainer: For removing the flowers once it’s cooked.

-Your Favorite Mug! Mine is a black mug with my astrological sign gold leafed into it!

Before starting, take a moment to close your eyes, clear your mind, breathe deeply through your nose and slowly release through your mouth (do this a few times). Visualize letting go of any negativity or weight you may be carrying on your shoulders…now…


1- Pour soy milk into pot, turn heat on low

2- Add rose tea, gently crumble a couple of the buds

3- Add cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar

4- Add desired amount of honey; while you slowly drizzle it in feel free to draw symbols with it such as hearts or infinity symbols- whatever you feel is right for helping to instill your manifestations of self love into your tea!

5- Stir your brew clockwise! While slowly stirring visualize the self love that this tea will bring you & say some positive affirmations about yourself such as:

“I love the person I am, I am strong & caring, I am creative, I am beautiful inside and out…” say whatever best suits your needs for self love and take a moment to appreciate the wonderful person you are! <3

6- Let your tea brew for approximately 10 minutes on low stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. DON’T LET IT BOIL! You want to create an infusion of the flowers which means a longer slower heating process. Boiling will mean scorching the flowers and milk!

7- You’ll notice the rose buds will begin to loose their color, remove your brew from the heat to let it cool and allow the tea to steep for about 3 minutes.

8- Remove roses with mesh strainer and compost.

As you drink, visualize your tea as a pink white healing light of love and remember your affirmations taking deep breaths in-between each sip! <3

I hope you all enjoyed this & that your tea was delicious & full of positive energy! Feel free to try making this with other flowers which have different properties such as: lavender & chamomile for happiness and relaxation!

Much Love <3

🌟 Simple / “Beginner” Spells 🌟

though i do not myself believe in the concept of a “beginner” spell, a lot of new witches often ask me what i recommend for them to start with. here’s some of the simpler lot, that should be easier to perform.

🌟 simple glamours:

🌟 simple relationship spells:

🌟 simple self care spells:

🌟 simple curses / hexes:

🌟 simple miscellaneous spells:

does this count for pride month

spells for a full moon 🌙

🌙 charging/cleansing crystals and items:

  • fire writing spell - written spell charged with flame
  • fire element bath -  a bath spell that uses the element and correspondences of fire to heal and cleanse oneself emotionally

🌙 healing spells:

🌙 love magic:

🌙 banishing:

🌙 clarity: