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Negotiation Table

“Before we begin, I want to be sure of a few things. This device you’ve provided us with, it is 100% effective at understanding and translating languages, correct?”

“Nearly. We occasionally find a race with one or two concepts that it has trouble with, but that’s easily smoothed over.”

“One or two…okay. That’s odd.”

“Have you already found something it can’t translate?”

“Of a sort, yes. Mind humoring me for a few minutes?”

“Certainly. After all, it can take years to accept a race into the Federation.”

“Excellent. This shouldn’t take much time. I mentioned that we found some issues with your device. Allow me to demonstrate: Espionage.”


“Reverse Engineering.”




“Overwhelming Force”


“Scorched Earth”




Blitzkrieg, Stealth, Mutually Assured Destruction, Acceptable Losses, Pyrrhic Victory, Guerilla Warfare, Encirclement, Entrenchment, Siege.”



“Why do you have a word for…what was all that just now?”

“We were confused about that too. So we took a look at the information you sent as part of first contact with us. We noticed something interesting. Every single race in your Federation is carnivorous. Why is that?”

“First contact has always been made after sapient races make it to multiple worlds. We’ve never found a sapient herbivorous race which failed to destroy themselves in resource wars and aggressive action. We’ve never found herbivores capable of surviving long enough to leave their own world.”

“And the races you have found, while commonly using threat displays, do not waste resources on wars they cannot easily win, correct?”

“Wasted resources means decreased likelihood of survival.”

“And yet herbivores constantly waste resources on aggression, on movement, on having more young than will possibly survive.”

“And they die for it. That’s exactly why we’ve never encountered spacefaring herbivores. Their inherent aggression is their own demise.”

“Indeed. Now, back to the subject at hand. I’ll ask you before we continue: what can you offer humans for joining your Federation?”

“We’ve already sent the offer. You’ve seen that, I’m sure.”

“And I’m asking, what else do you have to offer?”

“Nothing. I’m not sure why you’re-”

“May I have permission to connect my datapad with my ship’s computers?”

“Yes, if you like.”

“Computer, show video: Hiroshima”

“That’s…you’re using weapons of that scale on a population center? How recent was this?”

“Three centuries ago. Prior to our invention of spaceflight. Part of a much larger conflict. This is a relatively minor example of “overwhelming force”“


“Shut it. Computer, show infosheet: Battle of Stalingrad.”

“That…what purpose would that…why w-”

“Because Stalingrad was an advantageous location and the people who died there were considered ‘Acceptable losses’“


“Computer, show gallery: General Sherman’s March to the Sea.”

“So much waste…that can’t be intentional, can it?”

“It was intentional.”


“Because it rendered the enemy unable to use resources Sherman couldn’t keep. Computer, assemble and show video grouping: RTS Games”

“The translator can’t have gotten that right. Those are military tactical simulations. Higher level than anything I’ve ever seen or heard of.”

“No. They aren’t. Those are games. Toys. For. Fun. And they’re a couple hundred years out of date. From what I’ve seen, nearly every human capable of coherent speech is capable of tactically overwhelming your Federation. And since we’re already here, in space, it’s too late for you to say no. So, I’ll ask again:

What do you have to offer us?”

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Do we even want to know where you got a tank?

It’s actually not as exciting as you may have anticipated. In Russia, the government takes strikeball or “Airsoft” at the competitive level pretty seriously. Since all men in Russia are obligated to a brief period of military service, and firearms are difficult to (legally) acquire (although, incidentally, it’s easier to acquire firearms here illegally than it is to legally rent a saxophone) the government likes when people take it upon themselves to simulate military operations. The team I’m with during my time here is one of the most politically powerful in the region, with official support from the Russian Ministry of Defense who give them access to training grounds used by the military, abandoned military “объекты” and in the case of some simulations, lend them a segment of a motorised brigade to help run the operation along with a few dozen tanks and armored personnel carriers. As a foreigner who’s gained esteem with this team, I will be spending this weekend camping out with them, riding tanks, shooting modern Russian military rifles, chatting with Russian soldiers and genuinely promoting cooperation between our militaries. In the near future, there is a good chance our militaries could be directly cooperating but since there is very little training for American soldiers dealing with Russian soldiers and vice versa, and given my experience, degrees, and existing connections, I’m hoping to get access to one of these jobs to better promote counter terrorism efforts between the two.

TLDR: I hang out with the Russian military sometimes so they won’t assume Americans are all as dickish as trump.

I still like to imagine that RvB is the canon behind the Halo multiplayer (pre-Halo 4) since that means that every Halo player, regardless of skill level, is actually just a military reject simulation trooper.


So even though I’m currently running war games on a military simulation program made for the DoD and just finished watching the latest pony episode (LARSON YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD), I’d thought I’d update you all on what’s going on down in Virginia:

CNN has a running blog here, but here’s the important details.

  • The rally is called “UniteTheRight”, it’s apparently an assembly of alt-right and neo-nazi groups.
  • The rally is partially a protest to the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.
  • Last night demonstrators did a torchlight march on the campus of the University of Virginia, chanting slogans such as “ONE PEOPLE! ONE NATION! END IMMIGRATION!” “YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US!” and “WHITE LIVES MATTER!”
  • Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has declared today’s assembly to be unlawful and police have ordered demonstrators to leave. He has also declared a state of emergency and has put the National Guard on standby.
  • AntiFa may be on the scene but I cannot confirm that.

Anyone in the Charlottesville area: stay indoors and away from the site of the demonstrations.

This could get ugly before it’s over.
Remembering The Massacre Of Sikhs In June Of 1984
During the first week of June, Sikhs around the world commemorate a recent historical event: Operation Bluestar of 1984, a government-sanctioned military...

“The invasion of the Indian Army was by no means a spontaneous reaction to the threat posed by protesting Punjabis; rather, the Indian Military prepared and simulated this operation for several months prior to its execution. The army’s assault included the deployment of tear gas, army tanks and 70,000 troops. Observers have widely speculated that the timing of the attack was also carefully selected to coincide with the first few days of June, a moment during which Sikhs around the globe commemorate the martyrdom of their fifth Guru, Guru Arjan. Guru Arjan is celebrated for many reasons, including his role as the architect of Darbar Sahib, and Sikhs flock to this site in Amritsar every June to honor his contributions.

As in years past, on June 1, 1984, Sikhs were filling the complex to pay their respects when Indian military forces arrived and placed them under siege. A deliberate and calculated massacre ensued, perpetrated by a government against its own citizens. Anthropologist Joyce Pettigrew explains the purpose of the invasion: “The Army went into Darbar Sahib not to eliminate a political figure or a political movement but to suppress the culture of a people, to attack their heart, to strike a blow at their spirit and self-confidence.”

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After following your for over a year, I've seen how good you are with physics, programming, and graphics. Do you do any of this for a living?

Software Engineering for military training simulations is my day job, so there is some overlap for sure. For a little over half of my career I’ve worked on a few different flight simulators (F-35, T-6C, F-16, Grob 120). I also spent a big portion of it working on a simulator for offshore oil drilling, so I have a weird amount of knowledge on that subject as well. These days I’m doing infantry focused Army/Marine training software.

As for graphics, I didn’t really start programming until my second year at university. Up to that point I was really into computer animation and modding games, Battlefield and Freelancer in particular. That, plus a two year technical program in high school are where I learned a lot more computer graphics stuff. I actually did a fair amount of 3d modeling and texturing work at my first few jobs, in addition to programming, but these days I don’t do it professionally anymore. I’m still very interested in what’s happening in that world though, so I enjoy talking to the artists at work.


AU where Tony Stark has three sons, all members of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Grant Ward (Grant Stark) is not really undercover for Hydra, but Tony Stark, helping The Avengers Initiative. Hence his interest in Skye.

Hal Mason (Hal Stark) went undercover in a military controlled simulation where what would have happened if the aliens had really taken over is the main concept. Project T.A.H.I.T.I. was used successfully on most of the people involved to help him blend in. Spikes were placed on people with powers in order to explain their abilities. Additionally, modified spikes were placed on those who started to remember life before T.A.H.I.T.I. that instilled memories from their current life in order to maintain the facade. I.C.E.R.s were used on all involved.

Robert Kitner (Robert Stark) also went undercover, in a controlled foreign invasion take over, weeding out the bravest of the brave to recruit them for the new S.H.I.E.L.D.. I.C.E.R.s were used in all involved.

Once a year they all get together, tinkering in Tony’s shop.


US and South Korean Military Storm Simulated Assault on North Korean Beach

Marines from the U.S. and Republic of Korea successfully practiced an amphibious assault on beaches in the Southeast Coast of South Korea. Assault Amphibious Vehicles with Republic of Korea Marine Corps assault the beaches in the city of Pohang, ROK, during landing day of Exercise Ssang Yong 16, March 12,