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"Have you desensitized yourself yet?" John asks a few weeks after he gives Sherlock the photo album of him in uniform. "Why?" Sherlock asks looking up from the paper to see John standing in front of him in his old uniform, "oh!" "I guess not," John smiles as Sherlock promptly faints. When Sherlock regains consciousness John has moved him into their bedroom. "Maybe I should have started with a piece of the uniform instead," John smiles and puts on his dog tags. Sherlock faints again.


Also, can we talk about Barry, the black raptor trainer? Like okay don’t get me wrong, Chris Pratt being dirty animal trainer badass dude is great and all but Omar Sy being a handsome, empathetic raptor trainor AND rocking a pink shit? Sign me the fuck up. But in all seriousness Barry reminds me SO much of my field biology friends. My degree is in environmental management, I have worked in places that have large populations of large animals. I have been in places, worked in places, where people get hurt or killed because they can’t appreciate an animal without taming it in their minds. They want to be close to that thing but they have no respect for what it can do. And like, Barry is literally the embodiment of the way I, and a lot of people in the the field feel about animals and how animals, especially large predators, are dealt with by people who have not invested the time or work in understanding them. 

Barry looked at those animals and saw them for what they were, animals. Not weapons, certainly, but not toys either, not rides or animatronics, not something we as human beings have complete control of. Intelligent, organized, feeling animals. They don’t recognize the order of dominion that we as humans have set up. He didn’t need to be the guy with the clicker and the feed bucket to understand them, to respect the kind of power that lives in a large predator. Even when Pratt was out being a badass, Barry was the one standing at the gate, because those raptors, imprinted or not, are high level thinking animals and animals don’t always do what you think they will. Barry had the perfect balance of understanding, respect, and fear. And not only did he uphold that idea, his words were proved over and over again in the film( and he still got to live to the end so yay!) And, I’ll be real here, while it’s refreshing to see a movie where people are dealing with large predators in realistic, scientific ways, it was also nice to see that character played by Omar Sy.

It was so nice to see Barry’s character as a person with animal experience, with a connection to that animal, who still knows and acknowledges that that animal is smart enough to know he isn’t one of them, who understands and accepts that his control of his world is limited when it comes to these raptors. He’s not afraid of them, when he’s in contact with them, when he talks to them, he’s gentle and empathetic with them. He also won’t stay piped down when military moron guy starts thinking he is going to use them as weapons. I was just really cool to see a black actor playing this person( who i hardcore head canon as a biologist) who understands these animals and how they fit into the ecosystem, who understands and appreciates these animals for what they are but also knows where humans fall into that. 

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Honestly any hope for the show died with Tywin

I do have that weird old-man crush on Charles Dance…

You can be the Saviour of My City anytime you like, baby!

And I’m always quite conflicted about certain GoT characters, show!Tywin and Carol being the prime examples, that are horrible adaptational choices that follow a pattern, but also, like, independently are not bad characters.

It’s almost odd to explain, but the show versions of the Lannisters (except for Jaime/Larry for some reason) are, like, how the book characters see themselves rather than what they really are.

Carol is an embattled tiger mom fighting against the patriarchy and dealing with all the idiots she’s surrounded by, and would be a great ruler if only these dudes and Mean Girls would give her a chance. Saint Tyrion is a Nice Guy who always does the right thing and is so smart, but people hate him because he has dwarfism and for no other reason ever, except for other good and smart characters who think he’s great and will tell him so.

Likewise, show!Tywin is tough, but fair. A self-sacrificing, manly man who will do what needs to be done and doesn’t care what people think of him. (HA!) He will always do what’s best for his family because family comes first! His only flaw is his irrational hatred for Saint Tyrion.

Like, that’s not a bad character for a story. Neither is Carol. (Saint Tyrion is a little TOO perfect to be interesting, in my opinion.) But that is NOT Tywin Lannister or his firstborn AT ALL.

Tywin Lannister puts his own pride before everything. He’s needlessly cruel at times, he’s abusive to his children, and he’s a hypocrite. He’s not a political or military moron, he can run a kingdom, well even, but he’s not an infallible genius either. He has baggage and real pain (his love for his wife was real, that’s for sure) but it hasn’t made him especially empathic.

He WANTS to be seen as this great statesman, this larger than life patriarch. And, like I said, it’s not like he’s entirely unjustified, he usually has a point, but there’s this pettiness and solipsism at the heart of his character that’s just ugly.

I liked show!Tywin as a character too. I even think real!Tywin is an interesting guy. And I will never say no to Charles Dance on my screen.

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"John, why are you naked?" Sherlock asked when his flat mate came downstairs wearing nothing but his dog tags. "Well it worked for Irene Adler so I figured I'd give it a shot," John told him, "dinner?" "I'm not hungry," Sherlock replied leaving his experiment and heading to his bedroom. "Neither am I," John replied smiling. Sherlock's abandoned experiment nearly burned down their flat but neither man seemed to notice. As usual the day was saved by Mrs. Hudson's quick thinking.


The idea that civilians with guns could stand against the US military is moronic. First off, you libertarian nut jobs, the military has these things called tanks, planes, artillery, etc. Do you actually think your precious little AR is gonna do shit? The US military can easily defeat a bunch of civilians. How do you think we won Vietnam? Eradicated all terrorist groups in the Middle East and then set up lasting democracies which are now flourishing 1st world nations? Once again, civilians with guns could never defeat a formal military.