So it Starts with a Drive

Hello my name is Mallory. A while back I met the most amazing man named James. We met once at work and then at college where I helped him find a microwave for his hot pocket. James being the hungry man he is was upset about it not working and me being the spaciously aware one knew exactly where to find another working one. Our beautiful strong relationship starts there. However, where this new adventure starts is with a drive. Yesterday I found out something that greatly moved me. James told me he was being deployed. We are currently engaged and had plans for a beautiful wedding next summer or fall but now he is leaving this winter. It’s a lot to handle when one little piece of news can change so much like when you are going to get married, when’s the next time you get to see the person you love, what are you going to do for work, are you still going to live where you live, and just life in general. This is a scary time with everything that’s going on in the world today. I don’t want him over there right now and I thought we would have more time together before he was deployed. We just got settled in our new little place. None of this matters now though because this whole time he has supported me and now it’s my time to support him. He is a great incredible man and will do very well and I know God will keep him safe. It’s just a lot to hear and handle in the beginning that’s why I thought I’d write it down. This is going to get better and we will become stronger.


blah, don't know why I feel like this.

feel so emotional over absolutely everything. I’m like worrying about deployments that Ive not even been told about yet. Just seeing so much go on in the world, the terrible things that are happening makes me realise how soon a deployment could be. Crying late at night over the feeling that the one you love may never come back. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s worth putting myself through all of this heart break? But it would make no difference whether we were together or not, I’d still worry/cry every night. Such a horrible feeling to try and shake off your shoulders.

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