military uniform (historic)

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Teach us how to salute properly pls


And that is how to salute, courtesy of America

Also, a salute is normally done at attention. This doesn’t work for a lot of dynamic cosplay shots, but remember it while drawing historical stuff!


Corporal’s full dress coatee, 2nd Bombay (European) Light Infantry, c. 1850.

Though made for a regiment in the service of the HEIC, this elegant (if impractical) coat is indicative of the cut of dress worn by the British army which embarked for the Crimea in 1854. The long skirts and ‘winged’ epaulettes are indicative of a member of the Regiment’s Grenadier Company.

Other rank’s coat, 1st Foot Guards, c. 1773. Surviving uniforms from the 18th century are rare, and those of ordinary soldiers are even rarer. This is one of two identical uniform coats, held in the National Army Museum and the Snowshill Wade Costume Collection, the circumstances of whose creation and the reason for their preservation are unknown.