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If you support The Head Orange banning transgender people from serving, then unfollow me. Actually, fucking block me. I don’t want you coming near my blog, me, or my trans friends with a pole as long as this fucking country.
Trump Says That Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military
President Trump says that the military cannot be burdened with what he called “the tremendous medical costs” of allowing transgender service members.
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Eileen Sullivan

President Trump announced on Wednesday that the United States will not “accept or allow” transgender people in the United States military, saying American forces “must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory” and could not afford to accommodate them.

Mr. Trump made the surprise declaration in a series of posts on Twitter, saying he had come to the decision after consulting with generals and military experts, whom he did not name.

Transgender service members have been permitted to serve openly in the military since last year.

The president’s announcement came amid debate on Capitol Hill over the Obama-era practice of requiring the Pentagon to pay for medical treatment related to gender transition.

Once again, Trump goes back on his campaign promises to support and defend the LGBT community. Among other things he has nominated a hyper conservative to the supreme count, refused to acknowledge Pride month in June, and now disrespected and demeaned transgender Americans serving in our military. What happened to taking care of our soldiers who served our country? Anyone willing to sacrifice and serve deserves respect and equal opportunity.

the reason people are upset about the “trans people can’t serve in the military” thing isn’t because they support the military

it’s because those tweets are symptomatic of a bigger problem: the fact that our administration is putting an undue focus on furthering LGBT+ discrimination through proposing new legislation as well as undoing existing legislation that actually helped us.

Our statement on today's announcement of banning trans service members in the military. We love and support you.

“If you’re wiling to defend the freedoms of your country, you should have the freedom to do it without hiding who you are. Period. And, to those who believe in a stronger, more inclusive world for all: stay vigilant, never back down, and keep fighting for the rights we all deserve as human beings.”

Why I wish I lived and grew up in a different country… I am heartbroken and I am livid.

If you are any part of the LGBT+ community, please do not let America’s president’s words and actions define your opinion of me. I did not vote for him and he is NOT my president. I do not support this horrible man.

I support you. I hold a lot of love for you in my heart. I care. And I am fighting for you.

I hate it when people don’t have any sources of their own but then call all your statistics and sources not real and valid


The Dumpster is up to par.  He is “rewarding” 2 groups, the military and LGBTQ supporters.  He kept saying he was going to increase Military and so now he kicks out 7,000 trained and qualified military just because they are Trans.  He cites costs as one reason without explaining why he just didn’t say “No Surgical” while on duty.

  • me: i don't really support the military for a bunch of reasons
  • drumpf: trans people can't serve in the military
  • me, now decked out head to toe in camo and american flag earrings: fuck you

i keep seeing ppl saying that trump banning trans people from being in the military is fine bc they shouldn’t serve anyway and that’s wrong bc 1. this sets a very dangerous precedent bc it’s allowing direct discrimination of trans people and that could spread to many more organizations and 2. 15,000 trans people will now be out of a job and could very well end up homeless this is not a laughing matter
i don’t support the military and i’ve experienced what it can do to people first hand, but this is not the time to be debating whether people should serve in the army. this is about trans lives now being at stake due to his fucked up beliefs this is not ok

White people literally do not care!! They’ll really join and support the military bc it gives THEM benefits but dont give a single shit about how it affects poc lmao!


The year is 1995, congress member Bernie Sanders stands in opposition of a homophobic statement said by Duke Cunningham. Cunningham derisively refers to “homos in the military” to support his argument while (strangely) discussing the Clean Water Act. Sanders, having none of it, quickly rises to the defense of thousands of men and women everywhere. Sanders ire is such that he repeatedly disrespects the Chairman by speaking over him in order to say his piece. [Video Source]

What does this say for Sanders? Well, that’s for you to decide. But to me, it says that for 20+ years strong he has shown his public support for LGBT+ persons everywhere, even in the face of ridicule and disrespect. Unlike some, Sanders has always been vocal about his beliefs concerning the LGBT+ community, and he has always held them. Key word always, and not just when doing so might garner him support for his campaigns. 


So I’m not OLD old but I do want to point out that Bush was polling real fucking low before we all went to war in Iraq and that Thatcher was on the brink of irrelevance before the Falklands.

The fact that May’s cabinet* is being militaristic and belligerent toward Spain and that POTUS 45 has launched 50 warheads into Syria is a political act to solidify authority.

In the coming months the UK and USA are going to have patriotism and glory-baiting shoved down our throats.

So remember these things:

1) War is hell, don’t let your representatives condone it.

2) You can support the men and women in the armed forces as individuals without supporting the military-imperial business model.

3) Times of war are when leaders must be held the most accountable for their actions, not rallied behind for the greater good.

The UK Government has yet to issue any new statement regarding military action in Syria. This is not a good time to live in.

Peace is an open hand, not a Tomahawk warhead.

*EDIT: William Hague is a Tory Life Peer, former party leader, former First Secretary of State, and Former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, among other titles. While not part of the Cabinet as claimed, he is still politically relevant.