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At last I took one big, callused hand and slid forward so I knelt on the boards between his knees. I laid my head against his chest, and felt his breath stir my hair. I had no words, but I had made my choice. 

You know what really just pisses me off?
When he doesn’t reply to my text messages.
I know I sound crazy right now and I know it shouldn’t piss me off.
But it’d be nice if he was busy or not in the mood to talk, to just tell me so rather than ignoring me.
And when he doesn’t reply to me (after replying to me constantly for an hour or so) I get this stupid insecure feeling that someone else is holding his attention, some other girl.
Why am I so insecure?
Why do I get this stupid feeling, every time he doesn’t reply to me, that he’s going to leave me?
Fuck. This.

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A few days later, throngs of starved refugees were put to plough in the wastelands as a last-ditch effort to raise food. But the cold, hard ground yielded nothing, and the following year, 846, the remaining refugees old enough to serve in the military were tasked with reclaiming Wall Maria. Of the 250,000 sent, over twenty percent of the surviving population, not even two hundred made it back. While it did nothing to drive back the Titans, their sacrifice did at least lessen the effects of famine within the interior.