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My mother and I need your help, tumblr!

My mother is one of the greatest people anyone could ever hope to meet. She is so kind, loving, and supportive of everything I’ve ever done and she continues to serve as an inspiration in my life. Unfortunately, my mother has a condition called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Among the many ways MS affects my mother, the most obvious is her teeth. 

Over the course of the 20 years she has had MS, my mother has had seizures. These seizures caused her to smash her teeth together, creating micro-cracks in her teeth. One by one, her teeth have crumbled apart due to the impact of her seizures. She has very few left in the front and no molars. Our health insurance, provided to us from the United States Armed Forces due to my father’s 20 years in the service, refuses to cover the cost of fixing her teeth.

My father served in Air Force for 20 years before retiring. During this time he served in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, and Turkey. Yet the military has made it clear that they will not take care of us, despite originally promising to cover the cost of her surgery. They then ruled that my mother’s teeth were not caused by an injury or accident, so they won’t cover the procedure that will save her from constant mouth infections and terrible pain every time she eats. More than that, due to the infections caused by the shards of teeth still left in her mouth, she can not start revolutionary immuno-suppressant drugs for her MS because the infections could overwhelm her body and kill her. 

They put our “out-of-pocket” costs at $17,000, more than two years of my college tuition. We are a family that lives on one income due to my mother’s inability to work with her MS, so this figure is out of our league. 

Please help in any way that you can. Donate, or simply share this page to help get the word out. It means the world to me because my mother is my hero and I would love to get her a new lease on life.

As the block quote says, you can
donate to my mother here
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donate to my mother here

or simply share this message to help spread the word. I’ve seen tumblr do some amazing things. I’m hoping this can be one of them!

- ohheyitsshanaj

This Is For You...

The ladies… that didn’t get the goodnight text message they hoped for, don’t worry, they’re thinking about you.

The ladies… that didn’t get an “I love you” today, don’t worry, he loves you more than you can imagine.

The ladies… that didn’t get to see their love this week, don’t worry, you’re one day closer.

Everyday that goes by, means you made it one day closer. Never have any doubt. He loves you. He thinks about you. He wants to be with you, of all people.


My favorite surprise homecoming video :)