“If you look at people these days, their shoes are all different, right? It’s hard to find two people with the same pair of shoes. When I was young though everyone wore the same shoes. If you looked while riding the trolley you would see the shoes were all the same. There wasn’t a variety in products at the time. People were so poor that they would dye their military uniforms in order to go out in what seemed like new clothes. In this day and age though where are the people wearing the same clothes? Ah…. North what’s it called…people wear the same clothes from that brand, even now when we live so well.”

“요즘 사람들 보면 신발이 다 다르죠? 같은 신발을 찾기 힘들 거에요. 제가 어렸을 땐 전부 똑같은 신발을 신었어요. 전차를 타서 보면 다 신발이 똑같았어요. 그 땐 제품이 다양하지 않았거든요. 가난해서 군복을 염색해서 새옷 처럼 입고 다니기도 했어요. 이 시대에 똑같은 옷 입은 사람이 어딨습니까? 아, 노스 뭐…그런 거를 똑같이 입죠. 이렇게 잘 살게 됐는데도.”