military relationship

This Is For You...

The ladies… that didn’t get the goodnight text message they hoped for, don’t worry, they’re thinking about you.

The ladies… that didn’t get an “I love you” today, don’t worry, he loves you more than you can imagine.

The ladies… that didn’t get to see their love this week, don’t worry, you’re one day closer.

Everyday that goes by, means you made it one day closer. Never have any doubt. He loves you. He thinks about you. He wants to be with you, of all people.

Do not try to plant self-doubt into my brain: “you’re too young”, “you got your whole life ahead of you”, “both of you are going to do a lot of growing up apart from each other

It only makes me want to show you I can overcome anything. Go ahead and watch me as I overcome every obstacle,  learn and grow with every experience along the way, and live a happy life with my spouse..WHO HAPPENS TO BE IN THE MILITARY.

holla at me.