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Shooting flowers

The US Department of Defence (DOD) has put forward a plan to develop biodegradable training ammunition loaded with specialised seeds, meaning that when a bullet degrades, a plant will grow in its place.

The US Army currently manufactures and consumes hundreds of thousands of bullets per day in training exercises. The ground, over which these projectiles are fired, often becomes littered with cartridge cases and sabot petals, on the surface or even several feet underground. These components take hundreds of years to degrade, and there is no clear way of finding and eliminating all used projectiles from battle or training grounds.

The DOD says that these biodegradable bullets can be manufactured from water bottles, plastic containers and any other composite or plastic product available on the market. The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory has demonstrated that the bioengineered seeds that can be embedded in the resulting composites, and will not germinate until they have been in the ground for several months.

The seeds are said to grow into environmentally friendly plants, removing contaminates from the soil and consuming the biodegradable components of the bullets. They are also harmless to animals, allowing them to be consumed with no ill effects.
Nigerian jet 'kills at least 50 civilians' in accidental attack - BBC News
The air force pilot thought he was attacking Boko Haram militants, the army says.

A Nigerian air force jet has accidentally killed and injured many civilians in Rann, in the north-east of the country, the military has said.

International aid agency MSF says at least 50 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in the incident.

Aid workers are among the casualties - the Red Cross says six of its workers are confirmed dead.

The attack took place near Nigeria’s border with Cameroon where the army has been fighting Boko Haram militants.

Army spokesman Maj-Gen Lucky Irabor said the jet’s pilot mistakenly believed he was attacking insurgents. He said the mission had been ordered, based on intelligence about a gathering of Boko Haram fighters.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has sent a message expressing his dismay at the loss of life and pleading for calm.

His spokesman said Mr Buhari’s administration would offer help to the government of Borno state “in attending to this regrettable operational mistake”.

MSF spokesman Etienne l'Hermitte urged the Nigerian authorities to facilitate evacuations of those injured, by land and air.

“Our medical and surgical teams in Cameroon and Chad are ready to treat wounded patients. We are in close contact with our teams, who are in shock following the event,” he said.

MSF said many of the casualties were believed to be displaced people who had fled from areas where Boko Haram had carried out attacks.

[The Nigerian army themselves say that at least 100 people got killed.]

This is truly horrible. :(

ELI5: Why did Iraq invade and annex Kuwait in 1990? How could they have not anticipated that much stronger countries allied to Kuwait would intervene and drive them out?

Iraq invaded Kuwait for financial reasons mostly. Kuwait supported Iraq during the war with Iran. After the war Iraq was in debt to Kuwait for something like $15 billion. Kuwait refused to debt relief. Kuwait was over prducing oil when there was already a glut. This drives the price of oil down which is bad for Iraq because they are really far in debt not just to Kuwait but to many countries around the world to the tune of $60 billion. Also Iraq accused kuwait of slant drill across the border into Iraq and pumping oil from Iraqi oil fields.

Now, how does Iraq invade Kuwait and not expect retaliation from the U.S. and other? Iraq at the time was the most powerful military in the region and the U.S. and Russian had just wound down the cold war. Iraq calculated we wouldn’t be able to stomach another conflict with Vietnam and Afghanistan in our rearview mirror.

Another reason they thought the U.S. wouldn’t get involved was a matter of mixed signals from the U.S. ambassador. Statements such as “ we have no opinion on Arab-Arab conflicts” and that the U.S. did not intend to “start an economic war against Iraq”. This was said while Iraqi forces were forming on the border with Kuwait. These statements and others, said and not said, was seen as a go ahead for invasion.

The U.S. didn’t think Iraq was really going to annex Kuwait. The U.S. believed it was just posturing by the Iraqis to put pressure on Kuwait for debt relief and lower oil prduction. I’ve heard that Saddam was surprised by the response from the U.S.

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Fantasy based on Jewish and Islamic legends

autistic-winter asked:

Hey, I’m working on a region in my medieval fantasy setting based on ancient Mesopotamian cultures. I thought this might be an opportunity to draw inspiration from Jewish and Islamic traditions as well, since they’re in many ways derived from the very ancient cultures of Mesopotamia. For instance, a kingdom in the region might make use of golems in its military. This region is highly co-operative, the various kingdoms working together against external threats. Any thoughts?

If you’re asking about whether golems could be used in the military, with my limited knowledge it makes sense to me because the most popular golem legend is about a clay superman created to help keep us safe from anti-Semitic attacks. Beyond this, if you have a more specific question, please feel free to resubmit once we open the askbox – “any thoughts” is too vague for me to really know what to say, and I apologize for that.


Since you haven’t said anything specific about Islamic culture, I can’t really say if anything is right or wrong. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from Islam, and if you have a more specific example of what you’d like to use (like the golem example) I’d be happy to answer that.


American boys of Japanese ancestry read comics during their incarceration by the U.S. government at Tule Lake Relocation Center. On 19 February 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, authorizing the Secretary of War to prescribe certain areas as military zones which allowed regional military commanders to designate “military areas” from which “any or all persons may be excluded.” This power was used to declare that all people of Japanese ancestry were excluded from the entire West Coast, including all of California and much of Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Between 110,000 to 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry who lived on the Pacific coast were forcibly relocated and incarcerated in camps in the interior of the country. These edicts included persons of part-Japanese ancestry as well. Anyone with at least 1/16th Japanese ancestry (equivalent to having one great-great grandparent) was eligible for forcible detention. 101 babies and toddlers of Japanese ancestry were also taken from orphanages and foster homes and placed in internment camps. Following the end of the war with Japan, former inmates were given $25 and a train ticket to their prewar places of residence, but many had little or nothing to return to, having lost their homes and businesses. Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, California, U.S.A. 1 July 1942. Image taken by Ansel Adams. 


150130 6:39 PM - SUJU Kangin, Boyfriend′s Young Min, Kwang Min and More Await Medical Exams for ′Real Man′ ~

Joining the army for the first or second time, the new members of MBC′s Real Man went into get their medical checkups ahead of getting enlisted. 

Lim Won Hee, Kim Young Chul, Sam Kim, Kim Seung Hyun, Lee Kyu Han, Jung Gyeo Woon, Super Junior′s Kangin, Untouchable′s Sleepy, Sam Okyere, and Boyfriend′s Young Min and Kwang Min waited to get checked up at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Office. 

The new Real Man season will begin following the Female Soldiers Special. 

(1 photo) The Boyfriend twins appear quite excited

(2 photo) Awaiting in anticipation

(3 photo) All eyes on Kangin

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Babies aaaa *~*

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deeply antisocial Hux

Unknown Regions military brat Hux who scoffs at luxury

“I would rather immolate myself than kiss up to high society” Hux who dodges all invitations to meetings with First Order supporters, citing workload

a man who cannot schmooze to save his life because he’s always expecting an assassination attempt or worse, an attempt to make small talk with him


Hux, “charismatic”? what the fuck? the man’s idea of a rousing speech was "FUCKING GOD DAMN REPUBLIC ARSEHOLES GET A LOAD OF THIS MURDERDEATH" yes by fascist standards that’s very charismatic BUT

And by contrast a smooth, urbane Kylo Ren who grew up with a mother in politics and a father in the profession of talking his way out of everything; he knows how to act around people, is 100% dedicated to his #aesthetic, and always the most fashionable Dark Sider around.