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Murder on the Orient Express promo pic from October ‘17 issue of Empire
(Scanned by me)

And… you don’t? Does Mayor Prentiss just not sleep? 

I feel like that would explain a lot. Please just go to bed for once, David. Stop the madness. Eat a snickers.


Theses are memes I made years ago. The first one I just made today because I haven’t seen anyone did this yet but I thought that I should be the one to make it. I hope you guys like it.

Also the first one are mostly for @miss-rebecca-two-hands, @mrgam3r, @miyamanga, @lexichae, @kj18-mezz, @fifth-essence

missteagodess  asked:

What would the 104th and the vets do in a fashion show? Would the slay that catwalk or face plant into the public 😂

Mikasa: Slays, though her walk is more military than catwalk, walks to ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’ by FOB
Reiner: Would be pretty darn good like nice, dude, walks to ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred
Bertholdt: Would kinda mess up but look good while doing so, would walk to ‘Tainted love’ my Marilyn Manson
Annie: Would be amazing! Like wow! Would walk to ‘Blue Monday’ by The New Order
Eren: Would kinda suck but everyone would love it anyway, walks to GurenNo Yumiya by Linked Horizon
Jean: Would try too hard… would walk to ‘crazy in love’ by Beyoncé
Marco: Too cute for this shit, walks to ‘Manic Monday’ by The Bangles
Sasha: Would fuck up tbh, probably even fall, walks to ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams
Connie: Would do pretty good, better than expected, walks to ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake
Historia: Slays, like wow what the fuck! Walks to ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries
Armin: Would try and do okay, but not great, walks to ‘Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran
Ymir: Would do more entertainment than modeling, walks to ‘Call on me’ By Eric Prydz
Levi: Doesn’t try, everyone loves it, he has no clue why, walks to ‘The Greatest’ by Sia
Hanji: Is more creepy than fashionable, walks to ‘Human’ by Rag’n’Bone man
Erwin: Pretty good, yes, the peeps love it, walks to ‘Pillow Talk’ by Zayn
Nanaba: Might fall face first, walks to ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift
Mike: Doesn’t do good, but it looks nice anyway, walks to ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd
Moblit: Trips, but is professional about it, walks to ‘She Will Be Loved’ By Maroon 5

Obviously I have never seen a Fashion Show (except Victoria’s secret, because wow!)

Just a leisurely stroll in the Snow~

I heard @tamak0 wants to know what it’s like to have snow, well I’ll tell you mi amiga, it’s crunchy and cold!
I always thought it felt like walking on thick frosting or solid clouds

So here, have Sola and Galaxy walking in the Snow!
Sola is basically a walking furnace so she wears winter coats for style XD standing beside her is enough to keep ya warm ^^




Jacket: Offbrand
Accessories: Handmade
Pants: Bodyline
Bag: Banned
Boots: Bodyline

Black & Blue & Red All Over [Shance Ficlet]

For Day 1 of @shancefluffweek: Black/Blue

Summary: Modern AU. When Lance shows up to the gym with a limp and covered in bruises, Shiro assumes the worst (spoiler: It’s nothing bad! Nor anything kinky, surprisingly).

As Lance stepped into the yoga room, he was relieved to see his struggle to the gym that day hadn’t been in vain after all. Near the front of the room the cute Air Force guy, Shiro, was already seated on his mat and warming up with a stretch. His heart skipped a little upon seeing him, and it was all he could do to quash down the gooey feelings brewing inside of him as he approached.

He still couldn’t believe he had such a mushy crush on a guy, especially since he’d sorta hated Shiro when he first joined the class. Before he came along, Lance had had the privilege of being the only strapping young man in a class otherwise comprised of lovely ladies (all of them twice his age, but Lance didn’t discriminate). Once the beefcake military dude walked in, his reign met a swift end. Oh, how he’d despised that dude.

Well, ok, he’d only actually despised him for about an hour. When Shiro approached him after their first class together and politely introduced himself, all his petty jealousy had warped itself into some unfamiliar feeling it took him a while to recognize as attraction. Since that epiphany, he’d been spending a lot more time at the gym – always choosing a place next to Shiro in yoga class, spotting him in the weight room, challenging him to races in the pool just to see him shirtless…I mean, that was all he could do. It wasn’t like he could just confess to the guy, right?

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Summary: Hanji takes a break from work.

Read here for notes.

That was a record long meeting. It started in the morning and only when Hanji looked out the window she noticed, the sun was setting. No wonder she had a hard time reading the documents.

“We can continue this later. All of you are dismissed.” she ordered as she rubbed her tired eye. “Moblit, put it in the reports our discu…”

Hanji realized her mistake. There was no Moblit.

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On the morning of 17 september 1944 my granddad looked out of his bedroom window in the city Nijmegen, Netherlands, and cried when he saw US and Canadian military walking down the streets instead of the German army.

On 17 september 1993 he cried again when my dad called him from the hospital to say his first granddaughter was born on the same day he regained his freedom.

In other words: it’s my birthday!

Fated to Fall for Him

Klance Week 2017 Day 1: Free Will vs. Fate

Words: ~1500

Summary: The Garrison Backstory. Lance utilizes his free will to hate his new punk of a rival. But fate has other things in store.

Also on AO3 and FFnet

-sleapy 😴

The Galaxy Garrison warmly welcomes

Lance Alvarez

to the class of 2118

Distinction: Cargo Pilot

It’s the first day of school for the umpteenth time in your life; and for the first time, you’re less than thrilled. If even a year ago someone had told you that you’d be going to The Galaxy Garrison but would still have grievances, you would’ve called them crazy. Yet here you are, finally decked out in orange and white after years of wanting it, reporting for your first day to the desk marked ‘Cargo Pilots.’ If someone had told you you wouldn’t make fighter class because the best pilot in a generation happened to be in your class, you would’ve laughed in their face. And yet…

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He didn’t have a lot of hobbies (or interests, even) and he was very secretive (and angry/defensive when pryed, even resorting to lying), having no friends or even real acquaintances. Dahmer’s life consisted of indulging and maintaining the means to his obsession and virtually nothing else once the second murder took place. However, there are some interesting, less known things surrounding who he was as a person:

•He liked to people-watch at the local mall, even when he wasn’t scoping for victims (sometimes he just happened upon them when he wasn’t even looking for one)

•Some things not really talked about that were found in his apartment were acne cream, a shaving kit, a contact lens cleaning kit, and a pair of men’s black nylon shorts.

•Dahmer preferred hairless (body hair) men and usually shaved his own chest, etc. He was also really into biceps and chest muscles.

•As a kid, he once submitted a science fair project in school on moulds and fungi.

•He went through small, mild “satanic” phases, dabbling in the occult. It was during one of these times, he stole a vial of blood from his phlebotomy job (that he didn’t care for) and attempted to drink it (and did not like it.) Some of his shrine ideas derived from the altar that he initially set up for rituals based on the occult.

•The day that Lionel came home to discover Jeff living alone at the family home, there were other teenagers there, sleeping and hungover from the previous night, in which they had used a Ouija board and Dahmer had drawn a pentagram on the coffee table. The girl he ditched at prom was there.

•He really liked guns and was knowledgeable about different types. Shooting was a hobby he kept up after his exit from the military.

•He liked taking walks solo while stationed in Germany, watching the boars roam the hills.

•He enjoyed cop shows, NYPD Blue was one of his favorites. He hated Geraldo Rivera, but he still watched his show in the mornings.

•He listened to metal and classic rock, but while he was in prison, he said sometimes hearing music that reminded him of the gay night clubs (presumably pop or dance from the 80’s) made him nostalgic and upset.

• According to Lionel, Jeff really liked weight lifting for almost a whole year in high school, he picked it up almost immediately, and it was one of the few things that kept his interest for that long. Upon his arrest, supplements and vitamins were found in his apartment.

•He loved horror movies and science fiction including Star Wars, the Exorcist, and Blade Runner, and Hellbound. Most of the films found in his apartment were porn.

•He enjoyed drag shows and strips clubs, these are the primary reason he would visit the Chicago area, aside from the bath houses he held memberships at there, but he wasn’t attracted to men dressed in drag.

•He liked helping his father raise and tend to livestock as a child.

•He was never much into reading or writing. In school, he only read assigned books and Alfred Hitchcock’s Horror for Children. In his apartment were four books on fish, a King James Version of the Bible, a few creation science books, a numerology book, and a learning kit for Latin.

•He failed all of his college courses except Administrative Science, in which he was “mediocre” in, and Riflery, which he passed with a B-.

•Dahmer not only sought the death penalty, but he believed in it. He stated that if it was wrong, it wouldn’t be in the Bible.

•He also thought that his suicide would be justified, saying there wasn’t much more he could do wrong.



Got asked to come to Malibu with Landon (My realtor lol) for a little date to get to know me better. He only got to see my serious business ‘Lets find a house.’ side. Oddly enough he saw something in me that he wanted to learn more about. 

We went to this little bar and he reserved the roof completely for us. The view was so amazing. We talked while drinking champagne, I could listen to him speak for hours. He has so many stories about his life and how he’s traveled all around the country with his military parents.

We walked around the pool and kept looking over the balcony to see the ocean, he tried leaning in for a kiss and even thought I wanted to I stopped him. Even though some people on here might think I’m “easy”, I’m the opposite and want to take things VERY slow. My previous relationship proved that nothing comes good with rushing lol. But it was an amazing time, and I hope for more in the future.