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I need some help.

I have a friend who is trying hard to learn and understand gender and sexuality outside the realm of being cis and straight.
She’s learning pretty fast, but the thing that she is having trouble grasping is the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality.
I can’t quite figure out how to explain it to her in a way she understands and I am wondering if someone can tell me how they would explain it and see if it makes more sense for her?

Maroon Town in the Parish of St James Jamaica, 1796.

This illustration is meant to depict Trelawney Town on the eve of the Second Maroon War, a conflict that was fought by the maroons (who were descendants of former slaves) whose town this was and the British colonial government.The conflict ended in a defeat for the maroons from Trelawney Town who were all deported to Nova Scotia before again being moved to Sierra Leone.

(Trustees of the British Museum)


On 12 January 2015 18 years old Russian soldier Valeriy Permyakov left military encampment in the town of Gyumri, Armenia without permission and broke into a house nearby. He shot and killed six occupants (3 male and 3 female). The only person that was alive in the moment was a six-month baby. Permyakov run out of bullets so he stabbed the baby six times with bayonet (the little boy succumbed his wounds seven days later in hospital). After that Valeriy Permyakov left the house and attempted to cross Armenian-Turkish border where he was arrested. He’s currently in jail awaiting trial.


The best nights I have had werent filled with clubs and loud music. I didnt spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol to impress girls or get noticed. No, the best nights for me were spent alone in a little military town in North Carolina. It would be a weekend or 96 if I was lucky- I have always appreciated the peace of a quiet few days. I would be bent over Ellie, my second generation Camaro, wrenching away. Those were my best nights. Hands and shirt greased stained and wrinkled brow. Swapping my newest Summit Racing purchase or local auto shop bit and piece part. Some rock playing softly and few swigs of whiskey to keep cool- didnt drive my Chevy if I drank. Working on Ellie all afternoon while the 53’s rumbled across a pink painted sunset sky until Taps. Then jumping in and turning her over. That small block 350 growling and exhaust sounding just right. My hand on the Hurst shifter, foot on the clutch, mind thinking of the reward-local ice cream shop off the main strip in this small military town in North Carolina. Yep, those were some of my best nights by far.

Meet (batpony) Rainbow Dash:

• Sergeant in the Night Guard

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Height: 3 feet 6 inchs

Weight: ~145 pounds

Species: Batpony

Where she lives: In the military town of Ponyville.

Guilty pleasure: Cider

Greatest fear: Never succeeding at preforming a rainboom. She failed as a filly, she won’t fail again.

An important headcanon: While she did not win the race as a filly due to some interference from a unicorn, Dash hasn’t stopped trying to be the fastest in Equestria. Under personal training from Midnight Blossom, Dash has come close to doing the first ever sonic boom known to pony kind. But has yet to succeed.

Personality: Rainbow Dash is rather brash. She doesn’t really think before she acts. On top of that she is stubborn and cocky. She isn’t very patient and often gets frustrated when things are going “too slow” for her liking.

Rainbow Dash is one of Nightmare Moon’s best guards. Her loyalty is unparalleled by anyone except for the Nightwatch members. She is very efficient at what she does and has an incredible will to succeed. Even if she is lazy every now and again.

Backstory: Rainbow was born and raised in the cloud city of cloudsdale. She was often picked on and made fun of for her sloppy flying. She grew up with the nickname “Rainbow Crash” because she would always try something she couldn’t do and crash.

Looking for an escape, she joined Nightmare Moon’s Night Guard a year after Celestia was banished. With the new job, she moved to the garrison town of Ponyville, where most of the ponies who worked at the castle live.

She was quickly noticed by Midnight Blossom, the guard captain, who admired her for her speed and stamina. After some personal training with the captain, Dash was able to become one of the fastest flyers in the guard, even surpassing Midnight Blossom.

For her loyalty to the princess, and skills as a guard, she has risen in the ranks and is now a Sergeant. She has ways to go before reaching the top, but she is well on her way.

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I've seen a lot of you racial stuff, and it makes me realize how lucky I am. I grew up in a military town, and our schools were fairly diverse. I feel lucky to have experienced so many different cultures.

Ahh yes, I went to another school before and it was much more diverse and happy. My current school is far from the old one..

So I had just moved about 1500 miles away from home for college and had zero friends and decided to use tinder because why not. Sidenote, I’m military and I live in a military town now, so I pretty much just date military. So I’m swiping left and right on guys and I come across one guy, who’s very cute so I actually look at his profile. He says he likes baby hippos, long walks on the beach, and that he’s 4′11. Basing off the pictures I assume he’s lying so I swipe right and we match. We talk for all of five minutes before he says, “can I get your number? I’m going to a field training exercise and I’ll text you later.” So I give him my number. A week passes and I totally forget about him and had gone on a date or two with others, and then I get a text from the first guy, asking if I remember him. I lie and say I do and we agree to go on a date. He’s even cuter in person (and also 6’), but the whole date he doesn’t talk much so I think I’m boring him, and I tell him I’m just looking for friends. We agree to keep hanging out and one night he brought beer and we sat on my couch getting drunk and watching Archer, and flirting up a storm. Next thing I knew, we were in my bedroom.
It’s been almost a year since then and he became my boyfriend shortly after that night.

Section Leader Problem #150

Living in a military town where out of no where and with no warning people come and go from your section and the leaders have to deal with the resulting stress.
Or even have a section leader be sent off somewhere.

Former Korean ‘comfort women’ for U.S. troops sue government
Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:45am EDT

By Ju-min Park

(Reuters) - Cho Myung-ja ran away from home as a teenager to escape a father who beat her, finding her way to the red light district in a South Korean town that hosts a large U.S. Army garrison.

After she escaped home in the early 1960s, her pimp sold her to one of the brothels allowed by the government to serve American soldiers.

“It was a hard life and we got sick,” Cho, 76, said in an interview in her cluttered room in a shack outside Camp Humphreys, a busy U.S. military garrison in the town of Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul.

On June 25, sixty-four years after the Korean War broke out, Cho joined 122 surviving comfort women, as they were called, in a lawsuit against their government to reclaim, they say, human dignity and proper compensation […]

The South Korean government was desperate to keep U.S. troops in the 1960s after a devastating but inconclusive war with North Korea and wanted the women to serve as “patriots” and “civilian diplomats”. 

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Things have come a long way from the old Land Rovers. A British Army Foxhound at Camp Bastion, Helmand, Afghanistan - June 2012. The V-shaped hull was designed specifically to counter the IED threat. Utilising advanced technologies, the nations’ pioneering motorsport industry was an unorthodox contributor to the project. In not quite pit stop time, but close, the engine can be removed and replaced within 30 minutes - and it can drive along merrily with a wheel forcibly amputated.

According to official statistics recorded by the government, the activities of American soldiers between 1967 and 1998 included over 39,452 overt criminal offenses by 45,183 soldiers in the process of supposedly “protecting the South Koreans."1) In other words, during this period, American soldiers averaged two crimes a day. Crimes such as rape, burglary, and physical abuse committed by GIs were all common staples of the military towns. In the name of necessity, the U.S. promoted a policy, which directly violated the human rights of the Korean people by refusing to punish or restrict GIs for their crimes.

In 1950, with the start of the Korean War, and direct involvement by the U.S soldiers, the U.S. established a series of treaties with South Korea. These treaties were unequal and bestowed the U.S. with the authority to extradite U.S. military personnel who committed crimes against Korean citizens. Therefore, criminal acts instigated by GIs were most often unresolved and the criminals were left unpunished. In 1953, the U.S. instituted the Mutual Defense Treaty, which provided provisions for the U.S. to remain in Korea after the Korean War ended and in 1967, the Status of Forces Agreement was enacted. On the surface, the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) offered compromises and reforms to previous treaties; nevertheless, SOFA allows the U.S. to retain jurisdiction in most criminal cases involving American soldiers. The main area of dispute regarding jurisdiction of criminal acts by GIs is section 22 of the SOFA agreement.2) Although the United States military has committed 39,452 crimes (45,183 GIs) between 1967 and 1987, only 234 of these cases were tried in Korea.3) Between 1985 and 1990, Korean jurisdiction of cases regarding U.S. military amounted to less than one percent and according to more recent data in 1998, Korean jurisdiction of GIs criminal offenses amounted to only 3.9 percent. In 1991, although the SOFA was revised, statistics prove the unwillingness for the U.S. to take substantial action towards correcting the unequal relationship between Korea and the U.S.4)

Consequently, despite the fact that the U.S. committed thousands of criminal acts while stationed in Korea due to the unfair SOFA agreement and the arrogance of the U.S. military, only a miniscule percentage of these criminals have been indicted. In view of this fact, it is difficult to measure the full extent of American military’s affects upon South Korea. Since neither the U.S. nor Korean governments is committed to punishing the GIs for crimes, such as burglary, physical abuse, or sexual crimes, such as rape and molestation, violators are most often set free without punishment. Of course this vicious cycle must be altered, but the question is, Where shall we start?

In order to accurately gage the negative affects of the U.S. military upon Korean society, instead of basing research upon impersonal statistics concerning U.S. military crimes and the texts of various international treaties, one must focus upon the human rights abuses in the military towns. In South Korea there are currently 37,000 U.S. military personnel that conduct most of their business within the military installations or the military towns. The South Koreans who most frequently interact with the American military are the prostitutes in these areas. Consequently, these women bare the brunt of American military human rights abuses. Ignoring the existence the injustices these women face on an everyday basis will inevitably result in the continuation of these violations.

The majority of crimes committed by the American military in Korea are visible only from the vantage point of everyday life in the military towns. Hence, the social deterioration caused by the U.S. forces in the military towns, such as; GIs who refuse to use contraception and thereby promote the spread of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), GIs who promise to marry these women and leave without notice, and GIs who physically and sexually abuse these women, must be recognized and thoroughly analyzed. In addition, future analysis of the military towns must account for the U.S. militaries manipulation of the power imbalance, which in turn stimulates social ills such as extreme poverty, rampant spread of sexual diseases, and difficulties faced by Amerasian children.

—  Characteristics of American Military Crimes

A German plane carrying 144 passengers and six crew members to Düsseldorf from Barcelona crashed on Tuesday in southern France, the French civil aviation authority confirmed.

The wreckage of the aircraft, an Airbus A320 operated by Germanwings, a budget subsidiary of Lufthansa, was located by a French military helicopter near the town of Prads-Haute-Bléone, according to Eric Héraud, a spokesman in Paris for the aviation authority, the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile.

It was unclear when the pilots last communicated with air traffic controllers. About 40 minutes after takeoff, at approximately 10:40 a.m., radio contact with the aircraft was lost.

Shortly thereafter, air traffic controllers sent out an alert, as the plane descended rapidly from a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet while flying over the town of Barcelonnette in the Alpes de Haute-Provence region, French aviation authorities said.

President François Hollande of France said many of the victims were German, but added that he believed that there were no French passengers on board. King Felipe VI of Spain said that there were Spanish and Turkish citizens on the flight.

“The conditions of the accident, which have not yet been clarified, suggest that there might not be any survivors,” he said. He added that the authorities did not yet know the identities of the victims.

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From my spot in the blankets, in expanding order, I can hear: my heartbeat, my husband’s voice, the walls flexing, rain blustering on the roof, and - right underneath me - the American flag, snapping, taut and beaten by a storm. It’s hard to separate from thunder. I should go bring it inside but I’m comfortable. I imagine the edges unraveling, threads carried off by entropy. There’s some metaphor in this about politics and civilizations, or a personal idea of domesticity and chaos. But I don’t want to find it. I’m just fine. Artillery is going off on the other side of the woods, on base. I feel good. At home. The war is all around, and all outside.

I’m so sick of feeling complicit when other people misgender me. 

But you use the women’s bathroom! Yes, because I’ve used it my whole life and why the fuck should I have to stop just so you take me seriously? Also, most men are bigger and stronger than me and I live in a southern military town. You bet your ass I’m scared. Also, you and I both know I don’t pass well enough for that because if I did, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. 

But you still have your old name on Facebook! Yeah, because I’m not explaining that shit to my conservative Christian extended family, my coworkers, acquaintances from high school, and random friends of my parents. 

Actions that I take for personal reasons, to protect myself are not a permission slip for misgendering me.