military style leather jacket

nox-nekori  asked:

Hi, do you possibly know any brands/shops that sell dystopian-looking clothing for moderate amount of money? :D

Finding reasonably priced post apocalyptic-looking clothing can be tricky - which is ironic considering it’s meant to look like it’s what you’ve been living in since the collapse of society! I’m also not sure what “moderate amount” means for you, but I will list some brands and ideas and hope they help :)

Punk Rave sometimes has a few dystopian looking pieces, and Sovrin too has some distressed items on occassion. I find looking on etsy is another great way, and you’re helping support small businesses too: 
Wildhorse Apparel 

Here are just a few etsy stores, and you can find a lot more depending on what you’re searching for - whether it’s more Mad Max wasteland, or more all black and avant-garde neo-rogue kind of feel :)

My advice if your budget is tight is to invest in a good pair of flat combat-style boots in neutral colour like dark brown or grey, and then a few accessories like goggles, a big scarf you can use as a hood or cowl, belts, or a hip/thigh bag (again depending on the look you’re wanting). Sometimes a leather or military style jacket can be a staple too. You can try work with the clothes you already have, or just go to your local stores and find things with the same colour scheme you want and pair them with your boots and accessories :) little things like belts and cowls and hoods can transform a whole outfit. I also find clothing with raw hems, and a distressed or faded look work well.

Try thrift shopping too! It’s usually very cheap and then you can distress whatever you find seeing as it’s second hand anyway - cut it up, give it some holes, throw some bleach on it or leave it in the sun for a few days to fade it. You can think about how someone from your dystopian world might be living - are they carrying all the clothes and possessions they have because they have to keep moving? Is it a cold or hot dystopia? What items or pieces of clothing might they re-purpose and re-use because nothing else is available? 

This is just how I think about my outfits sometimes, you don’t have to go as meta, hehe. If you had an exact look or style in mind you can let me know and I can be a bit more specific in brands and shops :) hope that helps!

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Malec Appreciation Fortnight

Day 7

Fave Alec’s outfit

1x3 ‘dead man’s party’ blue jacket with leather sleeves and fingerless gloves, striped shirt and bow

↳  Fave Magnus’s outfit

1x12 ‘malec’ military-style jacket, also leather fingerless gloves, black shirt and grace

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