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5 new editors’ picks to shop this week

Each week, we scroll through our new arrivals and choose five of our favorite pieces - a handpicked selection of this season’s best clothing and accessories to shop now or add to ‘your loves’ to shop later. View the best new products below and see why you need them in your closet stat.

1. ASOS Wool Overcoat

Why You Need It: This overcoat is the perfect alternative to your black jacket collection. Its heavy weight wool will keep you extra warm without any itchiness, plus it’s fully lined and has large front pockets.

2. Lotuff Canvas & Leather Backpack

Why You Need It: Fashion meets functional with this canvas and leather backpack with adjustable buckle straps and two big pockets. So, update your new work or travel bags with this practical new backpack.

3. Gap Military Parka Jacket

Why You Need It: This 100% cotton parka is great for guys who are always running on high heat. Its lightweight material lets you move around easily without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.

4.Nike Free Hypervenom Mid QS

Why You Need It: You can never have enough Nikes and this pair is just plain cool. This fan favorite performance design comes with asymmetrical lacing, a switched up swoosh and a black and white speckled sole.

5. Topman Blue Oversized Fit Ink Splat T-Shirt

Why You Need It: We’re always looking for tees that turn heads and with this eye-catching ink splatter shirt, you’ll accomplish just that. Pair it with simple black pant for a standout look.

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Things I really wish would be in the Pacific Rim Prop Auction

• the little metal robot toy that was found by the grandpa and grandson on the Alaskan beach, right before Gipsy/Raleigh staggered ashore

• Mako’s red shoe

• Hannibal’s gold-tipped shoe

• Newt’s cracked/broken glasses

• Hermann’s parka or sweater or jacket or something worn by Hermann… But mostly Hermann’s parka

• Mako’s umbrella from the iconic umbrella-in-the-rain shot

• Stacker’s overcoat, military jacket, something worn by Stacker

[…Of all of these, I think I’d want the robot toy the most!!!]

Sheep to Shears with Benson & Clegg

London’s tightly knit and interwoven world of bespoke tailoring is, even in the full swing of menswear’s boom years it is still a fragmented network of specialists. The side streets surrounding Savile Row are crowded with well hidden specialists shops that cater to one or two specific needs of the bespoke community, each sourcing supplies that keep an endangered craft alive. Benson and Clegg has a dual reputation in this respect both for fine tailoring and as the tailoring firm with the widest array of buttons, and badges, military and club ties. Carrying bespoke into the minutia of their craft bespoke buttons are available as well.

It was looking for buttons for some of my own work that I first found them and was intrigued by this lesser know, but deeply respected firm..

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steins-gate  asked:

Without a traditional black kefta, the Darkling was much less recognizable. However, this didn't mean that a few members of the Second Army were discreetly stationed about the tavern in case the plan went wrong. A brown hood was pulled up to hide his features as he took a seat next to the one he'd been looking for. "...Kayto Morgan, I presume?"

The blond gave a curt nod, glancing up from his drink as the other man approached. “That would be me, yeah. I assume you’re the one whom i’ll be working with to discuss our arrangements?” He asked, all while glancing around a bit warily. Even though he was still outside the capital, he could never be too careful. The corporalki had made a point to erase as much of his existence from Ravka’s history as he could, over the past century or so. Yet he couldn’t exactly stop people from talking….The story of a legendary Grisha who had lost himself in the search for power continued to live on in infamy, as something mothers told their children about at night.

“First of all, we’ll need to discuss my terms. Most who work in this type of field ensure complete anonymity. I ensure that you won’t somehow be tied back to our agreement. However I do ask for an exact reason as to why you want this done. Only as a way to judge the price, and as a moral code of sorts. But i’m guessing this most likely won’t be a problem, if you’re already desperate enough to come to me.” Kayto explained, a dark look winking across his mismatched gaze as he tugged up the collar of his military issue overcoat. That style had long been decommissioned, so the chances of someone recognizing him were slim, but he simply couldn’t bring himself to part with the frayed old thing. The material was near-bulletproof. Grisha design, but without the unnecessary extravagance of a kefta. The elaborate design came in the old patches, and rankings instead, in Kayto’s opinion anyway.