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Feb 3, 2014 I was headed to a doctors appointment with my Ob around 1. I Came to a stop light as usually listening to music I was 2 cars behind at the light. The light turn green and I proceeded to go, the next thing I remember I was waking up at the hospital. Completely confused I proceeded to tell the nurse that I had a doctors appointment and I needed to go. Confused about everything doctors and nurses poking it seemed like everything was in slow motion the doctor explain to my mother in law that the trauma from the accident that I was at a high risk to miscarry. Feb 5, 2014 after observation I walked out of the hospital with only a concussion, fractured ankle, and bruised clavicle. I never miscarried and I thank God everyday that my twins are growing healthy. I commend my husband for being able to keep it together whole being deployed and all this was going on… It’s not easy and I know it was hard but we made it…

Confession #962: It’s crazy to think that in just four days, I fell in love with the man I have come to know as the man I will be with for the rest of my life. We met through his parents, they brought me to church on Sundays. When my boyfriend came back from boot camp, his dad set us up, and here we are 10 months later, 10 months of him being over 7,000 miles away, at points not having any contact for more than a month, but what a blessing he is. In just 3 months, I’ll be able to see him again, and I am so excited, God really watched out for us, and kept us strong, though at times it wasn’t easy. Now we’re planning on getting married in a year and a half and we couldn’t be happier. Come home safe darling, I love you so much <3

Photo found on Military-loves, credit to Compton Photography

Posts that will get you cyber-annihilated in the milso tag

This is a public service announcement for all those that post in the milso tag. I cringe every time I see one of the “unspoken rules” violated because I know these Tumblr milsos are going to go after the poor person that didn’t think before they posted. Personally, I don’t care what you post, but TRUST me: a lot of these broads do and they will go after your ass as if though you personally set out to offend them.

So, here are the top 10 things that will get you cyber-annihilated in the milso tag:
1. Posting pictures or screen shots of your personal information (address, phone number, etc.).
2. Actually, posting anyone’s personal information can get you in deep shit around here.
3. Being whinny or competitive about missing your SO.
4. Actually, complaining in general is not well received.
5. OPSEC and PERSEC violations (dates, locations, times, countdowns, etc.). I thought this one would upset more folks, but it only upsets a random few.
6. Being too proud of being a milso is a big no-no. You want to post a selfie of your “Marine Girlfriend” or “Army Wife” shirt? THINK AGAIN. You will get told to get a life and stop being such a stereotypical milso.
7. GoFundMe accounts for your wedding, visiting your SO, or for anything that isn’t a true medical emergency.
8. Engagement pics (or any professional pics) of you & your SO in uniform. People really seem to get angry with this one. Oh, and don’t you dare use “Old Glory” as a prop, blanket, or any of the sort: they find that HIGHLY distasteful and disrespectful. But wedding pictures of them in uniform is just fine?
9. Posting screen shots of sappy messages between you & your SO. Though it’s cute to you, others apparently hate it and it makes them want to punch you.
10. Basically anything that you post will annoy or upset someone–so, post what you want because you’re a big girl or boy AND it’s your damn blog, but be ready to have random strangers rip you a new one.

Finally, I don’t care what ANY milso says, they were once that nerdy girlfriend that wore proudly their milso swag and if you weren’t: you did something else that was embarrassing & stupid. Everyone goes through that stage, then you realize it’s silly and move on. Luckily for me, that stage happened before Tumblr existed ha.

I always see people asking if living on Post is a good idea..

So in deciding where we’re going to live in the wedding I compiled a list for anyone else wondering the Pros/Cons of living on base if you have the choice.


  • You feel insanely safe.
  • Its close to your SOs work which means less commute and more time spent together!
  • You don’t have to worry about rent/light/water, etc.
  • If its a lazy day you don’t have to leave it for very much. You have a gas station/Market/Other store/Daycare/Gym/Laundry Mat/ and ours even has a k-8 Public School connected. 
  • It’s great if you PCS to somewhere new and don’t know your way around.
  • If you have children, there are play grounds literally everywhere & other children.
  • If you don’t have kids, then that’s cool too, because there are adults to interact with too.


  • They take your BAH.
  • You can probably, more than likely, get a better deal.
  • The homes normally aren’t worth it unless you have children.
  • Its a breeding ground for drama.
  • They take all of your money.
  • They are normally expensive to get out of! 
  • For your SO, its like never getting off work in a sense..
  • Some are in not so convenient locations. EX. we have 2 in our general area, my SOs one is right smack in town. The other one though is a 45 minutes - an hour away in the middle of nowhere. Its nice, but practically a death sentence. 
  • The management teams aren’t always the best.
  • It’s a pain in the ass to have visitors sometimes.
  • Leaving your wallet/purse at home is a death sentence that leaves you at the mercy of the MPs & gate folks.
  • You feel ‘on your toes’. Because literally anyone your SO works with can see you at any moment because you’re basically at his job.

Overall:  We won’t be, unless we relocate or have children. I don’t recommend it unless you’re super unfamiliar with your area, have children, crime ridden or etc. But for a childless couple I can’t agree its worth it. But that’s just based off of personal opinion. Other locations probably have nicer housing, or better people, whatever.