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Why millions of Americans — including me — own the AR-15
What everyone is getting wrong about the weapon behind some of the worst mass shootings in America.
By Jon Stokes

“The AR-15 is not an “automatic weapon.” As we’ll see shortly, the range of firearms that fall (to one degree or another) into the category of “AR-15” is staggeringly diverse, but one thing they all have in common is that they all fire only one round with each pull of the trigger. In contrast, the AR-15’s military sibling, the M16, is capable of fully automatic fire, which means that the gun will keep spitting out bullets as long as the trigger is pressed and the magazine is loaded…

“…My point in bringing up the lever action rifle is that civilians have been buying “weapons of war” for a very long time, since the black powder musket days. This is partly because soldiers who come home from wars to enter civilian life often want to buy a version of the weapon they were trained on and trusted their life to. And it’s also because “military grade” is widely (if sometimes mistakenly) understood to mean “this technology has been tested in the real world, the kinks have been worked out, and its reliability and effectiveness have been proven in the field by an entity with the resources of an entire nation at its disposal.” Thus it is that since the dawn of the gunpowder age, gun buyers have snapped up military hardware, because that is often the very best hardware they can get their hands on. In this respect, today’s AR-15 buyers are no different than yesteryear’s lever action rifle buyers….

“…The AR-15 is less a model of rifle than it is an open-source, modular weapons platform that can be customized for a whole range of applications, from varmint control to taking out 500-pound feral hogs to urban combat. Everything about an individual AR-15 can be changed with aftermarket parts — the caliber of ammunition, recoil, range, weight, length, hold and grip, and on and on. In the pre-AR-15 era, if you wanted a gun for shooting little groundhogs, a gun for shooting giant feral hogs, and a gun for home defense, you’d buy three different guns in three different calibers and configurations. With the AR platform, a person with absolutely no gunsmithing expertise can buy one gun and a bunch of accessories, and optimize that gun for the application at hand. You can even make an AR-15 into a pistol….

“…So the “defensive rifle” (as opposed to the “assault rifle”) is a nonsense idea that exists only in the minds of people who know nothing about guns. This being the case, you can’t fault gun owners for not buying or building such a weapon, because that is not a real thing and never will be. An assault rifle is a defense rifle, and a defense rifle is an assault rifle; these two concepts are identical — such is the very nature of armed combat, in which one person is trying to prevent himself from being killed by killing the other guy first. Anyone who “needs” a defense rifle “needs” an assault rifle, because they are the same…

… “You may reject all of the rationales offered above, which is fine. It’s totally respectable for you to admit that you don’t believe the rationales for AR ownership outlined above are legitimate, and therefore we should outlaw civilian ownership of a very large category of weapons. But what isn’t respectable is to argue this way, and then to turn around and claim that “nobody is coming for your guns!” That’s insulting, and we both know it isn’t true. Stop doing that. If you’re serious about banning guns, you can talk about banning all semiautomatic guns, or about restricting guns to a list of approved models or actions. This is may not be politically realistic at the moment, but at least it’s consistent and rational. But talk of banning just the “AR-15” — as if that’s a specific model of gun that you can just up and ban — is technologically infeasible and ultimately counterproductive.

hewhoslaysmonsters  asked:

Provided circumstances provided for siblings (with the same surname) to be in the same unit at a given time, how would they be differentiated?

The same as any two soldiers with the same surname I suppose. If they’re different genders, one might address them as “male Sullivan” and “female Sullivan.” If they have different jobs, one might address them as “14T Sullivan” and “14J Sullivan.” If they have different ranks, one might address them as “PFC Sullivan” and “Specialist Sullivan.” Heck, if one’s tall and the other’s short, “tall Sullivan and short Sullivan.” Soldiers who know them especially well might use their first name, but this is less common except among officers.

It would probably depend on who’s calling them too. It’s highly unusual for siblings to even be in the same brigade together, let alone the same company, so odds are the soldier will know by who’s asking who’s needed. Worst case scenario they can use the last four digits of their SSN and they might spend the whole time in their unit being called “4128″ and “5972.”

It’s worth mentioning that siblings can request that the army separate them into different units if they don’t want to serve together, but they can’t do the opposite. 


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I've just scrolled through your blog for the first time and love how accurate your portrayals of each of the characters, your writing is lovely! Could I request Erwin headcanons for how he would handle a little sister in the 104 cadets batch, how he would feel about her enlisting in the survey corps and how he would treat her going forward as she works under his command? I'd imagine their relationship to be complex, idk their family situation is pretty intense. Thank you!

Aw, thank-you so much for the kind words, anon! Mod Spookzz and I really appreciate it. <3 And this is a super interesting request. I hope you don’t mind, but I decided to go with Erwin’s sibling to keep it gender neutral. I hope you enjoy! I actually had a lot of fun writing these and coming up with the sibling-trope character.

  • There is quite the age difference between Erwin and his sibling, considering Erwin is estimated to be in his early to mid thirties. If his sibling was a graduate of the 104th, then they’d be about 15-18, thus making the age gap about sixteen years, give or take. With that in mind, it’s more likely that they are half-siblings, considering the fate of Erwin’s father.
  • There would be tons of pressure on his sibling to live up to Erwin’s legacy as a trainee. In addition to that, however, would be ridicule that they’d have to live with each and every time they passed through the walls. Whispers about Erwin Smith and his endless body-count would linger everywhere they walked, but his sibling would know him well enough to understand his motives.
  • Or they think they do, at least. It’s always just been a known thing that they’d follow in Erwin’s steps and become a scout, but I can see Erwin leaving that decision in his siblings hands. He wouldn’t push the topic in either direction since he feels as though it’s their choice to make. He can’t force them to dedicate their mind, body, and soul to saving humanity. 
  • When they do decide of their own accord, Erwin is proud of them in his own way. Although he would be a kind and affectionate older brother outside of the military, I don’t see him treating his sibling any differently than he would any other soldier. He can’t afford to play favorites and his sibling understands this, hopefully.
  • As much as they want to believe in their brother and the cause he’s fighting for, it’s a little difficult to stomach watching him sacrifice innocent lives just to become a mean to an end. The world is brutal and they know Erwin wouldn’t be doing this if there was another way to go about it, but he just seems so calloused and cut-off from his own humanity that it makes his sibling wonder if he’d wind up doing that to them, too.
  • Still, they decide to put their trust in Erwin not just because he’s their commander, but because he’s their brother. They know him well enough to see what’s truly inside of his heart and they trust him. 
  • Considering they are a graduate of the 104th and plan on wholeheartedly joining the Survey Corps before anyone else, I can see them getting along with Eren. Since Erwin knows that he can trust them, he might ask his sibling to keep a watchful eye out for Eren and not to trust everyone since they aren’t always what they seem.
  • If his sibling managed to stay alive after Erwin loses an arm, they would be an absolute wreck. They’d practically beg him to resign from the Survey Corps, especially when he is going to be executed simply because they don’t want to lose him. Erwin would remind them that they are a soldier now and his relationship as a commander came before being their brother. It would sting, but his sibling would learn to accept the change in relationship and slowly detach from Erwin. 
  • It isn’t intentional, but it would be difficult to view Erwin as the same person they once knew in their childhood after watching how dedicated and practically obsessed he becomes with trying to get to the basement. It almost scares them how little they recognize their own sibling, but they relent and try to keep focused on the task at hand.
  • During the reclaiming of Shiganshina, Erwin’s sibling would passionately fight back and beg Levi to use the serum on Erwin instead of Armin. Their reasoning is less about how Erwin would continue to benefit humanity and more about how they simply don’t want to lose their older brother. The decision to give it to Armin breaks their heart, but they realize that the choice was Erwin’s to make in the end and, as difficult as it is, they would try not to resent Armin, Eren, and Mikasa for stealing away their sibling’s life. 
  • Levi and Hanji would subtly look after them after that, even if it isn’t super obvious. Despite having no reason to continue life in the military, Erwin’s sibling would remain in the Survey Corps, fighting for the dream that Erwin held so dear to him.
Dreams for my faves in 2017

SHINee: Everyone stops calling them flops and embraces them as the legends they are, Onew releases a killer solo album, Key takes over the fashion industry, more fab choreography, variety shows.

Got7: Youngjae and Jackson go back to their original roommates, Bambam treats got6 to food, JJP comeback, Yugbam date, everyone moves past the LA incident, more Coco.

Monsta X: Yall stop sleeping on them and realize they’re gifTS FROM GOD, Wonho feels more confident, Starship gives Hyungwon and Minhyuk more lines, Shownu becomes more comfortable calling himself the leader, more Hyungwonho moments.

AKMU: YG GIVES THEM THE PROMOTIONS THEY DESERVE, Suhyun solo album if Chanhyuk goes into the military, more wonderful siblings antics, collab with Lee Hi, keep updating Jjome’s insta.

Less fandom wars and more Weekly Idol is The Best.

Everyone gets the rest they deserve.

I’ve been thinking lately about Castiel being a survivor of abuse, as Sam and Dean are. Also, how we don’t have flashbacks to Castiel’s “childhood,” as we do with Sam and Dean. Those kinds of flashbacks aren’t even unique to Sam and Dean on the show, although we have it more briefly with others, we saw Bobby’s childhood trauma first-hand. We even had a very brief look at John’s childhood, and we had a more substantial look at him as an adult barely out of young adulthood. I’m not even sure how Castiel flashbacks could be portrayed.

We’re told a lot about Castiel’s familial history and his history with the angels. We see his interaction with other angels—which for a long time were very strongly coded as “siblings” and also as fellow soldiers, and more recently more as fellow soldiers (with sister/brother more an honorific, apparently). tbh I think they changed it for the sake of the Castiel stories they wanted to tell now, and not because the sibling-like nature of the angel relationships isn’t important. The concept of angels as dysfunctional family was extremely important in the S4/S5 storyline. Overt parallels made to Sam and Dean for Lucifer and Michael. But it’s also important to understanding Castiel on an emotional level.

So I’m trying to piece together Castiel’s “childhood”—I don’t think angels have a childhood in the sense that humans (or we) would define it, we’ve been shown so little about how this works, but he had formative influences, he learned, he had mentors, and he had trauma that helped form him and informs how he reacts to things now.

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Britain’s Youngest Female Killer

On June 7th 1992, Sharon Carr targeted a lonely, drunk and upset 18 year old Katie Racliffe. The girl was lured into Sharon’s friends car after she needed a lift. Soon enough Katie wanted to leave but this angered Carr, who the proceeded to stab her 32 times. Her body also had mutilation to her anus, boobs and vagina, leading police to believe a male was involved not a 12 year old girl.

Sharon Carr was arrested 2 years later for a separate assault on a school girl. Whilst in prison she wrote diaries about her sexual pleasure from killing and admitting to the crime from 1992. In 1997 she went on trial for the murder of Katie Racliffe and sentenced to 14 years. In 2003 her sentence was reduced to 10 years even though she attacked many staff and prisoners. Later that year she was diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder meaning she was moved to a psyche ward.

Early life

Sharon Carr was born in Belize in 1979, 1 of 4 siblings to military parents they moved to England. After her mother infidelities the parents split up with Sharon being put in foster care. Carr was described as a polite young girl but soon deteriorated. Sharon decapitated her neighbors dog and fried local hamsters.

“I was having a conversation with my brother about feminism  when the topic came up over whether he thought women should be able to serve in the army. This was before women could fight in the front lines. His point of view was that men do all of these things for women, and the fact that women want to be in the army shows disrespect and doesn’t acknowledge all those things that men do for women. And I thought, ‘That’s not the point.’ I think it’s interesting that two people that were raised in the same environment by the same people could have such different viewpoints.”

anonymous asked:

Thank you for this!! I have several military siblings, including a sister, who saw combat. All of them have PTSD. M's Remembrance Day pap walk/PH's silence . . . *shaking my head*

Well you are very welcome!  My mom and dad were vets…..I salute all in service!  My heart sending hugs, and a huge ty!..I think it would be great if anyone wants to send in a personal tribute to a loved one who is a soldier….I will happily post!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Structure Monster: Setup, Payoff, and Orphan Black Season 3

Hey Clone Club! 

Season 3 is over and, from its ashes, I have resurrected the fireside we all grew up around. 

If you’re new to Orphan Black Fireside Chats, this is how they go. If you’re new to me, happyjacq, long posts about narrative structure are kind of my thing and I’ve been frighteningly reliable in the past. Okay. Moving on. 

I’ve been pretty quiet lately because I’ve been struggling with Season 3 as a whole and I think I’ve finally figured out why: it’s a structure issue. 

Now, there were many things about this season I enjoyed, don’t get me wrong. 

(For a quick list to prove I’m not lying, those things included: Helena’s entire arc in the military, the Castor/Leda sibling reveal, Boss!Delphine, Cosima as Alison, everything about Krystal, and Maria Doyle Kennedy’s singing intercut with a guy getting the pulp beat out of him. That was awesome).

But, as a whole, as a season, it was extremely structurally frustrating.

This is not to say that shows that are structurally frustrating can’t be enjoyable. Heroes was extremely structurally frustrating. I still enjoyed it to the very end. The latest Orange is the New Black season had a structure that just begged to be analyzed (and, indeed, I did). Warehouse 13 Season 4 had an impressively tight structure; that doesn’t mean I liked it or thought it was particularly good.

Enjoyment is subjective. Structure is not.

So, I’d like to take some time to explain why Orphan Black Season 3 was lacking in the structure department, and maybe we’ll all come out of this chat with some new perspectives about story structure and what makes a structure tight and smart and satisfying. 

*pulls up well-loved and moth-eaten old couch in front of warm fire and offers you some babka cake*

Let’s chat. 

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