I am not trying to brag or anything but it takes a special woman to love a military man and not everyone can do it. So when you say things like, “you’re crazy for waiting and thinking it will work” I just smile because I know God didn’t choose you to love one of his soldiers for a reason. 

Why am I writing

Because I want to complain and I think he has heard enough of my whining… So now internet, it is your turn. You get to her my woes and hissy fits. If anyone reading this is ever wondering if you can take dating a military personel, let me as you a couple questions. Are you ok with not being able to follow your own schedual? Because let me tell you something girl. You are on the THEIR clock now. I dont got my own time. I got the USMC time now. There are times when we find out he is leaving in three days for a month of training… Do you know what that means?! I got three days to accept this information, say good bye and fill up those four weeks so that I don’t find myself watching the notebook and eating 4 pounds worth of icecream (this may or may not be a true story). With my marines job, he leaves very often and when he is gone, I have noooo way of talking to him. My second question for you is, can you stay faithful and fair. Let me explain the second one (I am hope the first is a no brainer) Ok, I am going to give you an example. We are having a important, on-going discussion. we disagree on something. USMC says ok you got to go for two weeks. While he is gone, will you be fair and not develop your argument when he is gone? This isnt fair because when he left, yall were on the same page. He comes back and he thinks you are still on the same page and the WHAM you hit him over the head with your stupid opinion…. not fair… You don’t do that to people you care about. Also, being faithful…. very important….

Right now, I am having a hard time because he is about to leave for a longer amount of time. I am torn between really wanting to see him (lives a couple hours from me) and just wanting him to go so he can come back sooner… That sentence probably makes no sense. but whatever! I just realllly hate his job right now….

I’m halfway there to experiencing another moment like this one. Halfway there to being so overwhelmed with happy & excited emotions I burst into tears and shake. Halfway there to being in the arms of my most favorite person. Halfway there until I get to see the love of my life again.

Half. Way. There.