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aand then there's Fall Out Boy's new single Champion for Shiro... it's quite fitting for him actually

Ooooh i have yet to hear that. listening now…. WOW OKAY YEA. THIS IS TRUE.. 




I miss you more on rainy days. Drops echoing inside my empty soul. I never realize exactly how lonely I am until the rain begins to fall. Cloudy, dark skies reminding me exactly how my life is without you. I wish you were here- to fall asleep to the sound of pouring rain together.
So I understand long distance is hard. It really is. But I don’t understand why people breakup because they “can’t handle the distance”. Personally I’d rather not see him for months with limited communication, than the rest of my life without him at all. Just saying.
it gets harder, not easier. each goodbye is one more stab at the heart and I have to constantly repeat to myself “this is only temporary.” how many more goodbyes do we have to say before we can live at peace? how many more lonely nights do we have to sleep through to finally be able to fall asleep wrapped in each others arms? it’s difficult living in this constant fear that one day you will forget me, one day you might not return, and finally when you do return there can be a call any minute thay can once again separate us. but we are worth it. we are worth the wait. we are worth the daily struggle because our love is strong enough to conquer this. this is not permanent and eventually we will get our happy ending. the distance will not destroy us.
headcanon where

Otabek is serving in the military, and he is unfortunately away during the Grand Prix. Yuri is depressed, but competes anyway. After his routine, he sits in the kiss and cry, and while looking at himself and coach in the camera, in comes a uniformed Otabek holding a tiger plushy.
Yuri sees, and it takes him a second, but when he realizes who it is, he starts crying. Otabek scoops him up in his arms and hugs him tightly while Yuri eagerly runs his hand over the shaved part of his hair.
“Is it y-you? Is it really you, Beka? Is this real?”
Otabek, eyes closed, nods slowly and mumbles in his hair,
“It’s me, Yura. I’m home.”