Winston Churchill left an apology letter on his bed before escaping a prison that read:

 "I have the honour to inform you that as I do not consider that your Government have any right to detain me as a military prisoner, I have decided to escape from your custody. I have every confidence in the arrangements I have made with my friends outside, and I do not therefore expect to have another opportunity of seeing you.“ 

He went on:

“I therefore take this occasion to observe that I consider your treatment of prisoners is correct and humane, and that I see no grounds for complaint. When U return to the British lines I will make a public statement to this effect. I have also to thank you personally for your civility to me, and to express the hope that we may meet again at Pretoria before very long, and under different circumstances. Regretting that I am unable to bid you a more ceremonious or a personal farewell,

I have the honour, to be, Sir,

Your most obedient servant,

Winston Churchill.

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Egypt demands release of Guantanamo detainee

August 03, 2012

The Egyptian government requested this week that the United States release the sole Egyptian detained at the Guantanamo Bay military prison, language that amounts to a stark demand by a country that has been among Washington’s most reliable imperialist allies in the Middle East.

The case of Tariq Mahmoud Ahmed al-Sawah, 54, who the United States accuses of belonging to al-Qaeda, has the potential to become the first thorn in the relationship between the U.S. and the Egyptian governments since the election of the country’s new president.

Amr Roushdy, a spokesman for Egypt’s Foreign Ministry, said Friday that the country’s embassy in Washington had formally made the request to the State Department on Tuesday.

“He was not charged with any crime until now,” Roushdy said. “He is an Egyptian citizen detained in an illegal manner.”

The Defense Department charged Sawah in 2008 with providing material support for terrorism and conspiracy, alleging that he was a member of al-Qaeda who specialized in explosives. His case is unique because he has become among the most “valuable” informants detained at the military camp. The charges were dropped in March and no new charges have been filed.



The United States Disciplinary Barracks is a maximum security military prison for men, located on the grounds of Fort Leavenworth, an army post in Leavenworth, Kansas. USDP is the only maximum security military prison in the United States, and only enlisted soldiers with sentences exceeding ten years, commissioned officers and prisoners convicted of national security crimes are housed there. The warden of USDB holds the rank of colonel. Corrections staff at USDB are often former military police officers. USDB is the site of the U.S. Military’s death row, although the last execution was held in 1961. Military executions before this date have been carried out by hanging. The current standard is lethal injection. There are currently six inmates awaiting penalty of death. The most recent addition being Nidal Hasam. Chelsea Manning is incarcerated at USDB.

Obama quietly moves 12 detainees from U.S. military prison in Afghanistan: report
News of the release comes as the Obama administration fields a wave of backlash following its decision last month to release five Guantanamo prisoners into Qatar’s custody in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was held by Taliban-linked militants in Pakistan for nearly five years - Read more:


The Naval Consolidated Brig at Miramar is a military prison, located near San Diego, California. “Brig” is a military term for jail. It is one of three Navy brigs in the U.S. and has a capacity for 400 inmates. NCBM is the only branch of the armed forces prison system that houses female offenders. It also houses male offenders who have less than ten years to serve, and holds some illegal immigrants that are being detained by INS. NCBM housed Lynndie England and Sabrina Harman during their prison sentences. Robin Long served his time there, for his desertion in protest of the Iraq war. He was the first and only American who fled to Canada and sought asylum to be expedited back to the States.
Israeli conscientious objector released from military prison after 160 days | +972 Magazine
Tair Kaminer is released from Prison 6, where she served multiple sentences for refusing to serve in the Israeli army.

“Israel’s longest-serving conscientious objector Tair Kaminer was officially released from prison Monday night, after serving approximately 160 days for her refusal to join the Israeli army. She is the longest-serving female conscientious objector in Israeli history.

Kaminer spoke to +972 outside Prison 6 upon her release: “The fact that I knew that I was part of a larger struggle against the the oppression of the Palestinian people — the fact that I was part of a larger group of people who are working for peace — that kept me going while in prison. It’s a great feeling to put that experience behind me.”

…Manila Would Do” by Keith Rocco

“The 37th Division landed at Lingayan Gulf, on the Philippine Island of Luzon, January 9, 1945, and after almost a month of fighting took part in the assault of Manila, entering the city on the 4th of February. The soldiers of the 37th Infantry Division secured the Old Bilbad Prison freeing 1330 civilian internees and military prisoners of war. They made an assault crossing of the Pasig River, cleared the Paco neighborhood, and reduced the Intramuros fortress. The Japanese fortified buildings with skill and the larger reinforced concrete buildings became major obstacles to the men of the 37th. Casualties mounted. The Japanese held not only the access to the buildings, but also fought from inside the buildings themselves, forcing the 37th to fight not only block by block or building by building, but floor by floor and room by room. This was the kind of fighting that placed a premium on good leadership at squad and platoon levels. Many junior officers and noncommissioned officers led by example. 

“A squad leader in the 148th Infantry was the object of a bayonet charge by six Japanese soldiers who charged from approximately 30 yards away. Sergeant Billy E. Vinson warded off the first Japanese soldier’s bayonet thrust, then dispatched the assault group with one long burst from his Browning Automatic Rifle. He held his forward position until all wounded soldiers in the vicinitiy could be evacuated. After weeks of hard fighting, Manila was secured on the 2nd of March, 1945.”

(National Guard)

PKK’s Balance sheet: 2982 Turkish Soldiers & Police officers killed

PKK has released the Balance sheet of war in Kurdistan for 1 year. Accordingly,  2982 Turkish Soldiers & Police officers were killed, 1146 wounded and 13 were taken prisoner. 184 Military Vehicles & 4 Cobra helicopters were destroyed.

435 PKK Guerillas have fallen and 16 imprisoned. (x)

DNC Gov Doc: 2016 Democratic Party Platform

Just as is the Republican Platform, this is essential reading, and reading the actual document.

Table of Contents:

  • Raise Incomes and Restore Economic Security for the Middle Class
    • Raising Workers’ Wages
    • Protecting Workers’ Fundamental Rights
    • Supporting Working Families
    • Helping More Workers Share in Near-Record Corporate Profits
    • Expanding Access to Affordable Housing and Homeownership
    • Protecting and Expanding Social Security
    • Ensuring a Secure and Dignified Retirement
    • Revitalizing Our Nation’s Postal Service
  • Create Good-Paying Jobs
    • Building 21st Century Infrastructure
    • Fostering a Manufacturing Renaissance
    • Creating Good-Paying Clean Energy Jobs
    • Pursuing Our Innovation Agenda: Science, Research, Education, and Technology
    • Supporting America’s Small Businesses
    • Creating Jobs for America’s Young People
  • Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality
    • Reining in Wall Street and Fixing our Financial System
    • Promoting Competition by Stopping Corporate Concentration
    • Making the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share of Taxes
    • Promoting Trade That is Fair and Benefits American Workers
  • Bring Americans Together and Remove Barriers to Opportunities
    • Ending Systemic Racism
    • Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
    • Reforming our Criminal Justice System
    • Fixing our Broken Immigration System
    • Guaranteeing Civil Rights
    • Guaranteeing Women’s Rights
    • Guaranteeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights
    • Guaranteeing Rights for People withDisabilities
    • Respecting Faith and Service
    • Investing in Rural America
    • Ending Poverty and Investing in Communities Left Behind
    • Building Strong Cities and Metro Areas
    • Promoting Arts and Culture
    • Honoring Indigenous Tribal Nations
    • Fighting for the People of Puerto Rico
    • Honoring the People of the Territories
  • Protect Voting Rights, Fix Our Campaign Finance System, and Restore Our Democracy
    • Protecting Voting Rights
    • Fixing Our Broken Campaign Finance System
    • Appointing Judges
    • Securing Statehood for Washington, D C
    • Strengthening Management of Federal Government
  • Combat Climate Change, Build a Clean Energy Economy, and Secure Environmental Justice
    • Building a Clean Energy Economy
    • Securing Environmental and Climate Justice
    • Protecting Our Public Lands and Waters
  • Provide Quality and Affordable Education
    • Making Debt-Free College a Reality
    • Providing Relief from Crushing Student Debt
    • Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-Serving Institutions
    • Cracking Down on Predatory For-Profit Schools
    • Guaranteeing Universal Preschool and Good Schools for Every Child
  • Ensure the Health and Safety of All Americans
    • Securing Universal Health Care
    • Supporting Community Health Centers
    • Reducing Prescription Drug Costs
    • Enabling Cutting-Edge Medical Research
    • Combating Drug and Alcohol Addiction
    • Treating Mental Health
    • Supporting Those Living with Autism and their Families
    • Securing Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice
    • Ensuring Long-Term Care, Services, and Supports
    • Protecting and Promoting Public Health
    • Ending Violence Against Women
    • Preventing Gun Violence
  • Principled Leadership
  • Support Our Troops and Keep Faith with Our Veterans
    • Defense Spending
    • Veterans and Service Members
    • Military Families
    • A Strong Military
  • Confront Global Threats
    • Terrorism
    • Syria
    • Afghanistan
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Russia
    • Cybersecurity and Online Privacy
    • Non-Proliferation of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons
    • Global Climate Leadership
  • Protect Our Values
    • Women and Girls
    • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People
    • Trafficking and Modern Slavery
    • Young People
    • Religious Minorities
    • Refugees
    • Civil Society
    • Anti-Corruption
    • Torture
    • Closing Guantánamo Bay
    • Development Assistance
    • Global Health
    • HIV and AIDS
    • International Labor
  • A Leader in the World
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Middle East
    • Europe
    • Americas
    • Africa
    • Global Economy and Institutions
The 13 most evil US government human experiments

The U.S. Government has been caught conducting an insane amount of vile, inhumane and grisly experiments on humans without their consent and often without their knowledge. So in light of recent news of the U.S. infecting Guatemalans with STDs, here are the 13 most evil, for lack of a better word, cases of human-testing as conducted by the United States of America.

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When you hear politicians, personalities and random people talking about “the great American values,” “the things that made this country the greatest country in history” and how amazing America is in general but you know how fucked up their health, political, educational, law enforcement, prison and military systems are compared with almost every other developed country on Earth. 

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