To the celebrities who want bans on firearms:

How about YOU guys stop promoting the very firearms you claim to hate through your music and movies. How about YOU stop being a hypocrite before you stand in front of a camera and demand that guns be banned. How about YOU guys stop using armed bodyguards to protect yourselves while claiming to not understand why others would want to protect themselves. How about you all stop talking because every time you guys open your mouths about anything outside the celebrity world, it shows us that you guys are actually really dumb. I suppose that is to be expected when half of you guys don’t even have a proper education and some of you used to be drug dealers and gangsters. Why people idolize some of you is beyond me.

Shot off a nice amount of rounds today. Practiced drawing from a holstered position and practiced the triple threat pistol drill by Viking Tactical. The triple threat drill was fun, and my fastest time was 5.51secs on one target (we did not set up three). All in all it was a good training day.
Well it's official New York has turned into a shit hole.

After the Army we ARE NOT returning to that state. This is the bill that passed for that state and some of its highlights are:

  • Weapons must be registered (as if legally obtained weapons aren’t already) to be grandfathered in. All registered owners will be subjected to a review of disqualifiers by the State Police.
  • Bans any magazine that holds more than 7 rounds of ammo. Magazines that hold more than 7 rounds cannot be grandfathered in. Being in the possession of a magazine that hold 8 or more is a misdemeanor charge subjected to a fine as well. 
  • Sellers of ammunition must be registered with the State Police and must run background checks on all purchasers of ammunition. Ammunition sales must be kept in record and accessible to the State electronically. 
  • Under current state law, “assault weapons” are defined by having two “military rifle” features, such as folding stock, muzzle flash suppressor or bayonet mount. The bill will reduce that to one feature, including having a pistol grip. (What the fuck does a pistol grip or stock have anything to do with how the firearm functions?)

We are accepting suggestions to States that actually leave its residents alone. I am thinking either Northern Texas or Montana. What do you guys think?


Here’s to you Glende, you are always in my thoughts. It saddens me greatly that many will never know the sacrifices that are made to give them the lifestyles that they carry. That they will never know nor will they want to know until it is ripped out from under them. Just know that there are still many of us who know that today isn’t about BBQs and beer. Who know the true meaning and appreciate what has been done for us. For all those who have perished in the name of freedom, those who have been permanently injured, and those who continue to serve. I am thinking of you. 


SPC Theodore M Glende KIA Afghanistan July 27, 2012

1st LT Landrum, Brandon J. KIA Afghanistan May 04, 2013

SPC Cardoza, Kevin  KIA Afghanistan May 04, 2013

SPC Prescott, Brandon Joseph  KIA Afghanistan May 04, 2013

SSG Phillips IV, Francis Gene  KIA Afghanistan May 04, 2013

SPC Murach, Thomas Paige  KIA Afghanistan May 04, 2013

SPC Gilbert, William Joseph  KIA Afghanistan May 14, 2013

SPC Daehling, Mitchell Kirk  KIA Afghanistan May 14, 2013

SFC Baker, Jeffrey C.  KIA Afghanistan May 14, 2013

It was a bittersweet feeling when the names of the soldiers were released. Sweet because my husband was not among them. Bitter because five of our guys still died. It seems like there is a black cloud that is following the guys during this deployment, because one month to the date of Zac’s situation, this happens….. RIP. You guys are not forgotten. 

New Year's Resolution
  1. Get a conceal carry permit
  2. Get the remaining firearms we desire
  3. “Finish” our survival bags
  4. When they are “finished” go out for some ruck march type training with them
  5. Get a HAM radio license
  6. Build a survival library on my nook and get some hard copy books
  7. Make some prepper/survivalist/medical friends
  8. Get a few good pictures of all the Gliders together
  9. Check in on my fellow Army wives during this deployment (since my husband was unable to deploy, I should provide support for them)
  10. Go somewhere I have never been before 
Watch on

A video update from Zac :) Look at the progress he has made!!!

My husband has Smallpox and Anthrax

No, it is not a doomsday scenario. 

Yes he is actually infectious right now.

I will not catch it so long as we follow the instructions given to him. 

It is routine that all soldiers going overseas receive these vaccines (though he is on a reserve list because of his surgery it is still a possibility he may go sometime down the road). They are live viruses and thus can be spread to other people.

He is infectious for 30 days and must change his bandage daily in the bathroom with the door closed for 30 minutes to let the wound air out. It is an open wound for smallpox. He must place the bandage in a plastic bag and add bleach to kill the virus before discarding. He must wear long sleeves to bed in order to not infect me. I must avoid physical contact of the site, and he must always wash his hand (more frequently than usual obviously). 

As I think about this, it in a way amazes me that a small outbreak has not occurred (at least to my knowledge).