military wife

Well-intentioned questions:

“When will he get leave next?”

“Where will he be stationed next?”

“Will he be able to come back for my wedding/Christmas/birthdays/holidays/anniversary?”

“When will you get to see each other again?”

Married to the military

“Why did you get married so young?” I hear it ALL THE TIME.

Being married to the military is a completely different world in general. My husband and I, married at 21, have discussed why in the military culture we all get married “so young”. At 21, these men (and women!) already have more responsibility than some of our friends will have in their entire lives. It forces them to grow up— and in growing up they settle down and realize what is important to them. Same goes for the dedicated military spouse. Committing to a relationship that most of the time is long distance, and ALL of the time is a huge stress, is a very mature thing to do. The 20 year old military couple can not be compared to others— we are a breed of our own. Families and friends will not always understand that. That is why we become such good friends with each other as military spouses. We are family ❤️