I've been told you'd like to hear about my Grandmother...

My grandmother got married in 1962, to a young man in the military. For a wedding present, their parents bought them a house in a nice suburb. White picket fence, whole 9 yards. Not long after they moved in, the next door neighbor planted a mullberry tree on the side of his property, near my grandparent’s driveway. Nothing seemed amiss, but if you know Mullberry Trees, you know that sh*t is about to get real.

About 15 years later, the mullberry tree was OBNOXIOUS. The birds would come and eat the berries, and any car parked in the driveway would get sh*t on, and it would stain the cars and ruin paint jobs. My grandmother, upon realizing the culprit, baked a nice apple pie, walked next door, and asked the neighbor if he’d mind trimming back the branches of the tree that hung over her driveway. He told her not to worry, he’d get to it soon. Three days later, my grandmother opened her door to find a half-eaten pie in the plate, crawling with ants, and a note that said “I changed my mind.”

My grandmother threw out the pie, cursing up a storm, and swearing up and down she’d get him to trim that tree or get him back. City ordinance said she could not trim the tree, as the roots were on his property, so the whole tree was his property.

As the years went by, my grandmother repeatedly asked him, ever so nicely, to trim it back. His responses were always along the lines of “No” and “F*ck off.”
Finally, in the mid-90s, my grandmother retired, and received a large bonus from her employer for her 35 years of work. She took the money, and bought the empty lot on the other side of the neighbor, then went to a nursery and bought 16 mullberry trees, planting them along her property line, on both sides of his property. About 3 years ago, he became angry at the damage they were doing to his cars, and cut them all back without permission. My grandmother took him to court, and he was forced to reimburse her for the trees at a markup because they’d had 10 years to grow.


One day when we were just dating he randomly stopped in our conversation and said, “You know I’m going to marry you one day, right?”
I laughed it off thinking ‘how could he say that if we just started dating?’

Time goes by and I just know that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, thinking ‘he was right.’

He asked me to marry him and told me “I’m going to do everything to make you the happiest and give you the wedding of your dreams.”
I giggled. He asked me why I was laughing, and I said “I’ve always dreamt of having fireworks at my wedding, but I know that it’s a far fetched idea and I want you to know that just marrying you will be enough.”

He went on deployment, and I had to do all the wedding planning on my own.
The little bit of time we got to talk he always sounded so guilty for not being able to help, but assured me that he would do as much as possible when he got back and that he wanted everything to be perfect.

On our wedding reception we were dancing in a line to the train song (him and I in the front of the line), when before you know it almost all our guests are in our dancing train, the DJ opens the doors and leads the train outside to two chairs. I started asking him,”Wait what’s going on?”
Then fireworks start to burst in the sky.
“You said you wanted fireworks,” said my husband, “you got them.”

Abel/Stahl C-A Support

Written by  i-want-to-be-manhandled


Stahl: Hyaaa! Ha! Hya-

Abel: Oh, hey. Sir Stahl, is it?

Stahl: Ah! Oh, hi- Whoa… Umm…

Abel: Yes?

Stahl: You… Are you Sir Abel? Abel… the Panther?

Abel: I suppose I was, yes.

Stahl: …

Abel: These days, I am but a shopkeeper. Though back when I was in the army… Huh? Sir Stahl?

Stahl: …

Abel: Oh dear, he fainted…

[Abel and Stahl have reached support rank C.]


Stahl: Ha! Hyaaa!-

Abel: Good afternoon, Sir Stahl.

Stahl: Ah! S-Sir Abel, you… scared me!

Abel: I came to see if you were alright. Last time we met, you fainted, and now, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Stahl: I-I’m fine, it’s just that… how do I put this?

Abel: Hm?

Stahl: You see, when I was little, all I wanted was to be a knight. My father is an apothecary, and my brother now works in his shop. I dreamed only of joining Ylisse’s Shepherds, the successors to the legendary Altean Knights. I read so many stories and accounts of the legendary War of Shadows and the War of Heroes, especially about… well, you. I aspired to your skills with the lance and sword as well as your swiftness and dexterity in battle. My close friend, Sully, and I chose to don red and green armor to honor you and Sir Cain. You’ve been my role model since I was a little boy, so when you first came up and talked to me, I was a bit… overwhelmed, is all. Obviously, I never thought I’d have the chance to meet you, let alone talk to you!

Abel: …O-oh. Okay.

Stahl: …I’m sorry. You must think me strange or weird, since I’m blathering on and on-

Abel: No, it’s not that at all. I just… I’m not worthy of such praise. Prince Marth and Cain make much better idols than I.

Stahl: What?

Abel: It’s… *sigh* Excuse me, I must be going.

Stahl: Sir Abel, wait…! Ah, he’s gone. I hope I didn’t upset him…

[Abel and Stahl have reached support rank B.]


Stahl: S-sir Abel?

Abel: Hm?

Stahl: I, er, wanted to apologize for the other day. I know I must have-

Abel: There is no need to apologize. I was the one in the wrong.

Stahl: N-no, Sir Abel, I-

Abel: Stahl, you said you had heard many legends about me.

Stahl: Yes, sir, I have! Your legendary exploits during the War of Shadows, when you and Sir Cain, the legendary Bull, helped Prince Marth slay Medeus, the Shadow Dragon, and during the War of Heroes, when you again aided him in restoring order to Archanea!

Abel: Yes, but…

Stahl: What is it?

Abel: During the War of Shadows, I fell in love with a Macedonian Whitewing named Est. We retired from the military and were wed after the war’s conclusion.

Stahl: I’ve read about her, too! She sounds lovely.

Abel: She is, truly. We had no intention of fighting during the War of Heroes. We wanted to open a shop together and raise a family… but then, she was captured by Emperor Hardin’s army to blackmail me into fighting for them.

Stahl: That’s horrible.

Abel: He was going to kill her if I didn’t fight with him, and… I couldn’t lose her. A scoundrel named Grieth had captured her before, intending to sell her into slavery, and… she never recovered. It left her with horrible scars, on both her body and her mind. I couldn’t bear for her to endure that again. I couldn’t lose her, but… I had to raise my sword against my former liege to save her.

Stahl: Sir Abel…

Abel: I will never atone for that crime, Sir Stahl. I am not worthy of being idolized.

Stahl: Sir Abel, please don’t say that. Had I been in your position, I… I don’t know what I would have done. Choosing between two things you hold incredibly close to your heart… It isn’t easy. There is no right answer or wrong answer in a situation like that, merely two different options. Keep your wife safe or keep your honor as a former knight. You chose to keep your wife safe, which is honorable in its own right.

Abel: S-Stahl…

Stahl: Prince Marth forgave you, right? It was the conclusion of that tale that you just told me. He saved you, saved your love, and formally pardoned you from treason.

Abel: He did, but…

Stahl: Then you should forgive yourself. You’re a great man, Sir Abel. The greatest man I’ve ever known.

Abel: I don’t know what to say.

Stahl: Say you’ll forgive yourself, like Prince Marth and Altea itself forgave you.

Abel: I’ll… I’ll try. Thank you, Sir Stahl.

Stahl: Please, Sir Abel, call me Stahl. We’re friends now. …Right? Are we friends?

Abel: *laughs* Of course. And you, in turn, can simply call me Abel.

Stahl: Alright… um, Abel!

[Abel and Stahl have reached support rank A.]

In that moment, I knew my heart was safe in your hands.

You held my entire being close to you, promised me a life of safety and love. A life filled with comfort and joy; knowing you’d be there no matter where our souls ventured, no matter how far our hearts travelled, no matter how much life threw in our way. Whatever we did, we were safe and loved, because we were together.

You were holding me, I was holding you, and from that moment on our souls have been holding each other.