military wives

When people at work ask how I got so good at my eye makeup it’s so hard not to tell them I was a stripper. Especially the older men and military officers that come in. 💁💋

AHHH! I'm so excited!

This may not seem like that big of deal to some people. But it’s a huge deal for me. Lol.

Let me start by husband and I aren’t having a baby shower. Not that we don’t want one, but because we live so far away from our families and friends…that no one would show up. 😕 and all of our military friends and their wives here are getting out of the military and moving away before we could throw a real shower. So if I would have had an actual shower…we would have had literally 1 person show up. 😣

So I decided to try an ‘online’ baby shower. So I created an event on FB (FaceBook) for a “Long-Distance Baby Shower” and added in our baby registry link in the info section for the event.

I invited all old highschool/college friends, old coworkers, and both families. I wasn’t expecting much especially since it’s not a 'real’ baby shower.

Within 2 hours of posting the event, I’ve already had 6 items purchased off of my registry! And even one expensive item, the rocking chair ($129) that I wanted for the nursery! I am so excited! I was really worried about having everything for the baby and now things are really starting to look up! 😊❤️


“I have died every day waiting for you.”