Well, hello there.

I kind of stopped myself from planning the wedding & let it sit on the back burner while I worked on working & being in school & doing what usually happens.. living. 

We’re coming down on a year til the wedding and, as my luck would have it, Nick will be deploying for 6 months soon. Joy. But, with every negative thing must come a positive thing. My parents agreed to split the bill which takes a load off of my chest since it definitely didn’t fit within my budget range.  

Little by little, you’ll see me post here. I may do a weekly thing, maybe bi-weekly. Whatever will keep me AWAY from Facebook. 

Remember, I am always up for comments & questions! 

Sash xoxo



I find it comforting to know that the people that I follow on tumblr knows what it’s like to not see their s/o for a period of time. Whether it’d be long or short they know that time spent with their s/o is so precious and that at any given time it could all be gone. When “duty calls” is the most bittersweet feeling in the world and it’s like you know it will happen but you are never really prepare for it. I don’t have much people who I can count on to understand what I go through on a day to day base back at where I live, but it’s nice to come online and see that there are faithful girls around the world who do wait patiently for their loved one to return home.



anonymous asked:

hey pal I'm a Gemini who has been in a relationship w/ a cancer for two years and he got drunk and slept with another girl I can tell he regrets it like holy shit but he still did it and on top of that we're long distance cause he's in the militaryso it's really hard :((( any advice?

i mean personally i have zero tolerance for cheating plain and simple so my advice in this kind of situation is always to break up with them bc if cheating is something you’d never do then you deserve someone who would never do that to you either like idc how bad a cheater seems to feel bc they didn’t feel that bad when they were fuckin around with someone else! you do stupid shit when you’re drunk but you don’t forget how you feel about ppl so it’s not a good excuse at all. i’m so sorry this happened to you tho babe you deserve waaaay better!