“You know how in the military there are often times when there isn’t anything to do. I hated that. I wanted to find some fun in those times. So I made a lot of plans with other military mates. We tried things like who could do a handstand the longest, to copying TV shows where we ran around trying to rip each other’s name tags off. The atmosphere changed a lot after we played around. In the past, there was a lot of injustice and violence, but it all disappeared and we began to have fun. My comrades and I just tried the activities for fun, but it brought on such a good result overall. I always try to live like this. Gotta live a fun life.”

“군대에서 하는 거 없이 마냥 시간을 보낼 때가 많잖아요. 저는 그게 싫었어요. 그 안에서도 재미를 찾고 싶었죠. 그래서 동기들이랑 이런저런 기획을 많이 했어요. 물구나무 오래 서기부터 시작해서 TV 예능처럼 등에 이름표 붙이고 추격전도 하고요. 그렇게 놀다 보니 분위기가 많이 바뀌었어요. 예전에는 부조리도 심했고 구타도 있었는데 다 사라지고 재미있는 분위기로 바뀌게 됐죠. 그냥 동기들끼리 재미있어서 하게 된 건데 자연스럽게 좋은 효과를 내더라고요. 저는 항상 이렇게 살려고 노력해요. 재미있게 살아야죠.”

“I’m in the military. Are you sure you’re okay with interviewing me?”
“Yeah, I don’t mind. Are you on leave now?”
“Yeah, it’s my vacation. I have 50 days left until I’m discharged.”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“I don’t. We broke up. Last year when I became a private first class I was dumped. The reason I was dumped…I don’t know. I don’t think about her a lot or miss her. Any longer…”
“After you discharge what kind of girl would you like to meet?”
“Now I just would like to meet someone who puts me first. A nice girl.” “전 군인인데 인터뷰 나가도 괜찮나요?”
“아 상관없어요. 휴가 나오신거에요?”
“네, 휴가 나왔어요. 전역까지 50일 남았어요.”
“혹시 여자친구 있으세요?”
“없어요. 헤어졌어요. 작년에 일병 될 때 차였어요. 차인 이유는 …. 저도 잘 모르겠어요. 많이 생각나거나 보고 싶지도 않아요. 이제는요..”
“제대해서 어떤 여자 만나고 싶어요?”
“그냥 이젠 저부터 생각해주는 사람 만나고 싶어요. 착한 여자요.”

For those who don’t know, there’s two stages to getting to move overseas for military people. First you get your assignment. That just says “hey, congratulations, we’re sending you to _______ on ____ date!” Typically this comes 8-12 months before you PCS (move to a new station). Our assignment came at the end of January for a May pcs to Germany. The second step is getting official orders, which lets you actually move.

Once you get the assignment you have to accept it (it’s more of an acknowledgement, if you deny it you can’t re-sign so you’re done with the military) then the service member fills out 389 pages of forms and the spouse rushes around like a crazy person trying to get your medical files for the past 5 years. Then to move overseas you need a medical clearance from the EFMP office (exceptional family member program, for people who need extra medical attention like a therapist, ophthalmologist, etc). We got to that step.

From our efmp office the paperwork needed to go to an Air Force base nearby, then to germany for final approval.

The good news is that our paperwork is in germany. The bad news is that they needed more paperwork and apparently no one was going to tell us until my husband emailed to get an updated timeline. The good news is we think we already did that extra paperwork (the $25 stupid form from my stupid therapist saying I’m mentally stable) and the office just missed it, so hopefully we should get a go-ahead from Germany soon.

After we get that, we get our actual orders. With those we can (FINALLY!!!) book the movers and our flights and ship our cars. This is getting close because we hoped to pack out the third week of April and go to visit family for two weeks. It might just work out guys. But don’t tell the military that or they’ll eff it all up.

This was long but I pretty much just use this as a place to tell my sister things that are too long for me to text her.