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Glyph ( ♂)

Ruler of Aries (co-rules Scorpio)
Exalted in Capricorn
Detriment in Libra and Taurus
Fall in Cancer

Time Spent in a Sign: About 6 weeks (sometimes a month)

Mythology behind Mars
Mars; the Roman God of War, and Ares; the Greek God of War. Is it any wonder why Mars is the ruler of Aries? In Greek mythology, Ares was representative of violence, bloodshed and obviously… war. In Roman mythology, Mars was representative of these similar things as well but not as aggressive as Ares. Mars was representative of structured military power and a strong warrior who still liked seeing bloodshed. Ares was savage, dangerous and an overwhelming force. He was destructive and untamed, impulsive you could say.

Mars in Astrology
With great courage, comes great strength. Mars is symbolized by the warrior or soldier. Whatever sign Mars is placed in is going to be how you assert yourself. Mars is also your anger, your stamina and your drive. More than anything, we know that this planet also determines your libido as well. The way we approach things, our impulsive desires, even something as random as last minute decisions is usually determined by Mars. Are you passionate and fiery like a Fire sign Mars? Or maybe much calmer and grounded like an Earth sign Mars? However you act out on things is determined by Mars.

Mars in Aries
Mars is domicile in Aries. These people are not necessarily ones to think before they do something. The energy they put into things is impulsive and aggressive. What they want, they will get one way or another.

Mars in Taurus
The energy is rather slow, but steady with Mars in Taurus. These people would prefer to take their time accomplishing something, but be aware that they will finish it no matter what. Their goals are usually long-term so know that they value security and stability.

Mars in Gemini
The energy is scattered and flighty with Mars in Gemini. These people are capable of putting their energy into many different tasks at once. At their best, these people can be powerhouses.

Mars in Cancer
Mars is in fall in Cancer. You’ll notice these people can often have trouble asserting themselves properly. They are incredibly tenacious and fiercely protective people, especially of their loved ones.

Mars in Leo
The energy is massive with a Mars in Leo. They have a strong will and can aggressively stay committed to a task for long. You’ll find that they have tremendous staying power if its something of importance to them.

Mars in Virgo
The energy is always put to great use with Mars in Virgo. You’ll find that they are practical people and would prefer things to have a place. There’s a nervous energy with them that they could keep hidden very well.

Mars in Libra
Mars is detriment in Libra. They can struggle with getting things done since they tend to procrastinate a lot. These people would much rather have opportunities come to them.

Mars in Scorpio
The energy is intense with Mars in Scorpio. They are capable of sticking to one thing until it is completed before moving on to the next task. You’ll find that they can reach great heights with this dedication.

Mars in Sagittarius
The energy is also scattered, but aggressive with Mars in Sagittarius. These people get random, explosive bursts of energy and you’ll find that they struggle focusing all that energy into one thing. In the end, they can surprise people with their accomplishments though.

Mars in Capricorn
Mars is exalted in Capricorn. You’ll find that these people are constantly setting goals and are extremely productive and dedicated… or at least they strive to be!

Mars in Aquarius
The energy is fixed and they can be quite productive as well with Mars in Aquarius. There’s a method to the madness of these people. They are much more interested in mental pursuits.

Mars in Pisces
The energy has a “go with the flow” motto with Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces lets life happen as it comes and might let opportunities pass by.


Warrior Culture : USMC

Subculture : Infantry

The Hazelwood sisters have made Marine history being the first sisters to both pass USMC Infantry training. Making the accomplishment even more stunning is that they are among the first females to have ever passed the course! Semper Fidelis sisters! Til Valhalla!

“So you’re a politician,” Luna said with a smirk, never taking her orange eyes off of his own as she bit into her bright green apple. “And what makes you say that?” Jacques responded, making a note of how strong her jaw was. Every tiny muscle was working to grind the apple pieces in her mouth into mush, flexing and dancing underneath her smooth, dark skin like perfectly conditioned, world class dancers. “That,” the Captain stated, lifting and extending her right index finger from the apple in her grasp and pointing it straight at his face. “What you’re doing now. You always have a look on your face that tells me you’re recording something. And when you open your mouth, I can hear the tact and the care in your voice, even before you’re finished with your sentence.” Her eyes narrowed, stern and understanding, before she swallowed and took another bite. “Aren’t those traits of a politician?” “I think that the real question is, do you find my careful nature disturbing, Captain,” Jacques asked. “You won’t let me sleep with the rest of the men. You won’t let me eat within earshot of them either. I’m isolated from the rest of the unit, all because I feel that you don’t trust me.” He took a deep breath, allowing his fatigue from the past few days to appear for a brief moment. “And you wonder why I’m so quiet. So observant. Perhaps if I wasn’t made out to be an outsider to the rest of your people I wouldn’t be so strange to you.” Luna chuckled to herself before lifting what remained of her afternoon snack in front of her nose. She didn’t just look at it. No, Jacques thought to himself, she was staring THROUGH it. Her once understanding gaze transforming into an exercise of contemplation. She was studying him now, allowing a few moments to pass before giving him an answer. “I’ll tell you why I wanted to know if you were a politician. If not in this lifetime, perhaps in any other. It’s because politicians do one thing better than anyone else in any society. And that one thing is to lie.” She frowned. “From the moment we met each other I knew that you weren’t a soldier, despite the fact that you’re trained very well. Anyone else, even our esteemed General, would’ve been fooled into believing that you’re an honest asset to our ranks. But there’s something about you that’s never sat right with me, Lieutenant Jacques.” She rolled the now dripping fruit in her hand with the tips of her fingers and continued to focus on his face, trying to decipher any reaction to her words. “I know that you won’t tell me what you’re really doing here. And that’s fine. You have an agenda,” she purred, “I understand. But know this. I won’t let you taint my men. Not one whisper from your cancerous lips will reach the ears of those whose lives I am directly responsible for. You will not influence their dreams by bedding down among them and you will not sour their rations by helping them break their bread. I don’t know who or what you are, Lieutenant, but you’re not spreading your disease through my ranks.”

Art / Lupita Nyong'o photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Vogue Magazine October 2015 Tumblr: femmequeens

raythebrutallyhonestguy  asked:

I saw your blog and I must ask one thing for people I know: Why didn't they take the eagles? It's a question, not a way to piss you off.

Hello! Thank you for asking.  :D Gotta love the Eagles.

Lots of reasons!!! 

We all know that the fantasy genre is all about suspending your disbelief. When you’re reading a work of fantasy, you can accept anything….as long as it’s given an explanation that’s consistent with its world’s rules.  The explanation doesn’t have to perfect, it just has make enough sense for us to buy it. The “real” reason the Ring can’t be destroyed by an axe is because then we wouldn’t have a movie. “The Ring can only be destroyed in the Fires of Mount Doom because Evil Power Magic”–we accept that because it’s the premise of the film. “The Fellowship can’t take the Eagles to Mordor because these reasons”; that’s also something we’re supposed to accept. 

And the thing with the eagles is…we are given plenty of acceptable reasons/explanations? Reasons that might not be perfectly realistic (because nothing in fiction is perfectly realistic) , but are logical enough for you to suspend your disbelief.

In fact:

Hey, any fellow Tolkien Dorcs! 

Reblog this post with Reasons why the Fellowship couldn’t have taken the eagles to Mordor?

If you feel like it. You don’t have to but it could be fun.

My favorite is:

1) Mordor has tons of Anti-Eagle Defenses, making it impossible to enter by eagle

As screenwriter Philippa Boyens said during the film’s commentary: 

 "Why does everyone always say that(they could’ve taken the eagles)?! The flying Nazgûl on their Fell Beasts would have stopped them! How much more obvious does that need to be?! Mordor has flying creatures too!“

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And in addition to the Fell Beasts/Nazgul, Mordor has plenty of orc archers at the ready. This is the universe where even a  powerful dragon like Smaug could be killed by a single arrow.  (Just one arrow! Killing a dragon ten times the size of a Great Eagle, and covered in armor-scales!) The book The Hobbit confirms that eagles fear archers, because arrows can grievously wound them. Gwaihir, the Lord of the Eagles, nearly died from an arrow wound.

 And even if you don’t buy that a single normal arrow could kill an Eagle (which it could) remember that Mordor weapons are often poisoned (like the arrows that nearly killed Faramir) or cursed (like the Morgul Blades the Ringwraiths carry, or in the Hobbit-film-canon the “Morgul Shaft” arrow that almost kills Kili.)  And Mordor has catapults! 

“But we see the Eagles in the Battle of the Black Gate and they seem to hold their own against the Fell Beasts!” Yeah, but 1) most of Sauron’s ground troops are occupied with fighting Gondor’s army– so there are no archers to shoot the eagles. 2) Sure, the Eagles can fight the Fell Beasts…..but would they be able to do it while people are balancing on their backs????????? Watch that final battle scene again and imagine Frodo on one of the Eagle’s backs, flopping around trying to hold on as the Eagle does all those cool spiraling-sideways and upside-down moves. Frodo would fall off and die. Splat. The end. Roll credits. 

There’s also the fact that “the broil of poisonous fumes”  Sauron creates can’t be all that safe to fly in.

TL;DR: A flock of eagles isn’t discreet– they couldn’t sneak in. They’d be spotted from miles away. 

And a military tens of thousands strong excited to begin war, thousands of archers, skies full of poisonous fumes, the War-Bats referenced in the Hobbit (book and film) and at least nine horrific-dragon beasts…all the might of Mordor…would fall upon on the group at once.

Only one Eagle would need to die for the Fellowship’s mission to fail– Frodo’s. And with all Mordor attacking them, either it or Frodo certainly would. 

I leave you with this: