My Hucow Journey

It’s day 6 for me. It’s been almost one week since I’ve started and I am dropping drop lets . I feel incredibly good.

Day:6 I start off waking up at 4 in the a.m. Because my udders wanna be pumped. I get on all fours hanging them. Bit . Swelling I hook then to my new electric pump. They just love it!

I bought a nursing bra yesterday and I began wearing it . It’s an ugly one to the world, but to me it reminds me -“ you are for milk. Your milk makes you cute not the bra. ” Which I like a lot because I wanna make milk. It also makes u breast sage in shirts making people wonder why my udders are low. I reply with, “ I’m nursing.” And they look at me thinking “Awe that poor girl.” Which I love.

I love Banding my udders to swell as well . Makes them feel more like udders and more like a cow with a milk bag. I long to get wet stains on my shirt to.

My teats are stretching longer and my breast drop when I take them out of the bra. I found that if I wear this bra, to sleep , work etc, n when I open it my udders know milking time. When I close it , they know to swell. Loving this. I know my milk will be in soon. And I can’t wait. I find myself rubbing my clit while pumping . Humping pillows, ect like I’m crazy. I can’t control myself when I’m horny and being milked . I moo in the car, while udders are seen by passing cars. And I get soaked. My days are short in this journey , but I am a hucow. Milk me.

Cow belle- moo 🐄

Lactose free dairy milk makes me so fucking mad. You aren’t supposed to consume dairy milk if your not a calf especially if your not a baby. Why can’t you just drink plant based milks? Your body has told you that you shouldn’t consume dairy. Take that as a godamn sign and drink something natural rather than continuing to fight nature and bend it to your will while continuing to exploit cows and supporting the veal industry.