military pregnancy

My baby boy is two weeks old already!

My god how the time flies when you have a baby, I lose track of the days so easily!

Though I don’t get very far with work right now (easily distracted and all) he is such a good baby. He sleeps so well during the night and hitting all the milestones he should be.

Baby Daddy and I are making the most of the time we have left with each other and baby boy before he leaves for Germany again..

The joys of having a military man💙

“Being angry about your tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood and funding abortion (because you don’t understand the Hyde Amendment) but not caring about the tax dollars going to the military.”


Pro-lifers don’t care about lives once they’re born.


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blizzard’s job postings are cool. <we hire regardless of race, skin color, sex, age, religion, lineage, country of origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetics, disability, pregnancy, military service, participation in war, or association with any other organizations for rights.>

(translation: sullaem)


Feb 3, 2014 I was headed to a doctors appointment with my Ob around 1. I Came to a stop light as usually listening to music I was 2 cars behind at the light. The light turn green and I proceeded to go, the next thing I remember I was waking up at the hospital. Completely confused I proceeded to tell the nurse that I had a doctors appointment and I needed to go. Confused about everything doctors and nurses poking it seemed like everything was in slow motion the doctor explain to my mother in law that the trauma from the accident that I was at a high risk to miscarry. Feb 5, 2014 after observation I walked out of the hospital with only a concussion, fractured ankle, and bruised clavicle. I never miscarried and I thank God everyday that my twins are growing healthy. I commend my husband for being able to keep it together whole being deployed and all this was going on… It’s not easy and I know it was hard but we made it…


Had my baby this morning at 38 weeks. I made it to the hospital in just enough time to birth him naturally. They didn’t even have time to admit me. Wyatt Adrian was ready to see us!! 12/31/13 at 03:52 AM. I got my delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin contact with breastfeeding, and an unexpected natural birth! My sweet boy is here :))