You don’t know but I’m the girl that drags herself out of bed every morning so that he will be proud of her when he comes home. I’m the girl who lies in bed longing for him to be lying next to me. I’m the girl who sits quietly in class because all I can think about is the next moment that he’ll be in my arms again. You don’t know, but I’m the girl with a million things to say, but none will come out without the thought of him. I’m the girl who checks my phone every five seconds just to make sure I haven’t missed his call. You tell me you know how I feel and that you understand what I’m going through; you have no idea. What you don’t realize is that I understand the true meaning of not only love, but of longing and anticipation. I am one of the girls who will make friends with complete strangers for only they can even begin to understand what I am going through. You don’t understand that I picture his face everywhere I go and that he is with me in everything I do. You tell me that you support the troops; I tell you, I’m in love with one.
—  Unknown
Military Girlfriend's Prayer

Lord, grant me the greatness of heart to see,

The difference in duty and his love for me,

Give me the understanding to know,

That when duty calls, he must go.

Give me a task to do each day,

To fill the time when he is away.

And Lord, when duty is in the field,

Please protect him and be his shield.


You know you're a military spouse when...

1. You most likely spent half of your relationship away from your man (but still not wishing to be with anybody else)

2. PCS, ACU, CQ, MOS, NCO are daily words for you

3. “Always together, never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart” is your motto

4. The vacations can never be planned in advance

5. You meet some of your friends that haven’t seen you for a while,  you’ll be asked if your man “is back

6. You developed amazing skills when it comes to put a week worth groceries, toiletries and goodies into a care package

7. You know how to fill in a postal form using “APO” addresses

8. You have some dog tags in your jewelry box

9. You cry your eyes out watching homecoming videos and pictures

10. Skype, your phone and chats are your best friends

11. You know all of your spouse’s mates by their last name

12. “Roger that

13. You get addressed at as “ma'am”

14. Goodbyes are terrible but you know it’s temporary and look forward to the reunion (and daydream about it 24/7!)

15. Always have your I.D. handy

16. You feel super lucky when you get to celebrate special occasions (anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays…) with your man

17. When your man says he’ll be home at 17, but you know it’s not his fault if he comes back 2+ hours late

18. You could pack your spouse’s rucksack by your own

19. You know what a broom in the front porch means

20. You get excited when his training will last for only a month