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I’m honestly attracted to very few people, sex Is so useless. You can have an amazing relationship but only touch a few times a year (military relationshipsx long distance relationships, people that have bad experiences with past partners) you can have more intimacy not ever laying a finger on one another over someone you’ve had intercourse with, sex is nothing with out intimacy or a connection, I’m not going to say that people won’t find you physically attractive when you know you are, but being stereotypically attractive isn’t going to make everyone necessarily attracted to you.

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It's shitty people are saying you got married to you. You married a marine and in military relationships in perfectly normal to marry young I know guys who got married right when they got out of boot camp I think your marriage is beautiful and you guys look amazing together

Thank you so much ☺️

Lately I've been feeling useless

At work, at school, and in my relationship.

At my first job, I feel like I can’t do anything right, which makes me want to leave there even sooner. I can’t decide if I should stick it out through the summer so I can save the money, or leave sooner because it’s becoming too much for me to handle. I don’t like feeling like a bad employee. I know I could be better, but after all, I’m human, and this is only a temporary job.

At school, it’s like I’ve totally lost my motivation and screwed myself over for the semester. I’m hoping that Summer and Fall semester will be much better.

In my relationship, I’m starting to see just how difficult it will be for me and my boyfriend to make this military relationship work. I hate to say it but my relationship with him affects my whole life. When he and I are going through a rough patch, my life becomes much harder to keep together. And even though sometimes he mistreats me, I’ve realized that I have been mistreating him too. I love this man and I don’t want to be so weak that I cannot manage to stay with him through his hardships.

So far, I don’t like being an adult.

The Longer the Waiting the Sweeter the Kiss

When people find out that your in a military relationship one of the common responses are “ wow! your in a military relationship?! that must be tough!”. You will never have any idea how tough it is until you are in a military relationship. You wonder why military couples get married so early?! Because no one would go through this if they didnt want to and plan to marry their spouse. You get a few weeks with your spouse at a time then you have to send them off like the countless times that you have before. I have been in a 3 year relationship with a man in the Navy and I have seen him for a total of maybe 3-4 months. You think that the goodbyes are going to get easier, but they never do. Your heart breaks every time you see them walk away from you down that terminal. When people talk of war and saying its about time we go do something, all you think about is the safety of your spouse. People tell you not to worry, but it is alot easier said then done. You go weeks without speaking, to get a few hours of communication, and right back to the silence you know all to well. Yes the relationship is completely worth it, but it is that hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Half my heart is in Hawaii and one day we will be together, but for right now we have to survive through these rough waters.

Nothing romantic about being in a relationship with a military

People romanticize military relationships when in reality there is nothing romantic about being forcefully separated from your other half for several months. There’s nothing romantic about lonely Friday nights and missed holidays. And there’s definitely nothing romantic about saying goodbye and walking away until next time. People need to stop acting like this is a game when so many people live this life everyday. We don’t put up with the hardship because we love “being in a military relationship”, we put up with the hardship because we love and support the men and women we fell in love with.

military plot things pls
  • “we met right before i was supposed to be deployed and decided to get married so that we could stay together and you could live on base and such” (I’VE HAD THIS ONE BEFORE PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME OH MY GOD) 
  • “we’re both deployed in the same place and keep getting stuck in the same caravan together and now we’re both POWs.” 
  • anything with long distance relationships and military angst
  • “i just got home from deployment and you’re a nurse/therapist i’m supposed to see but man you’re cute” 
  • literally if you give me an army nurse to nurture him back to health i might die ?? 
  • military buddies bonding and being great together and supportive and wonderful 
  • ptsd issues/survivor guilt/flashbacks
  • adjusting to civilian life and struggling 
  • honorable discharges… or dishonorable discharges. 
  • soldier/ civilian where they’re stationed romance
  • like seriously if you have a military plot you’ve wanted to do just throw it at me and i’m probably going to say yes?? 
  • we can have heart wrenching reunions and possibly involve children and make it so angsty and beautiful and just ??? 
  • please ????????
Stunning pics of a B-52 strategic bomber doing some heavy carpet bombing in Jordan

B-52 Stratofortress bomber doing what it does best.

The photographs in this post were taken during a combined live fire demonstration in Wadi Shadiya, Jordan, May 18.

They show a B-52H from 2nd Bomb Wing, from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, drop some 500-lb GBU-38 JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) bombs during the “monumental military demonstration” that was the final event of Exercise “Eager Lion” a recurring multinational exercise designed to strengthen military-to-military relationships, increase interoperability between partner nations, and enhance regional security and stability.

Noteworthy, the two B-52 Stratofortress bombers that marked the first participation of strategic bombers to Eager Lion, performed a 30-plus hour, 14,000 mile nonstop mission to the U.S. Central Command area of operations.

They coordinated the attack with Jordanian JTACs (Joint Terminal Attack Controllers) and, after the attack run, overflew the range escorted by two Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16s.

In addition to 5,000 U.S. servicemen, the two-week yearly exercise saw the participation of Jordanian forces as well as contingents from 16 other countries for a total force of about 10,000 troops.

The exercise was held among five sites across Jordan and based on the scenario of a friendly contingent committed to the aid of an allied nation under threat by an aggressive neighbor. Along with the U.S. Air Force strategic bombers, Jordanian tactical planes and U.S. Army helicopters of the 185th Theater Aviation Brigade’s aviation task force, EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) teams, Seabees and patrol craft were used to perform port security in Aqaba, Jordan’s only coastal city, while a Marine crisis-response force out of Kuwait took part in the drills, practicing non-combatant evacuation operation (NCO) by means of MV-22 tilt-rotor aircraft in the north.

Image credit: U.S. Marine Corps

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So my sister married a marine when she was 18 and then got divorced and married another one... So my family has a bad view for military relationships:( my boyfriend is in the army and I feel like I have no family support because of my sister's mistakes. I feel like my mom especially doesn't take our relationship seriously.

I am so sorry to hear this :( But your boyfriend is not the problem, and your sister’s mistakes, does not mean all men in the military create these dramatic relationships. I would continue to show them the positives and have them see for themselves how amazing your man treats you, how respectful he is, he’s funny, and overall a good man. I hope his actions will prove their prejudgement wrong. 


One of my men crushes everyday (obviously other than Lucas & Sean)

He really helped me today with a lot. The military, Lucas/relationships, letting go, addiction, basically everything. We talked for 3 hours.

This guy, yeah I’ve dated, but has become more and more like my brother and I’m crying typing this I’m going to miss him and Sean so much when they leave on June 29th but I’m so excited for them.

Military Relationships Mean...

Learning to sleep at all hours of the day, even when in direct sunlight, in order to match the crazy schedule of your SO.

Light ‘em Up by Marines
Via Flickr:
An M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank with 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, fires its 120 mm smoothbore cannon during a live-fire event as part of Exercise Eager Lion 2015 in Jordan, May 9, 2015. Eager Lion is a recurring multinational exercise designed to strengthen military-to-military relationships, increase interoperability between partner nations, and enhance regional security and stability. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Devin Nichols/Released)

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I can't stand being away from my boyfriend (long distance military relationship). But more so I can't stand that any time I do something for him, I feel like he just wants more. I'm never enough

Long distance relationships can be really difficult, I’m sorry it feels really difficult for you :( And I’m sorry that feel like you’re not good enough - you truly are though. I know it will make you feel like you always need to do more, but honestly if your boyfriend doesn’t show you respect and appreciation for what you do for him then that’s his problem, not yours.. sometimes people don’t show others the appreciation they deserve, but when they realise what they have if they ever lose that person, they realise only then how great that person was. Not that he’s going to lose you,  but he needs to appreciate you a lot more.. have you ever told him you feel like he treats you like you’re not good enough?<3 

Tomorrow he graduates and soon is off to training.. ;-; I needed to give him something to remind that I am always with him.

“My heart is wherever my soldier travels

I love you infinity plus two” [please don’t delete caption]